Dianthus Wolff
Dianthus Wolff

4th Gen Heir:
Dianthus Wolff

Bookworm, Loner, Romantic
Aspiration: Knowledge > Renaissance Sim

Succession Laws:
Equality, Living Will, Modern


4th Generation Log Chapters

Log 4a: It’s a Girl!
Log 4b: A Chicken in Every Pot
Log 4c: Identity Crises
Log 4d: Overachievers Anonymous
Log 4e: Dance Like a Loner
Log 4f: Death Isn’t So Bad
Log 4g: Third Time’s the Charm
Log 4h: Something About Ede
Log 4i: Dia’s Muses
Log 4j: Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Log 4k: A Clandestine Romance
Log 4l: The Milkmaid is Trouble
Log 4m: The Greying of Dianthus Wolff
Log 4n: Smoky Steel
Log 4o: Crazy For Cowplant
Log 4p: The Squeaky Wheel
Log 4q: Sharing Cake and Kisses
Log 4r: Mister Easter
Log 4s: What Happens Next
Log 4t: Home Is Where the Plum Is
Log 4u: I Never Lost As Much But Twice
Gen 4 Scorecard


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