Log 5z: Neighborhood Watch

Being a high-ranking agent in the SIA, there was a lot Casey Tesla knew that other Sims didn’t.


But there was also plenty she didn’t know. Like precisely what she was doing here, in this particular Willow Creek.




From what she could gather without probing too deeply where she oughtn’t, the death of Cooper Nolan, the only practicing agent in the region, had left a pretty big hole in the Agency’s information web that needed mending. That may be all there was to it. But surely they could have just stepped up recruiting in the area – why send a high ranking agent all the way from.. here, to another here? However that worked, she had a nagging feeling that there was something else at play here, too.

Hmm, she checks out. Edelweiss Wolff. Fifth generation legacy heir, first iteration. Outdoor lover, Culinary career.

Granddaughter of Clematis Wolff.. Interstellar Smuggler.

Outdoor lover?

Hmm. She wondered if that was it. It wouldn’t be the first time Casey’s assignments have seemed indirectly connected with space flight – particularly with rugged, do-it-yourself type pilots who go on to achieve great things. She recalled that the agency had taken a strange interest in her niece Delaney’s teenaged rocket competition project.

Her sweet Delaney. The hardest thing about all of this was leaving her behind. Thrown together by tragedy, Casey had watched her niece grow from a bright and serious little girl to an amazing, vibrant young woman with the strength to rise from the ashes and carry on her family Legacy. Delaney had a family of her own now and no longer needed Casey in the way that she did when she was a child, but that didn’t mean she didn’t miss her terribly.

Casey smiled then, thinking of her Gavin, who was outside happily working in the new garden so that he could continue plying his Herbalism craft. How funny that a Hotheaded, once Serial Romantic like herself would fall so in love, and even marry – but their life together felt natural, now.


Gavin had supported her decision to move without question, even though it meant uprooting and starting over. And so far he seemed very happy here, content to putter around the yard, fish and spend time with their sons.


Like their love, the triplets had come to the Teslas later in life – both Casey and Gavin were in their 40s when they were born. Dashle, Dennis, and Darryl had already brought them so much joy. She couldn’t imagine their lives without them.

The boys, too, were adjusting well and seemed happy in their new surrounds – but when it came time for birthdays and holidays and all those little events that draw family together, she knew that absence would be felt for those they’d left behind. Hopefully it wouldn’t be forever.

But, enough sentimentality. All of that stuff was part of the job, and an indulgence Casey had little time for at present. Right now, she had work to do.


. . .

Nearby, in a smaller, quieter house, Reagan Sloan sat on some news of a personal nature.


Being a Family-Oriented sim, having a child was definitely something that Reagan wanted. You might even call it a Persistent Unpinned Wish, if you wanted to be really thorough. And she wasn’t a young adult any more, so time was pretty much a-wastin’. But now that it had actually happened, her decision to relocate here felt a bit ill-conceived. Reagan wasn’t sure, any more, if it was really safe to feel safe.

But, so far it seemed that the oblivious legacy heir of this save game’s open invitation to the blogospere for new residents hadn’t threatened the general idyllic quality of this world.

“I agree, the weather is really nice today!”

She didn’t sense an increase in game awareness – townies still came and went with perfect contentment, and even the new folks seemed to just be preoccupied with their own stuff.

Her pending motherhood overrode her desire to remain neutral. Reagan broke her “it’s better to ignore it” creed and checked the blogs.

Looked like most folks were still preoccupied with S-GAS, the Symposium for Game-Aware Sims. Some work sessions had concluded, but the folks back home were having a little trouble setting up – nothing they couldn’t handle, Reagan was sure – and Eric Lewis Prime hadn’t given the keynote speech yet.

Reagan was relieved to find that the Player of this save game was not participating, aside from sending her SimSelf as a sort of.. ambassador?  What’s more, if the posts involving her SimSelf were any indication, this Player seemed like a bit of a simpleton – easily distracted by robot toys and cupcakes, and waylaid by a full bladder.

No wonder nothing changes here. :)
No wonder nothing changes around here. 

This information was a comfort to Reagan. Worst case, plum happens and she has to move again. With the kid, this time.

Maybe she’d bring ferret-face, too. If she left him behind she’d miss his work stories and the way he gets excited about simple things like his favorite TV show coming on, or finding sweet cereal in the house at night.


Yeah, ferret-face was a Squeamish, Non-Committal Goofball, but Reagan wasn’t a Fabio kind of gal, and she wasn’t into metaphysics. Endless circular pondering – be it over shallow things like how attractive one’s hair is or isn’t, or deep things like whether one is comprised of code or meat – didn’t turn her on in the least. She preferred simple acts of being and doing, and folks who knew how to be and do. Or at least didn’t take themselves too seriously.

What did they expect from an NPC maid? They make the messes and I clean them up.
What did they expect from an NPC maid? They make the messes and I clean them up.

Damned if she didn’t feel like a goddess though. Her body curved with promise every which way. Her hair was shiny, and her eyes were as deep as the ocean.


. . .

Off in the largest house of all, Ravon and Joel Skinner were experiencing that special kind of giddy fatigue that accompanies the blessing of newborn twins.

They've named their sons Ahmed and x. :D
Famous people and their weird kid names, I tell ya.

Yes, little Chester and Ahmed Skinner would have every path open to them here. Ravon just knew they’d grow up to be fabulous. And how could they not – they’re Skinners!

Who's my little mayor-wayor.
Who’s mama’s little mayor-wayor?

Ravon’s heart swelled with pride when she looked at her beautiful babies. But she aimed to get started on another right away. She wasn’t one to wait around for what she wanted – when she’d said big happy family, she meant big happy family.


Joel had intended to find employment by now, but family life kept him quite busy. When he wasn’t caring for his sons, he was spending long hours honing his logic and mechanical skills. He found science particularly fascinating, and hoped to be able to impart some of that interest to his children.


He also, of course, spent plenty of quality time with Ravon.

"Darling, come to bed."
“Darling, put down that book and come to bed.”


Joel might decide to pursue a career at some point, but being at home was a full-time job for now.

. . .

For the first time in, well, forever, Landon Purdue felt kind of hopeful about things.


There was a new girl in his life, and he really liked her. And this time, it seemed like she liked him back.

Her name is Brianna and she’s staying next door.  She’s beautiful, and so talented, and a lot of fun.


They have things in common! They’re both Active and really love staying fit. He’s been working at the gym, and she’s been coming in a lot.

How's my gorgeous trainer today?
“And how’s my gorgeous trainer man today?”

Landon had been living unrequited for ages, so it took him a while to believe that someone so amazing could actually want him – not just want him, but really care for him, and return his affection.

"So.. wait. You really like me?"
“So.. wait. You really like me? Just Landon?”

But Brianna was the real deal. It was a bit awkward at first, dating someone who lived with the girl he’d had a crush on for most of his life, but somehow that weirdness just stopped — Brianna was good friends with her, and Landon found that he didn’t even mind when they learned that Ede was pregnant again.


Oh, plum..

And when Ede went into labor, he and Brianna were so busy enjoying one another’s company that they didn’t even stop what they were doing to see if she needed help.

“So what are you thinking about right now?”
Time to squeeze out a bowling ball.
Time to go squeeze out a bowling ball.

“I wonder how that turned out, anyway,” Landon thought aloud. “I should probably call over there.”

. . .

Thanks once again to ShannonSimsFan, aroseinbloom, Jes2G and Bilmonaghan for entrusting me with your sims. ❤


15 thoughts on “Log 5z: Neighborhood Watch

  1. Oh, you’re taking such lovely care of these lovely Sims! Reagan is one of my favorite Bilmonikers! And if feels great to see Landon requited! Shannon’s Sims add a nice touch of mystery, and the Skinners always bring even more class to the classiest of hard drives ! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you so much for, as Cathy Tea says, caring for my Sims! It is wonderful to see them settled in and Cacey trying to figure out what’s behind her reassignment. And when her work there is done, she and the family can return to Delaney’s particular world.

    Landon’s so likeable, and he and Brianna are SO cute together.

    Reagan is a hoot.

    It was a great post to get to know all the incoming sims a little bit.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Called it !!! landon and brianna saw it coming with the death of cooper just like I said its like anny other legacy next they get married have a baby and bye-bye bri


  4. This is a change in style. You seem to be telling the story of all your new immigrants! Here’s hope for populating the town :).

    I personally love loading other people’s sims into my game, both simselves and sims from other challenges. It’s never occurred to me that a sim needed to be removed from one game to appear in another. In fact, in my old circle of bloggers, we got a lot of entertainment from watching the parallel lives of our sims in several games and see where different wishes or StoryProgression took them.

    I guess all of you have a sort of shared universe in mind, where the same sim steps from one game to another. That’s pretty cool, I admit.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Published March 15th.. And as I write it’s the wee hours of July 27th.. and .. Well…

    “…nothing they couldn’t handle, Reagan was sure – and Eric Lewis Prime hadn’t given the keynote speech yet.”




    I’m going to be broke and toothless before Eric Lewis Prime gives that speech.

    It better be riveting!

    Other thoughts? Well, as for the spy lady, well, 40-something these days is the New 30.

    Liked by 1 person

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