Log 5y: Black and White and Dead All Over

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for facing life after Cooper, even after putting this off for days-verging-on-weeks, her celebration of life party was quite a success. If she’d arrived a little bit earlier, Coop would probably have told some of the terrible jokes herself.


We prepared the space, had naps and showers and steeled ourselves for the inevitable flood of nostalgia. And then we started the party. “Black and white” seemed fitting. Sad and not sad, dead and not dead.

It's going to go alright.. right?
It’s going to go alright.. right?

Easter Lily and her family were the first to show up.  Easter was one of the few who visited the urn.


Easter always knows what's up, even if nobody else does.
Easter always knows what’s up, even if nobody else does.

She was sad all night.

Ede’s brother Elder made it, all the way from that Houseful of Hippies he’s been living in!

Married life suits you, brother.
Married life suits you, E3.

We finally got to meet his wife Cathy, who, despite being very down-to-earth, is quite the hottie.

There goes my heart again!
We finally have an Aunt Cathy! ;D

And their wild child Freezer Bunny Wolff Tea, A.K.A. Whatever-He-Tells-You-His-Name-Is, who immediately slipped off somewhere.

Oh, there he went. :)
Oh, there he went. 🙂

Brianna, who’s become more like family to us than roommate through this whole death thing, plays violin beautifully now. It actually sounds good!

Since she was still in mourning, her music seemed particularly soulful. Her and Landon (also still grieving) stuck close together most of the night, not really wanting to socialize with anyone else.


We hired Cathy to cater, but she decided she’d rather mingle. She had some important things to discuss with her brother-in-law.

"How about those Wolffs, huh?"
“How about those Wolffs, huh?”

It was great for Cathy to have someone to relate to about this particular aspect of her life — someone who knew intimately what it was like to be caught in the whirlwind that seemed to envelop this family.

"I mean, you know.. spectacular."
“Do you also find that it’s always, you know.. spectacular?

While his mom was busy connecting with Malcolm, Freezer Bunny made a beeline for his cousin Forsythia.

"Greetings, cousin!"
“The party can start now, cousin – I have arrived!”

Forsythia was intrigued by this pipsqueak. Being a Good and oft Confident sim, she tended to fancy herself a sort of superhero. A superhero comedian with a sidekick.. that could be fun.

"Yeah! Our grandma's spirit just came inside of me and now I'm gonna puke green peas!"
“Wait. I think I just felt our granny’s shadow. Wanna see my head spin?”

Let’s let them handle that one. We should check on the rest of the guests.

Easter’s identical twin sons Elicanto and Flarn are all grown up – or at least all teened-up. They both seem to have adopted their uncle Elder’s old hairstyle.


Fennel was hiding out as best he could, but wound up in an interesting conversation with his fellow Loner uncle Jarrett about all the waterfowl he’d seen on his latest trip to Granite Falls.

"Finally, someone who can appreciate ducks!"
“Finally, someone who can appreciate ducks!”

And there were some folks at the party that I’m quite certain we’d never met before.

“We’re very sorry for your loss, Mrs. Wolff,” said the red-haired woman who sat down beside Edelweiss. “This is a lovely way to celebrate what she meant to you all.”

“So you knew mom, then? Or..?”

Ede didn’t catch her name – she’d been hanging out with her drink, trying to pretend she was off in a quiet place somewhere surrounded by trees instead of all of these people.  But Forsythia was on the case, testing the woman’s husband with a round of celebrity mockery.


It’s hard to gauge someone’s character when they’re in a suit at a formal party, but whoever this guy was, she figured he must not be all that bad. He kept up with Forsythia’s mischief and didn’t get grumpy about it, anyway. That’s saying something.

About midway through the party timer, I quit dragging my feet and let the funerary bits commence.

Forsythia, our teenaged aspiring Joke Star, set the tone with a thoroughly irrelevant skit she’d poorly-written that morning about cops and llamas.

“So this cop and this llama are sitting at the bar, and the cop notices the llama’s got some serious hair going on.”

“I mean, the stuff is like, out there – we’re talking two bar stools, here.”

“This cop – he’s like, a real neat freak, or a snob, or something, so anyway he starts freaking out.”

“And he’s like, ‘You! You’re way too hairy! I’m taking you in!'”

“So the cop takes the llama to the squad car, and he cuffs him and he’s shoving him in there and it’s like, difficult because – the hair! The llama’s all, ‘Bro, what did I do??’ and the cop looks at him and he says,”

"I'm charging you with shear neglect!"
“I’m charging you with shear neglect.”

“Shear.  Neglect.”

Tough crowd.

Dang. Tough crowd. At least her twin cracked a smile for her – it was enough!

The cool thing about being Self-Assured is that you usually can't tell when you suck.
The cool thing about being Self-Assured is that you usually can’t tell when you suck.

Well, maybe the audience wasn’t feeling it, but I’m pretty sure Coop would have approved.

That was all the material Forsythia had, so she surrendered the floor to her lil’ cousin.

“Evening, freezer bunnies and fossils and germs!”

“This is Finn-Jon Intergalactic Mailman Wolff Tea, current route, every third planet.”

“Unless it’s a purple galaxy, in which you skip the third and go directly to the fifth.”

“And suddenly, the llamacorn jumped up and pointed at this sparkly light coming down from the sky!

Only it was a trick.

It wasn’t a light at all! It was a shadow!

It was Grim!”

"You're all gonna die! Mwuahahahaha!"
“You’re all gonna die! Mwuahahahaha!”

“But! Little did Grimmy know about the llamacorn’s magic feather!

He pulled out the feather, waved it five point six times.

And Grimmy said, ‘Hey, bunny. How about a game of chess?’

So they played chess for about five hundred million plexibillicutty-zillion years.

And Nobody. Ever. Died. Again.”


“Until they reached stale-mate. MWAHahahaha!”


Tough act to follow, that. But being the corny sap he is, his pop Elder of course had some words to say.

“Coming back home for this, it’s been good to see Easter and Jarrett, Ede and Malcolm, and to think that now with me and Cath, each of us, each of Mom’s three kids, has created a life and babies with the one person here in this digital space that each would choose–if we could choose anybody. It’s not a coincidence it’s worked this way.”


“Mom and Dad had an epic love, the kind that would fuel any jet propulsion system.

They were continuing the tradition that Dad’s mom and dad started.

It’s easy, while we’re together here for this occasion, to think about endings. But when I look at all our kids, and think of their true loves yet to be found, I think about beginnings.

Mom and Dad’s love inspired three more epic love stories. And it looks like our three epic loves will inspire a heck of a lot more! It’s a holy apocalypse of love!”


“When love spreads like this, filling up the digital world like jelly fills a cupcake, we know we’ve got more happiness than anything!

Mom would grumble, hearing me talk like this. She’d remind us that life isn’t always frosted.”


“We know that, right, Finn-Jon?

But we keep on licking the frosting anyway. Because you were the one who showed us life was good.

Love you, Mom.”


Elder sat down next to his mini-me, in a room full of family and friends, and just smiled.

Much later, long after the party had ended and the guests had all gone home, we found this painting out on the graveyard easel:

And somehow, this was was what pushed me over the edge!

A tight little cluster of Loner trees, in a bright little clearing in the wilderness.

It’s perfect. Thanks, CT. ❤


Elder and Free-Jon’s speeches courtesy of CathyTea.
Thanks to ShannonSimsFan for the mystery redheads, who we’ll see more of very soon. 🙂


22 thoughts on “Log 5y: Black and White and Dead All Over

  1. Eesh! It’s Elder doppelgangers! That’s confusing! Hey… where did Elder get time to change before delivering his eulogy? Oh, well. He looks hot in that white-scarf-thingy! (Argh…. somehow his talk is taking on an altogether unintended meaning with the jelly-filled cupcake reference when he’s throwing flirty heart boxer bubbles! Oops. Aw. The painting made me cry. Dang. Even if it’s digital, it’s still love. 😦 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I liked Forsythia’s routine!! Shear neglect is hilarious, and your screen caps of her delivery are perfect for the narrative!

    As I wrote on the EA forum, what Coop meant to you really shines through in this celebration of life. The speeches from Cathy Tea helped make it really special. And seeing my redheads was great and made me realize again how much I miss them– I’m glad they are with a simmer who gets attached to her sims.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Behind. Catching up. Love how you handled this whole update. So beautiful, yet the perfect Wolff humor balanced it. You have such a wonderful way with words.

    Liked by 1 person

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