Log 5.27: I, Hermit

It’s easy to disregard a Loner sim when you’ve got a houseful of others all working on careers and aspirations and skills. In a legacy story, those sims tend to fade to the background if they don’t have some other spark or quirk of personality to keep the player’s attention. Even something as lackluster as the Bookworm trait, to keep them in the house where the camera is likely to at least be nearby and accidentally catch them sometimes, can make the difference between notice and obscurity.

Fennel Wolff has none of those things on his side. I see him when it’s time for school and that’s about it.


This family has a long history of nature nuts. The founder and all of the 4 heirs since but one have had the Outdoor Lover trait. Fennel’s one-upped those folks – nearby nature isn’t even enough for him. He needs the deep and distant wilds to satisfy his aspiration. I don’t wanna take another darn vacation right now and I feel slightly guilty about that, so I’ve really been ignoring this poor kid.

At least it’s green.. sorta.

He’s a great sim, though. I’ve made myself notice.

He’s quiet alright. But he’s also helpful and loving, and has his father Malcolm’s easygoing disposition.

He befriended grandma Coop all on his own!
He befriended spectral grandma Coop all on his own!

Fennel took a keen interest in his mother’s pregnancy, autonomously coming over to feel the baby, calming Ede down when she’s stressed and making me wonder a couple times if I was perhaps looking at a future doc.

He's very sweet to his mama.

When his new sister Freesia was born, Fennel was the first to tend her. He kept a close eye on her thereafter. She was often fussy and hard to console, but it never seemed to bother him.

Sweet kid! (I mean the big one – the little one’s a tyrant!)

At the end of the last generation I decided that I would modify my Living Will succession laws going forward so that, if I want to, I have the option of locking in the next heir on the current heir’s elder birthday, rather than at their death. A workaround, hopefully, for that awful “hurry up and die already” feeling this succession law tends to cause towards elders. With Malcolm and Edelweiss both just having celebrated their adult birthdays, and Fennel with a pretty nice lead over his sisters in mom-relationship, he actually has a decent shot at being our next heir.

Especially since little Freesia got the Hot-Headed trait.  Oops.

Another round of the “I dare ya, punk” smirk!

And the dreaded Social Butterfly aspiration. Ugh. I hate that thing.

Freesia’s pretty much the spitting image of her mom when she was that age.

And this is the jumper I wear when I'm angry.
And this is the jumper we wear when we’re angry!

This probably shouldn’t amuse me so much, but it does. Hahaha.

Forsythia has gone as far with her Joke Star aspiration as she can until she’s an adult.

Hmm.. you seem awfully excited about your new homework..
Hmm, Forsy.. you seem awfully excited about your new homework book..

I wanted to work on her academics, but she STILL somehow manages to “lose” her homework on a daily basis – I got tired of buying new ones so I just gave up. It’s not like attending school is gonna bring her C grade up to an A by the weekend, so I figured we probably should-oughta just go ahead and take the next few days off & get nature boy to the woods so he can get cracking on this darned aspiration of his.

Aside from directing Fennel to his quota of unidentified plant nodes, and then to a nearby fishing hole, I let the Wolffs enjoy an autonomous vacation.


I decided I wouldn’t even peek at them unless they started turning red or something. That way it’d be a vacation from me, too. They could probably use one.

If you wanna spend your vacation taking dirty dishes out into the woods, you go right ahead girl!
Angry, but nothing that stashing those dirty dishes in the woods can’t cure!

. . .

Since I didn’t have to watch my sims, I looked around instead.

God, it's beautiful out here. Is that a full moon?
God, it’s beautiful out here. Is that a full moon?

I’m feeling kind of bummed about mortality lately. Not just these little guys’, but my own.

Why play a game where you must watch things you love die over and over again when that happens in your own life too much already? Can't you just drink beer and watch idiotic television like a normal person?
Why play a game where you must watch things you love die over and over again when that happens in your own life too much already? Can’t you just drink beer and watch idiotic television like a normal person?

Commitment and obligation are weighing on me.

10 generations, really? And I'm only halfway. I can't remember what it was like to be unfettered.. sure, I can sneak off and make a scary clown in CAS in the middle of the night, but did I actually do anything with it? Nope!
10 generations, really? And I’m only halfway. I can’t remember what it was like to be unfettered.. sure, I can sneak off and make a scary clown in CAS in the middle of the night, but did I actually do anything with it? Nope!

Whoa! I found the hermit hut!

Awesome! I’ve never actually seen this before – not in my own game, anyway!

Cool garden!

I could dig living out here like this. You know, when the kids move out. I’d have to bring the cats, but they wouldn’t mind.

It’s so quiet and green out here. Even the bugs are lovely.

This makes me want to draw. Or paint.
This makes me want to draw. Or paint.

And there are cute little chipmunk-things, aww.

The cats will love to watch you little fellas.
The cats will love to watch you little fellas.

I remember what I was going to do, now. I was going to plant more things at the legacy lot.


11 thoughts on “Log 5.27: I, Hermit

  1. Oh, this is so beautiful. To me, it’s life, really. What can we do when mortality begs our attention? Head someplace wild. Watch the ephemeral things. Feel that breath and know that this is what we are: just a breath. Here, gone, and still here.

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  2. Okay, I’m really, really glad you wrote this, actually. I’ve always been really “good” with death; I watch shows like Bates Motel and American Horror Story (death is seen as really flippant in both), I’ve never felt much emotion when someone I knew died, I never get upset at funerals, and I never really worried about my own mortality. But after the founding spouse of my legacy died, I started getting really bad insomnia and had the most awful panic attacks about death/dying/mortality/lack of control/etc. I made a comment about it in one of my later Gen 1 posts and tried to channel my thoughts into my writing for a few posts. I occasionally go back to re-read my older posts and every time I come to those I start thinking, “Wow…that was stupid. Why did I have to bring up the fact that I was feeling those things? I seem so pathetic — getting all worked up over a Sim dying. It’s just a video game, and no one else gets upset about this stuff.” Of course other things, such as the depression and anxiety I’ve been dealing with for years, were affecting me too, but yeah…I’m just glad I’m not the only one who’s been feeling the feels. Gah, this “legacy challenge” really is a challenge.

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    1. Gosh, Jordan–I remember those posts you’re talking about. They were so awesome to me–and very comforting. I’m going through something similar to this right now with my legacy. For me, it’s only being about to approach these things directly that makes it worth it. Open up to it–look at it. Not worry about sharing the tenderness or fear or worry–or even the feelings of being foolish. When we can truly embrace being foolish, then sometimes, we stumble onto grace.

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  3. This was a GREAT update. I identify with you about death (both in sims and in life, my husband’s parents and all my grandparents died this decade, and now my husband’s turning 50 tomorrow. I find myself talking about my grandmothers and mother-in-law all the time now that they are gone, what they meant to me.) and about being at 5 out of 10 generations, but instead of sneaking off to make a clown, I sneak off to play one sim-day in Sims 3. It was lovely the way you described Fennel and your relationship with him, the camera zooming past him most of the time. He really sounds pretty amazing with all that autonomous empathy for everyone; if he becomes a doctor he will be a rare one (although my GP is like that, she’s great).

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  4. Odd, as we see representations of life and death for others, we begin to search within ourselves for such things. Some days it gets to be too much, huh? I know. I do. Within me lies a dark shadow that is fascinated with and terrified by mortality. On those days, I write. And I’ve been aching for a blank canvas and some paint. To look at mortality…what a gift, though.

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  5. Guess I’m lucky to be emotionally-challeneged, that ‘death stuff (crap?) doesn’t bother me as much. I had my dose of “other than fictional demise” and it should tide me over til my own.

    Of course it’s been months since the chapter was written, so hopefully that dose of blues faded in the wash.

    * * * *

    Get an hermit hut and bring the cats… You never know when you’ll run short in the kitchen and need a quick, satisfying meal.

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  6. 😀 This chapter really hit the spot. I found myself asking many of these questions to myself not long ago. Hm…

    And the screenshot of the moon in the sky was STUNNING. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I stared at it for several minutes before moving on to the rest of the chapter.

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