Log 5x: A Really Long Day

Brianna was pretty upset. Just this morning things had been going so great, and now it seemed it’d all gone to plum. She felt guilty for being present for this deeply private, horrible moment when Cooper’s family wasn’t – and freaked out for seeing someone die right there in front of her. And this poor guy who was here when she got home – he obviously was someone that cared about the woman, and he looked so lost and sad now. She didn’t know what she was supposed to do about any of it.

“Hey, lets get you inside, ok?” she said.

Landon wordlessly entered the house, with a very concerned Brianna in tow.

Even though he was super sad, Landon always smiled when he came into the house.

When Landon went into the room, he couldn’t help but feel happy for a moment. He had so many good memories associated with the Wolffs’ house. Even though it had been remodeled, a lot of the colors and furniture were the same as when they were all growing up together. So many days spent roughhousing with Elder, and eyeballing (and, for a very brief period in their teens, fooling around with) Ede. But then he returned to the present. They weren’t kids anymore. Elder was gone with a family of his own, Dia and Coop were dead, and Ede married the plumming mailman. He had to go sit down.


“I’ll try to get ahold of someone,” Brianna offered.

"C'mon, Ede - pick up!"
C’mon, Ede – pick up!

No luck.

“Edelweiss isn’t answering her phone, but I’m sure she’ll be home soon,” Brianna said. “Can I get you anything?”




. . .

Forsythia and Fennel had gone to school on very little sleep. Since it was their final day of childhood, they’d both stayed up late trying to milk the last of their kidville aspiration points, so they were in a sorry state when they got home.


Fennel went right to bed. There could’ve been a herd of elephants in the living room and he wouldn’t have noticed or cared. He was gonna pass out any second.

Forsythia, having finally imbibed the darn z-juice she had queued up and was supposed to drink this morning before hopping on the bus, went straight for the shower. While she was in there, she calmed down a bit and was able to pick up on the feeling that something was going on in the house.

It was Forsy that went out and collected Cooper’s urn. She was the only one who could. For some reason, it wouldn’t budge from the sidewalk – I couldn’t drag it, or move it in build/buy mode. But she could add it to her inventory.

Strangely, when she looked in her inventory afterward, there were two of them.

Being the inquisitive, independent child she is, she went straight to the internet for answers.

do secret agents fake their own deaths? maybe she messed up and left two urns.
Do secret agents fake their own deaths? Maybe the coverup team messed up and left two urns.

. . .

When Ede finally got off work and walked into the house, Brianna let it all out.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I couldn’t do anything!”

"Slow down and start from the beginning."
“Whoa, slow down – what’s going on?”

“Take a breath and start from the beginning,” Ede said.

“Your mom,” Brianna said, “She.. I was right there! and I couldn’t do anything!”


Brianna couldn’t handle it any more – tears started to flow.


“Hey,” Ede comforted, “It’s not your fault. It was gonna happen soon no matter what anyone did.”

“You’re not upset?” Brianna asked, sniffling.

Ede paused. Am I?

Strangely, nothing.
I just feel numb.

“It’s not your fault, Bri. I’m sorry you had to go through that alone.”

“I’m not alone,” she said. “Some other guy is here, too.”

. . .

Malcolm had already found Landon.


“Look,” said Malcolm, “I know we’re not exactly pals, but I’m truly sorry for your loss, man. You’ve known Cooper for a lot longer than I have. That’s got to be hard.”

“Yeah,” said Landon sadly. “She was a funny lady.”

Malcolm smiled. “Yes, she had a powerful sense of humor.”

"She would have known what to say about that suit."
“She would have known what to say about that clown suit you’re wearing.”

Ede and Bri came to rescue Malcolm from the awkward conversation and the four of them spent some time chilling and reminiscing.

“When I met your mom,” Malcolm said to Ede, “she accused me of being in love with you and threw a drink in my face.”

"It didn't get all over my face, but I had to change my shirt!"
“It was COLD.. I had to change my shirt!”

Ede smiled at him. “I remember that night — oh god, that party was horrible! But you were so plumming sweet. And.. smokin’ hot.”

“I don’t think I’d ever been that frustrated in my life.”

Malcolm was blushing a bit, but he kept his cool and smirked back at her. “I guess she might have been on to something after all.”


“She flirted with me once.. I think.” Landon interrupted. “Cooper I mean. At her birthday party. We were dancing really close — she was a great dancer. But, then she yelled at me to step off.”

"I always wondered what that was about."
“I always wondered what that was about.”

“Wow,” Brianna laughed, “this family almost sounds crazier than mine!”

"And believe me, we have some crazy!"
“And believe me, we’ve had some crazy!”

The mood had finally lifted a bit, and Ede suddenly remembered something important that had kind of fallen out of her head when all this stuff happened.

“Plum!” said Ede.


“It’s the twins’ birthday. We were supposed to do cake tonight.”

“We’ll still do it.” Malcolm said decisively.

“Party time?” Brianna asked, jumping right in to help.

“Hmm, it’s really late – I think we can just do it with us. Will you stay, Landon?”

“Sure,” he said.

Edelweiss and Malcolm got to cooking and cleaning, leaving Brianna and Landon with a couple minutes to properly introduce themselves to each other.

. . .

“So you’re Brianna.” He’d already heard her name a dozen times tonight, so it’s not like he could ask her what it was at this point.

She smiled. “And you’re Landon.”


“You were pretty sw–”

“It’s cool that you –”


They’d both started speaking at once, and they both stopped at once. Oops.

They both laughed.

“Long day,” said Brianna, exhausted.

“Really long,” said Landon.


. . .

Forsythia, having developed several promising theories on the mystery of the extra urn that she couldn’t wait to share with her brother, was hungry so she finally made her way downstairs only to be sent right back up by her mom.

“Go wake your brother up, hon – let’s have cake!”

Oh man. She’d kind of lost track of what day it was. Z-juice does that to you!  Forsythia alerted her twin to the happenings, and then she stepped up to the cake and had a moment of stage fright.

Oh gosh, am I really ready for this?
Oh gosh, am I really ready for this?

But she pulled it together and got on with the show!


She punched her way through the glowy bits like a champ, and made it to the other side with the Self-Assured trait like her momma, and an aspiration to become a Joke Star, like her grandma Coop had.

Both kids got the teeny eyes, but at least Forsythia got mom's luscious lips!
Both kids got the teeny eyes, but at least Forsythia got mom’s luscious lips!

Fennel took a deep breath and stepped up to take his turn.


Aww, it's a little Malcolm Wolff.
Oh em gee, it’s a little Malcolm Wolff.

And darn it, we got another Loner. He rolled the new aspiration, though – Outdoor Enthusiast – I’m excited to try that one, since it gives me an excuse to play around with the xpack some more. (I feel like the outdoorsy/Loner combo is getting pretty old –  we’ve had one or both every darn generation – but I should be grateful it’s not something worse to play.)

The grownups pooped the party pretty quick – it had been a long, emotionally draining day. Landon went home, and the others retired to their rooms.

Brianna, the only one in the house suffering the after-effects of witnessing death, went to bed pretty sad – she would have a hard time sleeping tonight.

She acts tough, but Bri is a sweetie.
She acts tough, but Bri is a sweetie.

When Ede and Malcolm were finally able to do the same, he noticed that she seemed pretty tense.

“Want to talk about it?” Malcolm asked gently.


“I don’t feel anything,” Ede said sadly. “About my mom, I mean. Am I some kind of monster?”

“Everyone processes grief differently.” Malcolm said.

“This is weird though, even for me. I’m upset that other people are upset, but when I think of mom there’s like.. nothing. That can’t be right. I loved her – I still love her.”

“Maybe you need something to help make it real for you?”

“Like a funeral or something?” she asked.

“Some kind of memorial gathering might do it, yeah. Would you like to try that?”

“That could be nice,” Ede said,  “Oh plum – I still need to tell Elder and Easter too, damn it!”

“I’ll call them,” he said. “You just relax a bit.”

Damn, he’s wonderful, she thought. How did I get so lucky?

"How did I get so lucky?"
“I kind of can’t believe you’re really here.. and we made babies and stuff!”

“Hurry back, ok?” Ede said. “I’d like to talk about that hot mailman some more.”



15 thoughts on “Log 5x: A Really Long Day

  1. Having Brianna come in and find the family, and break the news, was a great solution to the problem of Coop dying out on the sidewalk where no one from the family saw it. And I hate it when that happens in the Sims 4, because, just like Ede, they don’t appear to grieve until they see the marker.

    Forsythia is gorgeous! She has a very interesting look. I wonder if she’ll find anything out about her grandma’s death and the two urns.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel ya on the loner/outdoorsy combo — I’ve had one every generation too. At least they’re keep the garden up.

    I can relate to Ede; I’ve never been really ‘shaken up’ by a relative dying (granted, they were all great-grandparents), and for awhile I was like, “Am I a psychopath because I don’t get sad about this? Do I have the Evil Sim trait?” I’ve kind of embraced it; now I’m the ‘rock’ of the family during hard times. I’ve been more sensitive to death lately (I blame my first ever legacy founder’s spouse dying. Random, I know, but man, that hit me), so I don’t think I have to worry about having a psychotic break or anything. Heh. Anywho, sending all my condolences to the Wolffs. ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I really relate to the Evil trait too. (Not that I’ve ever *enjoyed* people suffering or engineered crisis to make myself feel good) Gotta be careful with that ‘rock’ stuff – they’ll love ya when things get rough but when it’s smooth sailing they’ll start to worry that you might not be entirely “wholesome.” Ha ha.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. I can relate too. Deaths like this, which you see coming from a long way out, kinda give you a chance to kinda deal with some of the grief beforehand, then in the actual event you’re kinda in “be there to help/this isn’t about you” mode. It’s not like I’m not having feelings, I’m just not emoting them ’til maybe weeks or months later.

      Liked by 3 people

  3. Poor Brianna !!!!! And wait the kids don’t even notice that coop is dead right??? And is there somthing about to happen with brianna and landon I mean its like all other sim stories I’ve read they get together in the end and move out


    1. Get together, move out, or stay here, breed and die. Legacies are kind of predictable, huh? 🙂 But I dunno yet if anything will happen – it’s kind of up to them (I guide based on wishes/whims).


  4. Sorry for very late reply I live in south africa and I only got your message now I hope they get together so bri can move out (not that I mind her there but I fell she deseves a house of her own

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t be sorry! 🙂 I hope things work out too, I know it’s corny but I like to try to get happy endings for everybody if I can (I kind of feel like Brianna is one of the “spares” at this point, she’s a great gal).


  5. In all seriousness, I can relate too much. Showing, or even really feeling emotion.. not something I have a lot of experience in.

    It’s great that stories such as these can get people to thinking! Though I am, as i said, “emotionally impaired”– I can definitely identify with the characters in the story

    Liked by 1 person

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