Log 3m: On a clear day, I can see Uranus.

Sadness attracts sadness. But rather than being borne by a need to commiserate, perhaps sad people are drawn to one another because caring for someone else is the only way out of sadness sometimes.

Still missing mom.
Still missing mom.

Little Cooper, the frowny girl from the park, has been walking by the house a lot lately. She always notices Dianthus, and sometimes looks as though she might say something, but just keeps going along the footpath. But today she silently came up and sat on the deck.

cooper sad table

Seeing his young friend so upset allowed Dia to forget his own troubles for a moment.

They do this thing where they start with a joke-off, each taking turns telling the most horrible, corny jokes they can think of until the both of them are doubled over in laughter. It’s so freaking cute.

Sadface = 0, Mime jokes = 100.
Sadface = 0. Booger jokes = 100.

Once we’d broken through the gloom, Dia was able to get an idea of what was going on.

Dia: "So what's the matter, chickenbutt?"
Dianthus: “So what’s the matter, chickenbutt?”

Turns out Cooper was bummed because Mom forgot her birthday.  😦

Nobody should be alone on her birthday! Dia asked Cooper if she’d like to stay and hang out for a bit. They could play some games, make some toaster pastries, surf some channels..

Dianthus, whispering: "And then we can put pickles in all the toilets!"
Dianthus, whispering: “And then we can put pickles in all the toilets!”

What kid can resist the old toilet pickle gag? Of course she wanted to hang out!

Cooper: "Thanks, chickenbutt." <3
Cooper: “Thank you, chickenbutt.” ❤

We were gonna have fun! But wait – birthdays need photos to remember them by!

Dia: "Say boogers!"
Dianthus: “Say aaaiihh!”

The sound of Dia and Cooper laughing and chatting and horsing around was really lifting the emotional fog in the house. Others came to join them.

Nobody asked why. They just gave themselves permission to live again, and so they did.

Cyclamen: "You know, I think we have some pretty amazing cake in the fridge."
Cyclamen: “You know, I think we still have some pretty amazing cake in the fridge.”

They busted out the leftovers. Daisy mused that she hadn’t done her homework all week & might as well crack the book open, and made a big pot of coffee. Delphinium joined her.

daisy del teen homework
Daisy: “Grab your homework & we’ll do it together?”

Then Cooper’s mom, Courtney, invited herself in. She was not too happy that her daughter was here, and meant to let Daisy know all about it.

Tell me this woman did not just point her finger at me.
Tell me this woman did NOT just point her finger at me.

(It was at this point that we discovered that Courtney is Evil. Perhaps that has something to do with her kid being sad all the time? Not cool. Now we were feeling protective and a bit punchy about this. 😡 )

Daisy: "NOPE. Not having it!"
Daisy: “NOPE. Not hearing it.”

Courtney took Cooper home immediately. (But she’d already had lots of fun and desserts by then, so pbplbplbpb, you monster!)

After Cooper left, Dianthus wanted to do something special for her. He’d been practicing writing lately and was feeling like he was getting pretty good at it, so he decided to write her a book as a late birthday present.

“Secret Agent Cooper” would be a funny, action-packed story about a little girl who seems perfectly ordinary, but is actually a secret agent!  He chuckled to himself as he imagined his Cooper as the protagonist. He could totally see it!

Having a mission was finally pulling Dia out of his funk. He still needed to shower, but this time it was from being so absorbed in his writing that he couldn’t tear himself away.

dia teen computer

He finished the whole thing in 2 days. He was so excited to give it to Cooper that he called and invited her over right after school. While he waited for her to arrive, he spent some time looking for penpals online. He was really enjoying this writing thing and figured penpals would be a good way to be social without, y’know, being social.

Dia’s elder brother Delphinium had some people over that day too, so when the young woman came into his room he just assumed she was one of his brother’s friends roaming the house.

Dianthus: "Del's room is right across the hall."
Dianthus: “Del’s room is right across the hall.”

He knew she’d heard him, but she was still just standing there next to his computer, smiling.

coop teen 2
Why is she looking at me like that?

There was something oddly familiar about this girl, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Until she spoke.

Cooper: "On a clear day.. I can see Uranus!"
Cooper: “On a clear day.. I can see Uranus!”

Oh gawd, that joke! He knew that joke. He knew this girl! She said her mom had forgotten her birthday, but he didn’t know that was her birthday birthday. Dia was pretty sure his face had just turned beet red. But his Cooper was still in there, and he couldn’t let the awkwardness of physical changes detract from how much he liked, and needed, his friend. Unfazed, she plopped herself down on the bed and broke his brain, again.

Cooper: "So where's my present, chickenbutt?"
Cooper: “So where’s my present, chickenbutt?”

Oh gawd, the gift. He suddenly felt very self-conscious about Secret Agent Cooper. But that’s silly, right? He was still proud of the work he did – there were some awesome quips in there. So he gave it to her anyway, with a humble plea that she not laugh at him too hard.

She loved the gesture and gave him a huge hug.

Don't freak out. Don't freak out.
It’s okay, don’t freak out. Don’t freak out.

He started the high five out of habit – Cooper used to have to jump to hit his hand, but that was not the case any more!

coop teen hifive
Are you freaking out, Dia? ;D

Her hand could touch his just fine, now.

coop teen hifive 2

Well, hmm. This is different.

Log 3l: I Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly

Doing-stuff update: With unknown hours to go in her time on the planet, Estrella has managed to achieve the Mansion Baron aspiration!

Mansion Baron Estrella

The last stretch was a group effort between her and our g3 spare, Cyclamen. The two of them painted and painted and painted & we finally breached $350K property value! Whew, that was challenging!

So many paintings!
This is only one of 3 walls – sooo many paintings!

I’ve since liquidated most of the paintings in a hopefully-not-vain attempt to lower the bills, which should be here any day now. Horrifying how high they get when you overdecorate your “mansion.” D:

As a side benefit in all this, Estrella’s really been enjoying her new painting skill and spending some of her free time autonomously painting now. It’s been fun to see her let loose a little, as we’re just letting her do what she wants these days.

Much of this, of course, is a "who" and not a "what." *blush*
Much of this, of course, is a “who” and not a “what.”   *blush*
Nothing like following up a nice space-woohoo with some moonlight graveyard painting!
Moonlight graveyard painting – the perfect cure for elderly space-woohoo exhaustion!

Clematis reached the crossroads of the Astronaut career, and after careful consideration (namely, pondering for a few seconds until visions of Han Solo danced in my head) I put him in the Smuggler track instead of Space Ranger. Imagine my surprise when, instead of needing 7 friends for the next promotion as I was expecting, he needed to gain levels in mischief and programming and hack some stuff. Makes me wonder now why we had so many dang kids, but that’s a horrible thing to say now that they’re actually here, and the new requirements are SO much more appealing to me than making friends! Haha.

I knew I’d made the right choice when I saw the career reward for this step. This may come as a shock but I am a bit of a gushing dork when it comes to certain space flicks, and so I was beyond thrilled with this one  – an actual monolith!! The perfect addition to our hedge maze! ;D

*cue Strauss*
*cue Strauss*

Clem had to work in the morning, but he and Estrella had plenty of energy left yet and I felt a celebration was in order so I decided to send them on a date. We would try someplace new. Even though it was 1:30AM, the Rattlesnake Juice Bar in Oasis Springs was open. Sounds entirely unlike them, so, perfect! You only live once, right? 😀

The place was empty save the bartender. They sat right at the bar and ordered fancy drinks.

Estrella rat 5
Clem: “This is nice. We should do this more often.”

A couple drinks in and there was much silliness afoot at the bar. Tall tales, hot cheeks. More drinks, musical chairs. Clem was cracking so many jokes at the bartender that Estrella was in danger of peeing her skirt, lol.

Estrella rat 4
Estrella, laughing: “Clem, stop! I have to use the restroom!”

Clem was firmly attached to the Estrella-magnet at this point and wouldn’t let her go alone, though. So very flirty, these two.

Clem: "I'll just hold the paper for you, and, y'know."    Estrella: *more laughter*
Clem: “I’ll just, y’know, hold the paper for you, and..”   Estrella: *more laughter*

Humor and lust are so entwined. They fuel each other until something gives. Fortunately not the bladder, this time, haha – but we’d definitely be leaving the bar ASAP.


Our lovebirds were careful not to disturb the children’s morning routines when they got back home, but if I’m being honest I don’t think they cared a whole lot at that point. 😉

estrella last woohoo
Pulled an all-nighter, but it was so worth it. ❤

Sometime that afternoon, after the kids had returned from school and while Clem was still at work, Estrella left us.

Her death was witnessed by her children Dianthus, Daisy, and Dandelion and her brother-in-law Cyclamen. Dianthus was first to know, as he and his mom were just sitting down to play chess together when it happened.

estrella death 1

The others stopped what they were doing in various corners of the house and came to bear witness.

Cyclamen's reaction was more one of unease, perhaps because he will be making the journey soon himself?
Cyclamen’s reaction was more one of unease, perhaps because he will be making the journey soon himself?

Clematis returned from work to find his family a mess. When he saw the urn on the table, he knew right away what that meant.

clem mourn urn

We kept the urn inside that night since people were way too upset to do anything. It’s a miracle the family managed to make it through the night given the mass sads. They napped, showered, attempted to feed themselves, crying all the while. So hard to watch. 😦

Did you know sim shower sobbing was a thing? I didn't. :(
Did you know sim shower sobbing was a thing? I didn’t. 😦

The following morning was utterly devoid of the usual chatter and laughter you would expect in a household this size. People shuffled off to school and work as though the joy had been permanently sucked out of them.

Dandelion kept his eyes down all morning.
Dandelion kept his eyes down all morning.

And when they got home, though most had unmet needs nobody wanted to do anything but hide in bed and wait for time to pass.

Daisy could barely eat.
Daisy would barely eat even though she was starving.

Dianthus had his nose buried in a poetry book all evening. After hours of reading, he finally found something just right for the epitaph. There should be enough room for the last line on mom’s headstone.

When the stone was in place, he read the poem aloud just to make sure we’d gotten it right.

dia poem choice

“Though my soul may set in darkness,
it will rise in perfect light.

I have loved the stars too fondly
to be fearful of the night.”

We did. Now he could at least try to sleep.

Dianthus whimpered in his sleep all night. :(
Dianthus whimpered in his sleep all night. 😦

Later, when Clem got home from work and read the words his son had chosen, his tears flowed all over again.

Baby, you're breaking my heart. :(
Oh baby, you’re breaking my heart. 😦

I don’t know if we will ever be over you, Estrella.

Log 3k: All these worlds are yours, except Oasis Springs.

I have been trying to “save” the Oasis Springs community lots for later generations to explore, but I’ve recently been naughty and gone there anyway. Just so darn bored of the lots in the other ‘hood, you know? Maybe I’ll alternate every few generations instead. ;D

Curious on the potential improvement in townie longevity with this last patch, I wanted to meet some new redshirts, so I sent a sim over to the park. I’d meant to send Daisy in order to help spawn children, but I realized when I arrived that I still had Dianthus selected. Oops! This would probably be a short trip – not because he’s a teen, which seems just as good for meeting young townies, but because he’s a Loner & has not been fond of interacting with strangers.

There were lots of people to meet there! But we spotted a sad little girl standing alone by the play structure. That face. 😦  Gotta help her!

Tough girl kid is frownie. :(
Lonely kid gives us the frownies too.

Despite being a Loner, Dianthus is actually rather personable and handles conversations very well as long as he gets to leave when he wants to. After a bit of silliness, he had little Cooper here (love the name, lol) giggling and smiling.

Corny jokes save the day!
Once again, corny jokes save the day!

Her mother, Courtney, came over and joined the conversation, seemingly grateful that someone had managed to crack her girl’s sadface. They’re both quite lovely, and already living in a house here in Oasis Springs, so we’ll certainly keep tabs on the family!

Wait, can you see me?  *faint*
Just what is he thinking, I wonder?

I realize he was probably looking at a sim approaching from behind me, here, but still, it made me jump a bit to have Dia apparently looking right at the camera (you know, at me) – weird!

A gal in fishing waders caught my eye then, so I had Dia go and say hello to her. We have already had a mailman and a gardener join the Legacy, and I mean to include the fisherman/woman at some point, so we’ll likely be stalking them until one fits in with us. ;D

Athena McDermott was her name. Forgot to check on her in the household panel afterward, oops!
Athena McDermott was her name. Forgot to check on her in the household panel afterward though, oops!

More sims approached and wanted a piece of the convo, and Dianthus was getting rather uncomfortable so I went ahead and let him go home & wind down with a nice chess game with pop.

Clem beats him every time, but Dia still loves to play chess with dad.
Clem beats him every time, but Dianthus still loves to play chess with dad.

I’ve been taking every possible opportunity to skill Dianthus up because his Renaissance Sim aspiration is extremely demanding. Many skills must be mastered or close to, and then all that career hopping – eek! No time for a job and school on top of this.

Delphinium, however, had plenty of time so he picked up an afterschool job. Figured retail fits his Materialistic side, so we went with that. If by some strange twist Del should become heir (not looking remotely likely as he’s also a Loner and on the rare occasion that he seeks out contact he prefers the company of a brother to his parents), you can bet I’ll be ignoring his Big Happy Family aspiration. That thing is pure hell. Lifespans are just not long enough to meet 4 grandchildren unless you’re some kind of breeding legend, which I clearly am not. At least not a timed-breeding legend. Ha. Anyway, despite being gone most of the time Del did make it home for tonight’s party!

I'm really just here for the food.
I’m just here for the food.

This was the night that Digitalis, our eldest of the 5 kids this generation, would become a young adult. We had mom throw the party, as she knew the most folks, but we still didn’t have very many guests show up. Digit’s redheaded childhood friend Kailyn came though — and it was just in time, as she’d become an adult a couple days before him and we were anxious to test the flirt-waters. 😉

Aunt Camelia was doing her usual “Birthday Caterer” routine.

Baking a Cake, Step 1: Grab fresh ingredients from the fridge.
Baking a Birthday Cake, Step 1: Grab fresh ingredients from the fridge.
Baking a Cake, Step 2: Set ingredients down and forget what you were just doing.
Baking a Birthday Cake, Step 2: Set ingredients down and wonder what you were just doing.
Baking a Cake, Step 2: Do pushups!
Baking a Birthday Cake, Step 3: Do pushups!

This will repeat maybe 3 times, with the pushup phase being interchangeable with everything from dancing with the children to using the microscope to going outside for a drink. She’s a lousy caterer, no doubt about it. But we don’t mind her quirks so much. Sure, we get a few extra half-made cakes, but she’s been a consistent birthday presence and makes us feel like we actually have relatives in town. Plus she’s usually there to watch the birthday sim blow out the candles and work the confetti popper, which is more than I can say for most of the sims in the house.

Things weren’t going so hot tonight for our birthday boy.

Del, singing: "~ You look like a monnn-keeey ~"
Delphinium, singing: ” ~ You look like a munn-keeey ~” 

First, his adult trait was not the most wonderful thing he could have rolled.

"Insane," huh? Ouch.
Ooh, “Insane,” huh? That’s new. Ouch.

Second, even after a quick muscle-pumping workout his good friend Kailyn was not buying what he was selling in the love department. At all.

Kailyn: "Not if you were the LAST potential Legacy  heir on the PLANET!"
Kailyn: “Not if you were the LAST potential Legacy heir on the PLANET!”
Kailyn, whispering: "P.S. Your cake tasted like GOLDFISH."
Kailyn, whispering: “P.S. Your cake tasted like goldfish.”
Uht oh.
Uht oh.

Rather than becoming sad or embarassed at the rejection as a normal sim might, his newfound Insanity kicked in and he began conversing with himself. Then he took a bubble bath, still talking away. At first I thought, “ooh, this is actually a nice survival skill” but moments later in the kitchen his mood rapidly swung from playful to angry. Aunt Camelia was there to bear the brunt of all of his frustrations, real and imagined.

Digitalis: "You ruined my life with your buttered birthday eggs!"
Digitalis: “YOU ruined my Birthday! You make me a new cake RIGHT NOW!”
digit mad cam 2
Camelia: “YOU oughtn’t be pointing, lest auntie slap this clay blob upside your grown man HEAD!”
Digitalis: "But could you paint me a butterfly?"
Don’t think the lip is going to work on Camelia, kiddo.

While this is going on, spare uncle Cyclamen is sitting at the table watching them like it’s the best thing ever, and mom and dad are kissing and pawing at each other in the middle of the room like they’re the only two people on the planet.

Estrella to Clem: "How about a quick jaunt to Europa?" ;)
Estrella to Clem: “How about a quick jaunt to Europa?” 😉

Most awkward birthday party to date, lol.

The next day we got the notice that Estrella should probably get her affairs in order. :\

I’m so pre-sad about this I don’t know how to handle it. Having so many sims in the house has been a blessing just for the distraction. *whine*

There wasn’t time to worry about that tonight though, because we were celebrating another birthday. This time, it was for the twins, Dandelion and Daisy, who were becoming teenagers!

Estrella premade a cute sprinkle cake for the occasion.  Dandelion was the first up.

Sing your heart out, girl, you're up next!
Sing your heart out, girl, you’re up next!

Dandelion rolled Romantic and the Nerd Brain aspiration. Adding to his existing Geek trait, this makes him quite the character. ;D

I gave him facial hair to help distinguish his chin from his neck. Poor kid, lol.
I gave him some facial hair because “why not?”

Ninja’d some more candles on the cake for Daisy so she could have a go too..

Holy beehive, Batman!
Holy beehive, Batman!

Her hair!! Haha! ;D  I’m def keeping that.

Daisy, also a Geek, rolled Active and the Party Animal aspiration. 0.o

Her clothing choice, I just put her glasses back on. :)
Her clothing choice, I just put her glasses back on. 🙂

Oh boy, these two are gonna be fun. Lol.

Log 3j: My very eager mother just served us nine pickles.

What to do with your time after you’ve achieved your aspiration and never actually did that whole “career” thing? While they’re at home, “pester your children with Valuable Lessons” seems to be the answer for Estrella.

Estrella: "So when you put down your fork, make sure your hand is open, like this."
Estrella: “So when you put down your fork, make sure your hand is open, like this.”

In order to give them a break we send her out spelunking and stuff. (You’ll notice I switched her dress to the blue one and put her in flats – poor doll’s been wearing heels every day for years.) ;D

The mine was still open, yay! Collecting splices for the home garden.
The mine was still open from Buttercup, yay! Collecting sage splices for the garden.

Estrella (still a head-turning beauty) has become an Angling Ace, and has begun walking the Mansion Baron path. We’re at the last step, which is to have a lot worth $350,000. Good god. That’s harder than it sounds.

I added a bunch of decorative stuff, upgraded appliances/furniture, put in a 2nd floor and a freaking hedge maze. And we’re still short by about 20K. I was going to just buy a couple extravagant furnished rooms and toss them upstairs, but then the bills came and I nearly died. $15,655. Ugh! We’re broke now. Def gonna have to downsize after this.

One of the steps required 20 pillars, so I slapped them all over the place. Ha.
One of the steps required 20 pillars, so I slapped them all over the house exterior. Ha.

We’re too close to quit, though! My next strategy is to make a crapton of high quality paintings before next payday, since they add directly to worth without really costing much & can be easily turned into simoleons afterward.

For this we will require the services of Cyclamen, our spare, who has actually made it to Painter career level 10 and become a true Patron of the Arts! BOOYAH!! This was my first TS4 career max, ever! They’re so hard now! I feel so accomplished! Haha.

We unlocked a rather odd bed with great stats. It comes in 3 colors: a blue one, which I really like even though I’m having a hard time matching the wood to anything ~

Have a starry night. <3
Have a starry night. ❤

This somewhat unfortunate yellow thing, which I have in place only to inflate my property value for Estrella’s aspiration ~

Yellow grandma living?
Yellow grandma living? I suppose that’s a valid niche.

And a plain wood w/red bedding that I didn’t bother getting. I let Cyc buy himself a thin potion with some of the aspiration points because he’s got the dancing fatness bug (something that exercise only seems to make worse), and he enjoyed two whole days of looking like a scrawny teenager again!

That guy can't be two days away from elder, can he?
That chipper young guy can’t be two days away from grey hair, can he?

On his birthday though, he was insta-plump again. Something’s definitely wrong with this, lol. We even got an achievement for being max fat and max thin in one lifetime. Oh well!

Don't get old, kid, it's ugly.
Cyclamen: “Don’t get old, kid, it’s ugly.”

I had planned on moving Cyc out once he made Patron, but now that he’s an elder kicking him to the curb seems rude, so I guess he’ll be living out his days with us. Will try to at least find him a friend, anyway. Who knows, maybe he’ll find a love and they can move out and keel over together all romantic-like.

That preppy-looking young man you see up yonder is Delphinium, who became a teenager a few hours prior..

Delphinium becomes a Materialistic Loner who wants a Big Happy Family. No freakin' way dude, sorry. ;p
Delphinium: Materialistic Loner who wants a Big Happy Family.    No freaking way am I doing that one, dude – sorry. ;p

Oops, accidentally pulled another birthday party all-nighter. It’s just that most of these guys nap after school, and I didn’t want to miss out, so we had to start laaate. Time for school and work, again, gang!

Del, in back: "Is that plate following us?"      Dia: "SHH! It'll hear you! Don't look at it!"
Clem: “Is that plate.. following us?”   Daisy: “SHH! It’ll hear you! Don’t look at it!”

Clem is now skill level 10 in Rocket Science. Yay!!  We keep finding the same space rock over and over again, but eventually these collections have got to start filling out. The Astronaut career really lags around lvl 7 due to having so few work days, too, but we’re still poking at it.

Dianthus somehow managed a B grade with no help from me. Attaboy, Dia! So he was in a fairly good mood when we threw his teen birthday party. We’ve been hiring aunt Camelia as our caterer lately, and she’s pretty attentive even though she truly sucks at baking cakes. 🙂

Hmm, what should I wish for?
So glad mom made this cake an hour ago!
My chin! It burns!

Not loving that haircut (all the boys have aged into that hair, bleh!). Usually I will just leave sims how they are, figuring it’s how they want to be, but I opted to give him a makeover so he looked more like his child self rather than a suddenly-ROTC kid. He’s pretty cute, really. 🙂

Say hello to Dianthus Wolff: Bookworm, Loner, aspiring Renaissance Sim.
Say hello to Dianthus Wolff: Bookworm, Loner, aspiring Renaissance Sim.

Renaissance Sim is going to be really hard to complete. D:  I’ve begun gently skilling him now just in case and will want to get him the perk that grants a boost to job placement ASAP. Right now, pop’s got the highest relationships with Dianthus and Daisy (they’re about tied), so it may end up being one of these two to carry us forward.

Daisy's stories are truly outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous.
Daisy’s stories are truly outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous.

Side note: the patch that came out two days ago mentioned fixing “some instances of disappearing sims.” As of yet, I cannot tell if it’s made things better for me or not. I noticed that my broken “auto move in” seems to have kicked in because there were a couple new housed families when I looked last & we had zero before. What I have had success with is hiding people in homes manually, so if I can manage to snag interesting homeless townies and toss them into houses I should be better off than before, at least. Still, I’m a bit worried I’ll be hitting the population limit soon that way too — if the game’s been trained not to cull the housed, what happens then, I wonder?

Log 3i: All Intelligent Creatures Dream

8 sims in the house again. We are doing everything and nothing.

Yep, this is us.

Somewhere I stopped trying to fulfill aspirations and caring about grades and have been looking instead at the current pressing dreams and desires of each sim. These I can somewhat manage, so I feel slightly less of a heel when they don’t get to do those larger things in time. The result is that my sims are pretty-much content, but I have nothing terribly exciting to report other than birthdays and bodily functions, heh.

But, we do need to catch up on those!

Estrella has just celebrated her elder birthday. I wasn’t ready, but everyone else was. Had to get with the program sometime. *weeps quietly in the corner*

Let's do this, baby.
Let’s do this, baby.

I swear there were guests, but they were off dancing and stuff. No matter.

All eyes are on Estrella's rockin' butt as she makes her birthday wish.
All eyes are on Estrella’s rockin’ behind as she makes her birthday wish.
Clem is so supportive it makes me want to cry.
Clem is so supportive it makes me want to cry.


estrella elder1

Estrella elder

She’s still beautiful, to me. I do really like that elders don’t immediately lose their distinctiveness as they seemed to in TS3. What is our blind obsession with youth, anyway? I’ll have to be careful to keep her from getting offed early, though, as Clem feels just as before and she’s already been dangerously exhausted twice. 😉

And this is the first kiss.
I think a wardrobe change might be in order so she’s not all grey. 

Estrella only has two hours of fishing left for her Angling Ace aspiration. Yay!  & Then we’ll spoil her silly. ❤

On to the children!

We weren’t able to find Digitalis a BFF in a reasonable amount of time and I wound up giving up on his childhood aspiration entirely when full-house madness hit. He did manage to max the child Social skill though, and picked up some friends and a couple charisma points besides.

Kailyn is a nice girl who moved here from the Gallery.
Kailyn is a nice girl who moved here from the Gallery.

Digit had a somewhat rude awakening to his teen years.


He became Neat in transition and was instantly struck with horror at the conditions he’d been living in unawares. We did manage a gold birthday party for him (our first ever!) despite him really not enjoying himself too much – spent the majority of the evening frantically picking up after the guests, lol. He’s now aspiring to become a Master Mixologist. So today he’s our Neat, Outgoing teen bartender. 🙂

Digitalis, 4th gen firstborn
Digitalis, 4th gen firstborn

He’s a little bit odd looking because his eyes are very round and open, causing him to look startled rather easily. I spend a lot of time cackling at his apparent overreactions to things.

The twins, Daisy and Dandelion, aged up shortly after their big brother!

daisy and dan child mug

They both rolled the same trait and aspiration: Geek, Artistic Prodigy. Cute glasses, too! I wonder if we’re seeing more kids with glasses because pop also had them when he was young? If so, nifty detail.

So far, Daisy is way more interested in pursuing her aspiration than her brother Dandelion, who prefers to hang with his bros on the monkey bars. I probably won’t push him into it. I ain’t got time for that.

daisy child draw
This is our most down-to-business kid in the house at this point.

It’s a huge relief having the kids all kids+ now! Dunno why babies stress me out so much, but they do. T.T

In other news, I’m going to complete a career if it kills me. At 5 days til elder, our spare Cyclamen is at rank 9 of the Painter/Patron of the Arts track. He just needs to push the needle a bit more towards green. Trying to avoid him having to drink a youth potion, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ve been working him ragged, and he’s porked out from dancing (our only easy access to “Fun” for him). He seems a bit.. frazzled. Sorry, man.

cyc potty sculpt
Huh. Wondered why he was on the toilet for an hour and a half.

And this is where I’m kind of missing neighborhood progression. We’ve run into Columbine, Cal (aka Bro) and Camelia a few times and they’ve not got anything going on. All still single, just edging towards old-age death. If I ever get a damn break from having a full house, I really need to start setting my spares up better & moving them out to something so I don’t feel so guilty for treating them as disposable. Pixel empathy is such a nuisance, lol.

Daisy did get a kick out of meeting her Geek aunt, though. :)
Daisy did get a kick out of meeting her fellow-Geek aunt, though. 🙂

What of our current heir, Clematis? Clem is still a young adult for a few more days. (Scandalous, I know! ;D) He’s only at rank 7 of the Astronaut career (though his performance bar is maxed so I’m assuming he’ll be promoted next work day). He’ll need 7 friends after that – he has 5. Been trying to chat it up with folks as much as possible. Rocket science skill is almost complete. Probably two more missions. I’m going to be very frustrated if I can’t max this damn career on this sim after getting Burdock to 8 and failing. T.T  But we have plenty of time unless something unforeseen happens.

Please don’t let those turn out to be famous last words. ;p

Log 3h: I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.

My game’s got the funk. Still no change in townie self-destruct mode. All of the houses save the legacy lot are now empty despite having the game set to fill them. I’ve just attempted placing some child/teen families from the Gallery into two houses, one in each neighborhood, and hopefully these will stick. Otherwise, we have to pretty much give up on anything that requires lasting social relationships outside of the household. How will the next generation find a mate when the neighbors are dying like flies? I feel like we’re living on borrowed time before this save becomes unplayable. The smart thing would be to cut out now, take off and nuke the site from orbit. But I’m opting for “rapid improvisation mode” instead — we’re grabbing life by the buns, people!

Speaking of buns, we do still have the best in town.

I'm going to need therapy when this is over.
I’m going to need therapy when this is over.

Being moments away from the you-need-7-friends job promotion requirement, some divine intervention is required. Clem and Estrella are once again filling the legacy house with the pitter-patter of little feet. We were (ok, I was) hoping we wouldn’t have to go there, but, we do. And so we are.

Clearly this hurts me more than it hurts them.
Clearly this hurts me more than it hurts them.

First we had this little fella, who we called Delphinium.

He's got grandpa's coloration so far.
He’s got grandpa’s coloration so far.

He grew into a rather serious Scamp, gaining the Loner trait.

Beautiful kid!
Delphinium is one beautiful kid!

We gave it the ol’ college try, but Del wasn’t interested in being his brother’s BFF. Even passing strangers vetoed the idea.

Chickens don't even have butts!
Chickens don’t even have butts!

This Loner thing is serious business.

Too many people in the library, I'll just do my homework out here.
Waaayy too many people in the library – I’ll just do my homework out here.

Luckily, mom was already pregnant again!

Digitalis' grin here was so cute. He loves his fam. <3
Digitalis’ onlooking grin here was so cute. He loves his fam. ❤

And shortly thereafter, our third son, Dianthus, arrived on a ray of light.

Yep, he fits right in.
Yep, he fits right in.

He became a Bookworm with a matching Whiz Kid aspiration.

I love kids with glasses.
I love kids with glasses.

Dia is pretty easygoing, which is a nice break from his more intense brother. I don’t have to micromanage his conversations quite so much.

Wanting a break from intensive tot-tending, I let Estrella get back to working on her Angling Ace aspiration. As of this writing, she’s around 40 hours and a fishing skill point away from achieving that. Then we’ll probably let her take one of the wealth-related aspirations to go along with her Materialistic trait which we’ve been largely ignoring. Let her relax, spoil her a bit, you know? She deserves it!

Clem has achieved his Freelance Botanist aspiration. We happily shoved a bunch of plants into storage and gave him Nerd Brain next, but as of yet haven’t actually given him time to read books. Haha. Oops. He’s doing swell at work, though, and his spare-time rocket adventures have been going great. He’s up to 9 in Rocket Science, and just upgraded his ship with the last available upgrade. So he *should* be far less likely to croak that way, now.

Time’s been passing & Estrella’s second adulthood is nearing a close. I’m feeling really attached to her and the idea of her becoming an elder and eventually dying makes me sad. Not that I have any regrets, as I know we’ve given her life so much more than she’d have had if we’d left her playing chess in the park. And she’s been our everything.

Still, I had so wanted to see a girl face among her children. Seriously, we’ve only birthed one female this whole legacy. In 9 births! I bet she’d be so beautiful, too.. *whine*

One more try, guys? Whaddaya say?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Did we even have to ask?
You know the woohoo is spectacular when neither one of you can walk straight afterward.
You know the woohoo is spectacular when neither one of you can walk straight afterward.

Humorously, during this last pregnancy they were getting busy all over the damn place right up until Estrella went into labor. They just would not keep their hands off each other. I send Estrella to go fishing and then find her making out with her boy on the bench.

Don't need nothin' but the man I love and a passing duck.
Don’t need nothin’ but the man I love and a passing duck.

Simply crossing paths in the kitchen leads to heavy petting.

Clem: "I love your face."
Clem: “I love your face.”

I swear these two get more action than all my other sims combined have. Maybe it was a mistake to give Clem that “seldom sleeps” reward perk. ;D

Think we'd still fit in the observatory?
Of course she’d like to look at the stars with you, Clem. Who wouldn’t?
Estrella: "OOOOH!"
Estrella: “OOOOH!”

It takes Clem a moment to realize that his woman has actually just gone into labor, and isn’t merely reacting to his amazing skillz, but he manages to have his first and only parental panic just in time. ;D

Meet you at the hospital, babe!
Tippy-toe, got to go! Yes, must, must!

This is the last one, guys! Thank you for your service – especially you, Estrella! You’re the best. ❤

Aww, boys are okay too I guess. <3
Sweet mommy love. ❤

Another boy! Aw heck. But I’ll not ruin the moment by complaining. We shall call him Dandelion. May his seeds be carried upon the wind to the lawns and meadows of the world!

But wait, what’s daddy doing? Have we just had another set of Wolff twins?? D:

Oh joy, twins! I shall call them Horror and Trepidation!
Oh joy, twins! I shall call them Horror and Trepidation!

We have twins! And we’ve got an actual born-into-the-family girl, finally! Can’t wait to see what she looks like as she grows. ;3

Clem is a pretty adorable papa right now, though his approach seems to be “cuddle first, do actually-needed thing after.” I guess he’s just a touchy-feely guy. 🙂

One of the most fantastic things about Sims 4 sims is the way they observe one another. Such expressive faces. <3
One of the most fantastic things about Sims 4 sims is the way they observe one another. Such expressive faces!

We’ve named her Daisy, naturally.

Log 3g: They Mostly Come at Night

As with many new parents, the struggle for survival dominated Clem and Estrella’s time and they considered a day in which both got to take a shower a victory. Needless to say we neglected to take many photos of their new arrival. We’ve all become a bit nocturnal and before we knew it, it was time to celebrate Digitalis’ birthday!

Cute as a button.
Cute as a button.

Digitalis Wolff
4th gen Firstborn

Trait: Outgoing

Aspiration: Social Butterfly

Despite the general hermit-like quality of the family thus far and my own lack of skill at socializing, I am determined to help this little fella realize his dreams. We’ve got some work ahead of us!

And how are the parents?

Clem has received another promotion – he dresses like a right proper boss-type, now!

Not too proud to admit, these pixels make me tingly.
Not too proud to admit, his pixels make me tingly.

But he’s still our rugged hero, and never too highbrow to get his hands (or pants) dirty.

Yes, we still have this infernal garden to wrangle.
Yes, we still have this infernal garden to wrangle.

Still chipping away at that last half of a gardening skill point for his aspiration, little by little, when he’s not running space missions. Speaking of, we found our first space rock! Making tiny dents in our collections as well.

It's all big and crystally-lookin'.
It’s all big and crystally-lookin’.

Clem and Estrella remain very much in love. Despite having much less free time lately they’ve not slowed their cutes in the least. It’d be downright sickening if I didn’t adore them so much. ;p

To illustrate, I should share this from her relationship panel. Estrella is so very smitten with her husband that she doesn’t even know his “flaw” trait exists –

Love is blind. <3
Love is blind? ❤

He’s also “hot headed,” see, but since we take such good care of him she’s never ever seen his temper. 😉

And man, is he crazy about this gal. You should see the way he checks her out when she walks by. Shameless!

Get a room! Geez.
Get a room! Geez.

Ahem, anyway, back to Digit. He’s having a really difficult time making the friends he needs to realize his childhood aspirations.

It’s not just the usual problem of them being mean..

digit angry kid

Or insane.

hunter s townie
(TBH we actually kinda liked Hunter S Thompson junior, here.)

You see, the game has decided to delete townies from my neighborhood with increased vigor. We go out in the evening and meet a bunch of folks, and very often they are gone by the next morning.

"I know I'll probably never see you again, but this is a really good hotdog."
Digitalis: “I know I’ll probably never see you again, but this is a really good hot dog, so thanks!”

Gone, completely gone. As in, totally deleted from the ‘hood. And at night, there’s a new batch of them out again. The cycle just keeps repeating. Even the maids are destructing and repopulating now. Probably one of those things that starting a new game might solve, since this save predates all patches & that tends to invite the wonk. But they’ll have to pry this fam from my cold dead hands. *shakes fist*

I guess we could just buy 4 more of these things.
I guess we could just buy 4 more of these giant stuffed things? *shrug*

It’s disconcerting, everyone disappearing. And sad when your kid desperately wants to make friends. Digitalis is a good kid, never complains, gets himself leftovers when he’s hungry, does his homework without me having to remember it exists, hah.. Little fella deserves better. *sniff*

His mum worries about him, as mums will do. And Clem doesn’t like to see his woman hurtin’.

Clem: "Why the long face, beautiful?"
Even though Digit remains in good spirits most of the time, Estrella can’t stop feeling sad that he’s lonely.
clem estrella serious boob
Clematis: “You know there’s a really simple solution here.”
Estrella: "Oh? Like what?"
Estrella: “Oh yeah? Like what?”

Oops, looks like you two have a visitor.

Estrella: "Hey, little bear. How about you finish up that milk and I read you a nice story before bed?"
Estrella: “Hey, little bear. How about you finish up that milk and I read you a nice story before bed?”

Hard to find time for adult conversations with a curious child in the house. But Estrella finally manages to get Digit to bed, and Clem finds her in the kitchen. By now she’s tired and, dare I say, slightly grumpy? Maybe even a wee bit snarky.

Estrella: "So, what's this wonderful magical solution of yours?"
Estrella: “Well? Go ahead. Wave your hand and make it all go away.”
estrella clem try again 2
Clematis: “That’s why I’m here.”
estrella clem try again 3
*snark melting*

estrella clem try again 4

Time would tell if this strategy would work, but for now Digit could at least practice his 20 jokes on uncle and dad.

Cyclamen: *chokes*      Clem: "Whoa, whoa!! No toilet jokes at the table!"
Cyclamen: *choke, sputter*             Clem: “Whoa, whoa!! No toilet jokes at the table!”

Log 3f: Houston? We — oh, nevermind.

Wedding planning. I suck at it. Mom’s about to pop, dad’s on earth and finally home from work, let’s do this. Call everyone we know, half can’t come. Don’t care, at least we get 3. Whatev. Hire mixologist, caterer. Go.

Stereo breaks. Traffic jam in the kitchen. Caterer makes 3 cakes. Or more accurately, starts three cakes and gets distracted midway through. Spends a lot of time standing in the way of appliances. Plan B, man, plan B! So rather than a lovely fancy cake, we get the “bride busted this out herself in the last 5 minutes of the wedding” plain white cake. ;D

Note to self: Next time make the cake before you make the call.
Note to self: Next time, make the cake before you make the call.

For some reason, although the guests automatically changed into wedding clothes, the bride and groom did not. I thought, “Oh, they’ll probably do it when I click on the arch thinger.”  Nope. Oof.

But, the guests seemed happy, and Clem and Estrella are always happy when they’re near each other no matter what else is going on around them. The only one freaking out seemed to be me. ;D

clem estrella wedding guests
Dearly beloved, we gather today to celebrate our lack of concern for convention.

Columbine even came, and brought a plus one. No idea who she was, still. ;D

Lookin' sharp.
Lookin’ sharp, Col.

“I Dos” were exchanged at last. The kiss was, of course, magical.

What is that white outline? Sheesh! Next time, hire a real photographer!
What is that white outline? Sheesh! Next time, hire a real photographer!

The highlight of the wedding, for me, was after the cake had been distributed and our trusty spare Cyclamen busted out in song.

Maybe that drink has something to do with this. ;D
Maybe that drink has something to do with this. ;D

No idea what that was about. Most of the guests had already wandered off and he was the only one singing. Haha.

Anyhow, despite all the hiccups, we squeaked out a gold rating and the guests showered the happy couple with gifts. Some small appliances (microwave, teapot) and a couple nice decorative items:

A nice bouquet centerpiece thinger.
A fancy bouquet centerpiece thinger.
This will look great in the cemetary! ;D
This will look great in the cemetery! ;D

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Wolff! I shall try to do better for your children. ;D

The more pressing matter in the house, of course, is the imminent arrival of the baby lumpkin. Estrella has been handling her pregnancy like a champ, remaining very active throughout. The garden looks great and the house has never been so clean.

estrella workout prego
Hopefully I won’t double in size after giving birth.

Clem seems absolutely tickled that this particular woman is bearing his spawn, and has been more attentive and more flirty with her than ever.

"These new curves look good on you."
“I like these new curves we made on you. A lot.”

Sometimes I worry, because he doesn’t seem to appreciate things like danger and the need to eat and stuff when he’s all heart-eyed over the missus.

clem blowkiss
You’re starving. Your wife just made an excellent group meal. Do you, A. Take a plate and eat; or B. Sit at the table by yesterday’s empty cereal bowl and blow kisses at her?

This is pretty much the scene anytime they’re both on the lot. I have to send her away fishing sometimes so the guy can use the bathroom.

Case in point, we had our first “crash landing” from space — I’m having a freakin’ heart attack and Clem crawls out of the wreckage, hops out of his suit and we get this:

Wipe that sexy smirk off your face, young man!
“Very Flirty,” really?! Wipe that sexy smirk off your face, young man!

Clem: Naww I got this. Say, where’s Estrella?

So now I feel like I need to constantly keep an eye on them so they don’t get too flirty and like, explode, or whatever happens. Hopefully the baby will help mellow that out a little bit!

Speaking of..

estrella labor
It’s time!

While we’ve been out here talking, Estrella’s been laboring away. We’d better get in there!

Clem, come meet your son.
Clem, come meet your son. ❤

Say hello to Digitalis Wolff, our first generation 4 heir hopeful! 🙂

Log 3e: One Giant Leap

The lovebirds safely made it back from space, and decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend. 🙂

The helmet protects against zero-oxygen environments and post-coital B.O.
This helmet protects against zero-oxygen environments and post-coital B.O.

The next morning Clem left for work and Estrella took some time to get acclimated to her new digs. She’s so darn chipper still from the new love and the frequent um, rocket rides that she seems really darn happy to be here. ;D

So I’m going to formally accept that she’s willing to join the family!  I should probably peek at her other panels now, huh?

Estrella mugshot casEstrella Hatano
3rd Generation Mate

Loves Outdoors, Romantic, Materialistic

Aspiration: Angling Ace

Dark brown hair, beautiful big brown eyes, med skin, average/curvy build.. Can’t seem to get away from these genes, but she’s a doll and we love her.

Materialistic, though? Wouldn’t have figured it. Good thing we’re filthy rich. ;D  26K in savings, which is good because our bills are an ungodly $8,079 right now.  We did upgrade some stuff, expand the house and decorate the grounds a bit, though. Been a while since I posted a pic of the ol’ homestead – here:

house gen3 mid
Added garden party/wedding area, graveyard, exercise room & who knows what else.

Anyhow, peeking at her skills reveals nothing over 2, except, she has 10 gardening! 😀  I suppose that explains the work apron she used to wear in the park! Lol. I’m such a dork, I really didn’t know gardeners were a thing. Never actually seen them gardening, y’know?  But hallelujah! We sure need one!

After doing a bit of weeding I noticed Estrella wasn’t looking so hot. She ran into the bathroom and lost her breakfast. Poor gal! 😦  First one to vomit in the wooden toilet. That calls for a photo!

estrella puke
It looks to be coming from somewhere other than her mouth. Left ear, maybe?

Oh no.. Could she be? But they hadn’t discussed a more long-term commitment yet, let alone children. He was so into his career he might not even want children. And the age difference! It’s not like she’d be able to hide it from him, living in the same house. Better find out for sure.

estrella pregfetti
This face made me LOL so hard – “I’m smiling but inside I’m freaking the heck out!”

It’s positive. Oh, you poor dear..

estrella i can do this

I think she’s actually excited, though. 😉

With hours to go before Clem was home from work, Estrella was feeling anxious and decided to work out to help pass the time. She’d need to be in good shape to keep up with a younger man and a small child, anyway. Her life was changing so fast! Was this really even happening?

Staring at the clock probably isn't gonna help.
Staring at the clock probably isn’t gonna help.

After a nap and a shower she was all freshened up and ready to tell her sexy space-hunk boyfriend the big news.

estrella clem talk 1
Estrella: “Clem, I have to tell you something. And It’s gonna sound crazy. But I don’t want you to freak out.”
estrella clem talk 2
Estrella: “I’m going. To have. A baby.”
estrella clem talk 3
Estrella: “You’re not saying anything. I sound crazy, don’t I? I knew I was going to sound crazy.”
estrella clem talk 4
Estrella: “You’re still not saying anything. Baby, please say something.” 😦
estrella clem talk 5
Clematis: “Oh, I’m gonna say something.”
estrella clem talk 6

estrella clem talk 7

estrella clem talk 8
Estrella: “So.. you’re really okay with this?”
Clem: "Baby, I'm great with this!"
Clematis: “I’m really great with this.”
clem estrella hug
Also, you’re soft and your hair tastes like candy. ❤

Whew. One less thing to worry about. 😉

The nesting urge seemed to kick in pretty quick and the next day Estrella was on a crusade to clean the whole dang house. With her super-sensitive pregnancy nose she was able to sleuth out long-forgotten plates and cups in all corners of the lot. She could even tell if the counters were dirty by smell alone. And the floors! When’s the last time somebody mopped the floors?? This simply would not do.

estrella mop
Studies show mopping in heels keeps feet 33% dryer.

Since Estrella was expecting a child now (making the bloodline theoretically safe) and Clem had a pretty constant want to go into space, we sent him on a rocket mission. I get so darn nervous every time. Will this be the last time we see him? What will we do if he doesn’t come back? T.T

rocket way up
Please be careful up there!

This particular mission involved helping an alien move. Har. Clem had recently completed a cargo bay upgrade on his ship, so it seemed like a no-brainer. But the mission was taking an unusually long time and we hadn’t had any updates in a while. I was starting to worry.

Finally, some news! The mission went foul. The cargo shifted and an alien got crunched. Didn’t complete the contract but we get to keep his corpse. D:

alien dead slug
Some sort of slug.. thing. At least this one has a lid.

But the important thing is, Clem made it back in one piece – whew! Even though it was the middle of the night, Estrella went out to welcome him home.

Clem had some time to think while he was up there, and he had something he wanted to give Estrella.

Hopefully not more dead things.
Hopefully it’s not more dead space things.
Clem: "What d'you say, baby? Make me an honest man?"
Clematis: “What d’you say, baby? Make me an honest man?”

Well, you know she’d be a fool to decline at this point.

clem proposal accepted
Estrella: “Ooh, see how it catches the starlight?”

Awwww. ❤

clem estrella carry
Clem: “I’m taking you to bed now.”                            Estrella: “Stars are preeetty!”

(Sims act kinda loopy when they reach “Very Flirty,” haha.)

Rather than just eloping as I have been, I *think* we’re going to try to throw an actual wedding for these two. Let’s hope I don’t screw it up. 🙂

Log 3d: Love and Rockets

As though he heard my plea, Clematis autonomously came to check on Estrella the moment she finished her youth potion.

estrella clem bedtalk 1
Clem: “How’s it going? Are you getting settled in okay?”

She was. Feeling flirty and energized from the whirlwind events, she leaned in close.

estrella clem bedtalk 2
Estrella: “I had a really great time tonight.”

estrella clem bedtalk 3

I’m dyin’ over here. Girl has got it bad.

clem estrella take me
Clem: “So.. Do you wanna see my rocket?”

Does she ever! You know what comes next..

clem estrella rocket
Estrella: “Your rocket is so BIG!

rocket hearts

Love Rocket

If they both die up there together, at least they went out in supreme style. ;D