Log 5.39: Ice Cream Headache

[This is my final piece of the #wheresfree collab – thanks guys, it’s been real! ;D]

. . . .

Ice Cream Headache

a short fiction by Ace Sloan

. . . .

It was a plummy night in a plummy town.

They sent me to the Belltower Bakery to look for a couple of Sims that went missing from some Summer Camp on the other side of the map. But it was stone cold dead in here.

I was beginning to think this was some kind of trick. And then she walked in.


We’d crossed paths before. This was no ordinary dame. Called herself Isabelle.

Hello, darling. Been waiting long?
“Hello, darling. Been waiting long?”

Last week it was Lydia.

Oh, don't pretend you don't know me.
“Oh honey, don’t pretend you don’t know me.”

She was trying to distract me. But I wasn’t playing.

“Maybe this’ll jog your memory,” she said. And she started dancing to the music in her head.

Maybe this'll jog your memory

Yeah, I knew the song. And there was no denying the dame knew the moves.

But I had no time for her games tonight.

“I’m working, Lydia,” I said.


“That’s ‘Isabelle,’” she said.

The look she shot me coulda frozen a man solid.

Lucky I was already cool.


The waitress walked up and asked us if we wanted a seat. Guess she thought we were together.

We weren’t. But I didn’t need the heat so I went along for the ride.


I followed the dame to the table and she was looking all smug like she just won a bet.

So we sat together. Big deal.


Then she got that look in her eye. The one she gets when she’s about to do something reckless.

“Surely you remember our lovely Pistachio?” she said, suddenly sweet.


I thought she was talking about the ice cream cone.

But that pair of big round eyes staring at me from across the table said different.


And then the little mouth under those big round eyes opened up and said something that hit me like a punch in the gullet.

“Hello, Papa!”


I’ll get her for this, that dame.

One day, I’ll get her.


. . . .


“What kind of crap are you writing about me now!?” Freesia laughed as she smacked Ace lightly in the back of the noggin with a rolled-up sock.

“Nothing that ain’t true, doll,” he said, continuing to type.

“Yes, well, I’m sure it’s all very entertaining, but I think they probably want to know what happened to Free-Jon and Emelia,” she said.

“Free-what? Baby, these aliases of yours are getting out of hand.”
Doll and Baby in one night, huh? Someone's feeling brave!
“‘Doll’ and ‘Baby’ in one night, huh? Someone’s feeling brave!”
Brave is necessary in my line of work.”

“Dude, get out of character already!” she laughed. But he was impervious to her lite smackings and she didn’t actually want to hurt him enough to hit harder.

“Oh, forget it,” she sighed. “I’ll just do it.”

. . . .

So, Free and Em. They’re cool.

We had a farewell party at the Bakery – we all dressed up so they could keep their true IDs on the downlow.

Free got to meet cousins he didn’t even know he had. Like my aunt Easter’s kid Elle, who’s kind of a rabid vegan.

You're an ambassador of cheese? Don't you know how much cruelty is involved in cheesing?
“You’re a cheese diplomat? Don’t you know how much cruelty is involved in the dairy industry!?”

And Elle’s twin Perla, who’s mellow and quirky like her mom.

“Yum. This brownie is tasty!”

My brother Fennel actually showed up, even though he hates crowds. 

“Yuck. This brownie is like a square hockey puck.”

Emelia blended in about as well as Ace did – I mean, they kinda even dressed the same.  



I’m pretty sure she tampered with the ice cream, too.




But nobody seemed to mind. Free-Jon loved his.


And my sister Forsythia was all over the stuff.

“Mmm. Smells like rainbows and llamacorns!”

Free-Jon got an ice cream headache, but Forsythia told him to hold his breath and it went away pretty quick.


Anyway, we had fun. All told, they’re pretty great Sims.

Emelia and Free-Jon decided to leave while the getting was good. Used that devicey thing or whatever – Ace got it working again.

“It’s time, Free. Take my hand.”

Kinda sad they had to go, but that’s life, y’know?


I’m sure they’ll be OK wherever they end up next.

P.S. And no, I didn’t actually have a daughter with that plumhead Sloan and name her Pistachio! Hahaha! He is so dead. 

. . .
Many thanks to Jordan for Emelia Johnson; CathyTea for Free-Jon Wolff-TeaRachelRosebud for the Belltower Bakery; and Bilmonaghan for Ace’s mama. ❤
Young Pistachio played by Gretchen Skinner – her prolific parents courtesy of aroseinbloom! 😉


12 thoughts on “Log 5.39: Ice Cream Headache

  1. WHEW. For a second there, I was like “OMP THE NEXT GEN ALREADY??? When the plum did this happen?! Who the?! How the?! FREESIA!” *breaths sigh of relief*

    *also slightly upset that they don’t have a love child already*

    Aw. It’s sad to see them leave your harddrive, but I’m sure it won’t be long before they pop up in another one! ^.^

    Liked by 4 people

  2. This was SOOOoooOooooOOoooOOOOOOooooo good. Ha ha ha! ❤ Freesia's takeover. I was really into Ace's story though. And Gretchen Skinner is ADORABLE! I would loooove it if she could be in my game… Actually, I want as many sims in my game as possible!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ack!!! This was great. I’m so happy to it ended and everyone has worked their way out!

    And yay for Gretchen. She’s so cute. I want to give that girl a hug ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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