6th Generation Heiress:

Freesia Wolff

Hot-headed, Mean, Perfectionist
(+Socially Gifted from childhood unlock)


Aspiration: Family > Successful Lineage

Succession Laws:
Equality, Living Will (modified*), Modern



Sixth Generation Log Chapters

Log 6.0: Forward, Fast
Log 6.01: Inevitable Change of Address
Log 6.1: Don’t they know it’s the end of the world?
Log 6.2: I suck at everything.




*Note: Living Will was modified beginning this gen so that turnover occurs on the eve of the current heir’s Elder birthday, rather than at the moment of their death. Reasons: #1 – It’s way too easy to manipulate who wins when you can wait until they’re on their death bed; simply allow relationships to degrade (if they’re employed or not particularly social it will happen naturally after that amount of time) and then have your favorite shmooze for a couple game-hours.  #2 – There’s an interesting story dynamic when the old boss “retires” but you still have to live with them.  #3 – I figure anyone who leads the family their whole dang lives deserves to enjoy their golden years.