Gen 5 Heiress Edelweiss Wolff
Gen 5 Heiress Edelweiss Wolff

5th Generation Heiress:
Edelweiss Wolff

Loner, Loves Outdoors, Self-Assured
(+Physically Gifted from childhood unlock)

Aspiration: Romance > Serial Romantic

Succession Laws:
Equality, Living Will, Modern

Fifth Generation Log Chapters

Log 5a: Carrying On
Log 5b: Negligent Herbicide
Log 5c: Picket Fences
Log 5d: This Is Not My Shoe
Log 5e: Getting Your Plum Together
Log 5f: How To Stir
Log 5g: The Two Bears
Log 5h: Open House
Log 5i: Conflict of Interests
Log 5j: Bros and Sisters
Log 5k: Forest Hideaway
Log 5l: Unrelenting Itch
Log 5m: Wolf Rising
Log 5n: A Trail of Pebbles
Log 5o: I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff
Log 5p: A Palace Fit For a Wolff and Her Presley
Log 5q: Straw Into Gold
Log 5r: Two in the Kitchen
Log 5s: Room to Grow
Log 5t: Totally Nuclear
Log 5u: New Arrivals
Log 5v: Pancakes, Please
Log 5w: The Last Rung
Log 5x: A Really Long Day
Log 5y: Black and White and Dead All Over
Log 5z: Neighborhood Watch
Log 5.27: I, Hermit
Log 5.28: Settle Down Already
Log 5.29: Kids Rule
Log 5.30: Always Moving
Log 5.31: After School Snacks
Log 5.32: Fireside
Log 5.33: Don’t Forget to Knock Wood
Log 5.34: Oriented Times Three (#wheresfree collab)
Log 5.35: Time/Space Oopsie (#wheresfree collab)
Log 5.36: Apocalypse Later (#wheresfree collab)
Log 5.37: Chicken Crossing (#wheresfree collab)
Log 5.38: The Gang’s All Here (#wheresfree collab)
Log 5.39: Ice Cream Headache (#wheresfree collab)
Log 5.40: Lumbering Along
Log 5.41: Love and Hate
Log 5.42: Namaste, Namago
Log 5.43: Geeks of a Feather
Log 5.44: Thy Kingdom Awaits
Gen 5 Scorecard

Intermission: Basements


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