Log 6.0: Forward, Fast

Everything changes.

We get old, our bodies morph and cells degrade. Our buxom parts shrink and we start to sag and shine and pucker in unwelcome places.



But, we kinda don’t care.


Because whatever edge we believe made us distinctive,  gave us our dangerous allure, softens too.

If we’re lucky, we’ll remember with intensity the flavor of a fresh-picked strawberry, still warm from the sun, and how much we used to love eating them as children, but not what the heck we were fighting about earlier this week.


The tether that remains between us and our children may tighten. But our children are no longer children.


Wait, that’s not right. They are still children. They are our babies, who can’t possibly be that old already, can they?

It will feel like it’s all too soon.

But there they will be, doing adult things. Delicious, terrible things.

Falling in love.






Starting a family.




And having babies of their own.



And just as we are all born, so too must we all die.

Yes, even you, mister important businessman still waiting for that last promotion.




Even me, who still takes herself too seriously.




And it will hurt the ones we love the most.


But before there’s been time to give up, life will be there again, poking its cold little nose and grubby, questioning fingers at us.


Reminding us that time has not ended.

There will be new things.

More discovery.


More play.


More laughter.


And whether requested or not, more peas.


And the tether will loosen. It is as it should be; everything is in order.



And we will finally go.

And the world will go on without us.

But perhaps somewhere out there, years from now, we’ll appear again. In the sunlight glinting off of hair that could well have been ours, in a familiar defiant gleam in eyes that are just our color or shape, or a certain posture or curve of hip that reminds the living that we were too, once.




Until then.


Gen 5 Score Card


Alrighty folks, as I ease back into playing after yet another hiatus and a bunch of boring lifey-type details, here’s my attempt to show where we’re at with the challenge. I think that this is the last of these “score card” posts I’ll be making – since it’s involving a lot of copy and paste now, I’m thinking it makes more sense to just have one score tracking page that I update from here on out. (I need to fiddle with that because the WordPress interface has changed since I was last active.)  Also need to go and review the challenge rules in light of all these new expansions and updates that have been added since I last played, too. That’s next on my to-do list, and I’ll put it in the sidebar thingy once I’ve actually made it.  Meanwhile, please forgive the slight teaser pic above. 🙂


** Important note: With this generation, I have indeed modified Living Will so that we do the power transition on the eve of the current heir’s Elder birthday, rather than at their death. Seems to work pretty nicely as there’s less time to manipulate the relationships, and depending on personalities I think it will make for an interesting power dynamic in the household.


Score-Like Details Up to Gen 5-6 Turnover

Generations: 6/10


Lot Value:  $321,613 (That’s down about 40k from last time, as I sold off a bunch o’ crap in hopes of lowering the bills.)

Cash on hand: $58,004

Bills: $12k (about 5k less than this point last gen.)


Spouse Traits Collected:

Finn (Genius, Good, Family-Oriented)

Garrett (Geek, Childish, Music Lover)

Estrella (Loves Outdoors, Romantic, Materialistic)

Cooper (Evil, Perfectionist, Family-Oriented)

Malcolm (Cheerful, Outgoing, Creative)


Skills Mastered:

Creative (child): Clematis, Fennel

Mental (child): Delphinium

Motor (child): Easter Lily, Edelweiss

Social (child): Digitalis, Freesia

Charisma: Edelweiss

Cooking: Clematis, Edelweiss

Fishing: Buttercup, Estrella

Gardening: Estrella, Clematis

Gourmet Cooking: Edelweiss

Guitar: Anemone

Handiness: Buttercup

Logic: Buttercup, Burdock, Clematis

Painting: Garrett, Cyclamen

Rocket Science: Clematis

Writing: Dianthus


Aspirations Completed:

Artistic Prodigy (Child): Clematis, Fennel

Rambunctious Scamp (Child): Easter Lily, Edelweiss, Forsythia

Social Butterfly (Child): Freesia

Creative > Painter Extraordinaire: Cyclamen

Knowledge > Nerd Brain: Clematis

Nature > Angling Ace: Buttercup, Estrella

Nature > Curator: Buttercup

Nature > Green Thumb: Clematis

Wealth > Fabulously Wealthy: Malcolm

Wealth > Mansion Baron: Estrella


Careers Mastered:

Painter > Master of the Real: Cyclamen

Astronaut > Interstellar Smuggler: Clematis



Sims collections completed: Elements, Space Rocks. (There’s something wonky going on with the game forgetting this, however – perhaps because I’ve had all family ghosts culled?  Will need to repair in the tracker for the coming gen.)

Deaths on lot: Elderly Demise (11)

Perfect Social Events: Date, Birthday, Wedding.. I totally have not been keeping track of how many. >.<

Penalties: None!

(-1 point for: power shutoff, plumbing shutoff, child/infant taken away)


Man, that Edelweiss! This sim was hard for me to play. Talk about unwanted self-reflection, haha.  Anyway, here’s a screencap of Ede’s household relationship panel at turnover.  Freesia’s relationship remained closest despite occasional mean interactions with her mom – between Fennel being a serious Loner and Forsythia’s crummy jokes and constant napping, nobody else could really gain ground on her.



So, it’ll be Freesia who carries us forward to generation 6. 🙂 Posts will be collected here:

6th Generation

As a side note, we are entering into uncharted territory. I have probably attempted Legacy challenges dozens of times over the years, in many iterations of the game, and not once have I surpassed generation 6. This was most often due to game corruption (fairies falling through the ground, a spewing font of waitresses clogging the CPU, the lot just plain not loading anymore, etc) but, so far, my save still runs, so it’s all on me now. The pressure’s on! 🙂