Log 5.29: Kids Rule

This post was supposed to culminate some kind of romantic saga thing, but that party done got crashed.

imagine some relevant buildup prior to this
(Something about meeting on this spot; this not being their story, but finding each other anyway and –)

See, I wasn’t watching the clock. Little miss thing got home from school at the worst moment and Confidently marched right through the middle of the darn proposal.

(Something about him never thinking he’d actually be wearing one of these, and –)

Not being allowed to reload the save is one Legacy rule I stick to, so this is what we’d have to work with. But I wasn’t upset. The directed action taking place on the porch suddenly seemed unimportant. I had to know where the little beast was going.

(Don’t worry, pretty sure he said yes. I’ll check on them in a sec, I swear.)

Freesia continued her march clean through the house. In through the front door..





And out through the back.

And we arrived here, at the archway leading to the graveyard.


Freesia didn’t go inside. Just stood there grinning.

What does it mean? Is she trying to remind me that life is short? Does she miss the ancestral cowplant? Is it just some random pathing error?

I decide that I have no freakin’ idea. But it fascinates me. I start looking around for clues.


No queued actions. Nothing in there that a child can interact with but the graves. Except, then I checked the active tombstones and realized that they were all dead now – no ghost associations left. Culled to hunks of cement.

Gone too were all neighborhood ghosts from our relationship panels. By now we’d had quite a lot of those, so this was going to be a big dent in the population. Weird!

I went to look for the little rugrat, to thank her for pointing this out to me & see if she needed anything else, but she’d already gone on to other things.


Okay, kid. You’re a space pirate. You do what you want. I get it.  I should go back and try to stitch that whole Landon and Brianna thing back together.

Let’s see.. backtrack to the gym.. some kind of screenshot to capture their “these two sims really do dig each other – I didn’t make that up” vibe..


Maybe a joke referring back to a previous post to derail the moment..

"How do you feel about monks?"
“Wait — I need to ask you something important. What are your thoughts on monks?”

And then we should probably let them kiss..

(Any moment n–)

But my heart just wasn’t in it. I wondered what Freesia was up to.

I'm leaving you alone - why don't you leave me alone?
“Seriously? Do I have to do everything around here?”

Oof. Sorry, again. She’s just so compelling. So very self-contained and driven. I mean, she’s out there playing space pirate by herself in the middle of the night. That’s kinda badass, right?

Although, is she offering to do everything around here? ‘Cause I’d be down with that.

"Just put, 'And they lived happily ever after.'"
“Okay, but you have to put what I say and nothing else.”

Alright, I’ll do it. You’ve got a deal.

"They'll be fine."
“Ok. Here we go.”

Once upon a time, some people met on a doorstep.
It wasn’t their house, but they basically lived there.
Some stuff happened – some of it was bad but mostly it was good.
They fell in love.

And they lived happily ever after.






“You’re welcome.”

. . .

Note: If you’d like a sweet newlywed couple that probably wouldn’t mind getting the heck out of Dodge for your game, Brianna and Landon Clemons-Purdue can be found on the gallery under Origin ID Ehhwot.


8 thoughts on “Log 5.29: Kids Rule

  1. Kids really do rule. And they play mean space pirate, too. You up for that? Cuz I could totally get down with some mean space pirate in the middle of the night! Errr…. wait… wrong channelling thingy. Yeah! Right.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Ha! She just kept marching right through the scene, right through the house, and I love your saucy narration.

    My ghosts got culled too, but I didn’t revert to an earlier game or stop playing the legacy until it is fixed. Those glitches with new EPs and patches are the main reason I’m playing a legacy right now. Once the game is “finished” in a few years I’ll play a more long-term neighborhood, probably more rotational, once it is more stable.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Freesia .. Needs the Story’s best Quote: (at some point)

    “Another Day, Another Jerk.”

    Meanwhile I was actually relieved when the scene switched from all that impending goo to Freesia doing the pirate thing.

    Great writing!

    .. and I like the bum’s rush they got after the wedding… straight to the gallery with you both!

    Liked by 1 person

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