Log 6.01: Inevitable Change of Address

Such wealth! Such splendor!

Strange things happen when you remain in one place for too long – more specifically, in one save file. Since the game’s launch, the Wolff lot has been in play, and for the most part we’ve been able to weather the little quirks that happen in an old legacy file as the game evolves over time. The ones that deformed our faces, made our neighbors flee in fright from our tiny eyes and big chins, caused unhealthy obsessions with woodworking, absorbed all of our ghosts and kept new people from ever moving in, and dozens more – we eventually found ways around(ish).

But this latest thing has challenged my will to persevere, heartily.

Perhaps it was my fault — all those times I had to pause aging in order to assign townies jobs, move houses, and all the other little neighborhood maintenance things that used to be taken care of by the game itself, can’t have been good for The Algorithm.  And I’ll admit, I’ve been away a pretty long while, just installed expansions I’ve never played, probably should’ve at least poked around a little first — maybe there are better ways to manage this stuff now. But once I had finished scooting things around and turned aging-for-all back on this time, the Simgods wanted blood. We watched our relationship panel with curiosity and then horror as the little heads of our beloved friends and neighbors abruptly turned Elderly, replaced by a ghostly visage the very next morning, and nothingness soon after. Other players’ sims, whom I was entrusted with and going to work into the story someday, had their lifeforce sucked away like tasty iced tea. Even simfolk who were younger than us shuffled off this mortal coil like they had somewhere much more important to be. And then the children’s only friend disappeared – culled? And we, chained with the invisible baggage of population bloat, were doomed to remain alone in this big ass house (which, by the way, had become periodically load-jerky – and there seems to be a problem with the fridge, and there is a large invisible collision area in the center of the living room that I cannot demolish nor place objects into. And nobody uses their dang beds! Argh!), forever – or at least for another 4 generations.

I guess I could reload and try something that doesn’t mass-murder everyone in town..

No. No no. No more! I’m done with this save file. Done, I tell ya! Off to the gallery with these poor bastards. One last hurrah, away from this dang sinkhole.  It’ll be an adjustment, starting over from scratch, but they’ll have each other – everyone they knew is dead anyway.

(I like how Ace is shrugging supportively. “Wow, yeah. It’s um.. really green.”)

Ha – take that, game!



10 thoughts on “Log 6.01: Inevitable Change of Address

  1. Well, look what came back from the literary dead!

    Had I blinked…

    Well it is just as well you cast the lot of them into the rubbish. Fresh beginnings are always well-advised!

    Happy All-Hallows!

    Do show up more often! I do enjoy your wonderfully cheeky prose!


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  2. … Unless you’re referring to the other contributor..

    Yes, quite.. Peanuts and Georgia, although when I first came to learn about sobriquets in this country I had equated peaches with that state.

    But those are fuzzy.


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      1. Well now, once you are finished giggling.. Or perhaps the more seasonal “cackling”, you ought set pen to virtual paper and be productive! Your publick awaits! However as Sir Paul once wrote, “…But the kettle’s on the boil and we’re so easily called away…


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