I’m not strictly playing for points, but tracking achievements helps motivate me to continue & gives me something to work on when I get bored with daily Sim life. ūüôā

*** Updated to early gen 7 — there may be minor spoilers below! ***

NOTE: We had to flee a corrupt(ing) saved game in G6, moving through the gallery into a new empty lot in a new save, so many counts restart. Old totals in parens. 


Pinstar Score Bits

Family:  7/10 (1 pt per new generation born; 1 for 10 children in 1 gen)

Creative: 3/10 (1 per gen memorialized; 1 for 2 Creative aspirations in 1 sim)

Fortune: 4/10 (Scale here. +1 for getting all business perks)

Lot Value: 87, 554 (was 321,613)
Cash on Hand: 30,698 (was 58,004)
Bills: 3.2k (was 12k)


Love: 4/10 (1 pt per 3 unique p. spouse traits; 1 for 2 Romance aspirations in 1 sim)

Primary Spouse Traits = 14 : Cheerful (Malcolm); Childish (Garret); Creative (Malcolm); Evil (Cooper); Geek (Garret, Ace); Genius (Finn, Ace); Good (Finn); Family-Oriented (Finn, Cooper); Loves Outdoors (Estrella); Materialistic (Estrella); Music Lover (Garret); Outgoing (Malcolm); Perfectionist (Cooper); Romantic (Estrella, Ace);


Knowledge: 5/10 (Scale here. +1 for maxing every skill over time)

Skills Maxed = 26

  • Creative (child): Clematis, Fennel
  • Mental (child): Delphinium
  • Motor (child): Easter Lily, Edelweiss
  • Social (child): Digitalis, Freesia
  • Charisma: Edelweiss
  • Cooking: Clematis, Edelweiss, Freesia
  • Fishing: Buttercup, Estrella
  • Gardening: Estrella, Clematis
  • Gourmet Cooking: Edelweiss
  • Guitar: Anemone
  • Handiness: Buttercup
  • Logic: Buttercup, Burdock, Clematis
  • Painting: Garrett, Cyclamen
  • Rocket Science: Clematis
  • Writing: Dianthus, Ace

Toddler Skills Maxed = (will start tracking in g8 kidlets)

Happy Toddlers (1):  Gardener

Parenting Bonus-Traits Achieved (1/10)= (1) Positive, (0) Negative

  • Compassionate:
  • Emotional Control:
  • Good Manners:
  • Mediator:
  • Responsible: Gardener
  • Argumentative:
  • Bad Manners:
  • Insensitive:
  • Irresponsible:
  • Uncontrolled Emotions:


Athletic: 6/10 (Scale here. +1 for completing every aspiration over time)

Aspirations completed = 15

  • Artistic Prodigy (Child): Clematis, Fennel
  • Rambunctious Scamp (Child): Easter Lily, Edelweiss, Forsythia
  • Social Butterfly (Child): Freesia
  • Creative > Bestselling Author: Ace
  • Creative > Painter Extraordinaire: Cyclamen
  • Knowledge > Nerd Brain: Clematis
  • Nature > Angling Ace: Buttercup, Estrella
  • Nature > Curator: Buttercup
  • Nature > Green Thumb: Clematis
  • Wealth > Fabulously Wealthy: Malcolm
  • Wealth > Mansion Baron: Estrella


Nature: 3/10 (All kinds of terrible things required.)

  • Household Collections (2/5 pts total) = 2/16¬†(Elements, Space Rocks)
  • Death Types (0/1 pt total) = 3/10 : Electrocution (1), Pufferfish (2); Elder Demise (3 members of Garden Gnomes, two of which were relocated to the club hangout) (was 11, all Elderly Demise)
    • Graves on lot: 4 (was 11)
    • Ghosts on lot: 4 (was None – freakin’ culling!)
  • Maxed Careers (0/1 pt total) = 2/?? :
    • Painter > Master of the Real (Cyclamen)
    • Astronaut > Interstellar Smuggler (Clem)
  • Both Branches Maxed Careers (0/1 pt total)
  • Emotional Paintings (1/1 pt total) : (Angry, Sad, Playful, Flirty, Confident, Focused)
  • Consumable Aspiration Pt Rewards Stored: (0/1 pt total) = 1/?? :
    • Potion of Youth (3) * count began anew in g7!


Food: 4/10

  • Most Expensive Fridge & Stove Fully Upgraded (1/1)
  • Highest Quality Baked Alaska (Gourmet Cooking) or top Baking recipe (0/1)
  • Max Baking, Cooking, Gourmet Cooking & Mixology with one sim (0/1)
  • Both Food aspirations completed in one generation (0/1)
  • Have Sim get fat from family’s¬†cooking (1/1) – Digitalis
  • Have 6 sims sit down for a meal together (1/1)
  • Reach top of both Food career branches over time (0/1)
  • Cook meal with 2 highest quality fresh ingredients (1/1)
  • Make your date a max-quality meal or drink, during date (0/1)
  • Serve a max-quality meal and drink during a single party (0/1)


Popularity: ?/10 (Social Events Рpoints scale here.)
I’ve done horribly at tracking this. Gen 6 only: 7 gold, 13 silver. After that we moved to a new saved game, and did not host a thing until Gen 7. From that point on, we had..

  • Birthday Party: 2 bronze.
  • Date: 1¬†gold
  • Weenie Roast: 1 utter failure (these are impossible, goshdarnit!)


Deviance: 3/10 (scale here.)  Stored youth potions = 3
Note: We had to move the family to a new save as of Gen 7 – not going to include my original potions in the count because I don’t know the exact number and, well, they ain’t there now anyway so they’re not exactly tempting us.


Penalties: none


Other Stuff

“A” Grade Teens (for some reason this is really hard for me! lol) : Forsythia

Gens in which heir and spouse earned, but chose not to extend life with, Youth Potion: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th. (Estrella took one in gen 3 Рit was worth it! Ace took one in Gen 6, as I felt leaving his last living kid alone was too much.)

Generations living in the shadow of the Cowplant: 4th

NPCs brought into the family = 2/??

  • Mailman (2) : Finn, Malcolm
  • Park Gardener (1) : Estrella


Club Membership (beginning in g6, only counting long-time membership):

  • Garden Gnomes: Ace
  • Two Left Feet: Gardener (founder), Ace


In Gen 6, Lot Traits were introduced. The official ruling seems to be to just pick what you want, so I’m handling this as follows (if it lets me change them, perhaps I’ll do so each gen):

  • Gen 6: Haunted (’cause there were 11 graves but no ghosts), Fast Internet (Geeky Ace worked as a writer from home), Good Schools (Freesia’s Successful Lineage aspiration required some amends from her reckless youth).
  • Gen 7: Fast Internet (houseful of Geeks now), Good Schools (I suck at parenting), Gnomes (our new actual-ghosts keep breaking shit).