Log 5.30: Always Moving

After a short and sweet wedding, Landon and Brianna moved to Oasis Springs to start their life together, away from the legacy house.


They couldn’t afford much, but with the addition of some interior paint & a few new furnishings the little Sandtrap Flat really did feel like their very own place.


The Teslas are also moving on, but a bit further away than can be explained with a simple answer.

In the months since her assignment here, Casey Tesla had collected all the information she was asked to. But she never could figure out why she was sent here, or even where here was.


“So you’ve never heard it called anything else, then? Just Willow Creek?”


“Well, you know, they do call it other things over in Oasis Springs,” the letter carrier admitted. “Pillow Creek, Stepford, Shallow Creep–”

“That’s enough,” Casey interrupted irritably. “I get it.”

The surest thing Casey could tell is that whatever perceived threat brought her here must’ve been allayed somehow — there simply wasn’t anything going on in this quaint little town that a monkey couldn’t figure out. It certainly didn’t require a Spy Captain.

And Ravon Skinner, Stay-at-home Mom, is actually.. wait for it.. a Stay-at-home Mom.
And Ravon Skinner, Stay-at-home Mom, is actually.. Ravon Skinner, Stay-at-home Mom.

When Casey learned that there’d been some recent developments back home that required her special skillset, she was perfectly happy to resign this mystery to the ages. While leaving a stone unturned would normally bother her, if it meant being able to reconnect with her niece Delaney and the rest of her extended family again, she’d ditch this place in a heartbeat.

“So.. Funny story.”

“What would you say if I told you I’ve been offered a chance to move back home?” Casey asked her husband, Gavin.

“Well,” he pondered, “We’ve done it once and the kids were fine; I suppose it wouldn’t be too difficult to move again.”

“I mean, of course we can – let’s do it!”

. . .

Others are staying where they’re at, but taking advantage of new opportunities.

Once the lab on the edge of town opened its doors, Joel Skinner was first in line to join the new Science career.




Joel’s natural interests align quite well with scientific discovery; he’s coming up with ideas for new inventions all the time.


His wife Ravon is considerably less lonely, now that she and Edelweiss are friends.

“Look! There’s a diamond tiara.”
“I just keep seeing plums – like that one right there.”
“Goodness.. that is quite a nice plum.”

. . .

And those who expected that the worst was coming are living as though it has indeed.

“Gah! You ain’t an alien, are ya?”

When I visited the Sloans, I found that Reagan and Ferretface had broken up. Not sure what happened, but he was always Tense from being in a relationship whenever I played them before, so perhaps he’d finally had enough. Reagan seemed just fine with the whole thing though – in fact, she’d somehow landed herself a rank 9 writing career without a single point of writing skill. ;D

“Neat trick, mom..”

Ace spends a lot of time observing his parents. While he and his mom have developed a kind of “don’t ask, don’t tell” silent understanding, his pop Stuart requires a bit more.. maintenance.


“Dad,” Stuart asked gently, “why won’t you take a shower?”

“I told ya! We can’t use the water – it ain’t safe!”

“Not ’til somebody gets to the top of the Journalist career and busts the lid off’a what the government did to the water supply!” Stuart ranted.

“We’re not in an Apocalypse Challenge, Dad – this is a Legacy save.”

“Totally different ruleset!”

Stuart rounded the counter and sat on the stool next to his son.

“You kids today have it way too easy.”

“Of course the apocalypse is challenging, boy,” Stuart said, “or else they wouldn’t call it the apocalypse!”

Note: You can follow the Tesla family (and I highly recommend that you do!) at the Simdale Valley Post.


13 thoughts on “Log 5.30: Always Moving

  1. Yay for Landon and Brianna! There starter home looks really cute inside. And I’ve glad Ravon’s found Ede, and Joel’s found a career.

    It was funny, Cacey trying to get some Game Aware info out of the mail carrier. Sounds like she should have talked to Ace (or his dad)! Ace knows the difference between a legacy and an apocalypse challenge! His dad is so funny. And the game apparently did something similar with Reagan Sloan as it did with my Bella, placing her in a high level job in spite of being under-qualified 🙂 At any rate, I’m so excited about Cacey, Gavin, and their triplets returning to Delaney’s world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for letting me borrow them. 🙂 I look forward to following their reunion and further adventures! (Or, retirement, if you will.) I thought it was awesome that your Bella joined the force! Hee.

      Liked by 1 person

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