Log 5w: The Last Rung

It was a lovely morning as usual and Brianna Clemons, the Wolffs’ houseguest, was practicing violin before work. Staying at the legacy estate had been really awesome for her so far — she’d already found a great job, and she’d met a couple of people that seemed like they were receptive to taking in a roommate soon. But something was seriously off today — her playing sounded like plum.

What the heck is that?
Is that me?

It took Brianna a moment to realize that the hideous screeching she was hearing wasn’t actually coming from her, but from a mini violin player that was practicing off to her left.


“You still sound kinda.. bad,” said Forsythia to her brother.

“I don’t understand,” Fennel said. “I mastered Creativity!”

“I think those kid violins just sound like that,” Brianna offered. “When you get a little bit older you’ll be able to use a real violin, and I bet you’ll sound great.”

Fennel beamed and kept on screeching.

Like her brother, Forsythia had just completed her childhood aspiration. Where he’d be Creatively Gifted for the rest of his life, she’d evermore be Physically Gifted (which, if she’s anything like her mom, means she’ll also be skinny as heck).

Their parents were accomplishing goals too – both have reached the 3rd level of their careers. Mom Ede has shunned her Serial Romantic aspiration and hasn’t had a single whim that suggests she misses it. And pop Malcolm was inching forward on his aspiration to become Incredibly Wealthy – each working day helps, and he gets to wear an unfortunate ill-fitting suit now that we all enjoy making fun of.

Hahaha, what?
Hahaha, what? It’s got a built-in potbelly!

With work, Ede’s been happy as a clam. But Malcolm doesn’t seem to like his job all that much, as he’s constantly wanting to take vacation days. The Business career has family-friendly work hours – it’s been a predictable 9-5 M-F, which is a nice contrast to Ede’s long evening shifts at the restaurant. Still, he kind of drags his feet in the morning, and Forsythia notices.

“Dad?” Forsythia asked, “If you don’t like your work, how come you go?”

Good question, kiddo.

“Well,” Malcolm explained, “some of the things I want to accomplish require me to do things that aren’t always enjoyable.”

“Like homework,” she said.

“Kind of, yeah.”

"Homework should be about learning.. I guess I need to look at work that way
“Homework should be about learning.. I guess I could look at these days as ‘helping me learn’ .. something.”

“I guess you can’t just hide your work in the yard and pretend you lost it, huh?”

“No, I can’t..” he said. “Wait, what?”

“Oops, the bus is here – love you Daddy!”

That’s our C-grade scamp. Too clever for her own good? ;D

It’s not all horrible, though. Malcolm and Edelweiss have been working on satisfying some common wants of a more personal nature, too.

"I kind of miss your, uh.."
“I kind of miss your, uh..”


And what of Cooper? She returned from her visit to see her son, Elder, wed the love of his life in great spirits, but she has been increasingly withdrawn since. It’s as though she somehow feels like her task here is complete, now. She’s not been grouchy or particularly Evil, just distant.  She does okay for a while when she gets to see Dia, but his visits have been few and far between.

Dia loves the study we built in remembrance of him.

The rest of the time we find her near the graveyard, either mourning or painting.

Kind of a somber painting, there.
Kind of a somber painting, there.
Aw. :(
Aw. 😦

Cooper’s age bar has been twinkling and she probably has one more solid work day before her final promotion to the top of the Secret Agent career. It’s been painfully slow going because her daily task is to do Romantic Interactions, and when Dia doesn’t show up she’s out of luck – super frustrating, since we’ve had so many sims fail just a step short of maxing their darn careers!

Looks like we’ve just gotta improvise.


Our faithful maid whats-her-face will have something fun to tell her coworkers about tomorrow!

Don’t worry, she was totally into it – she’d had the wish to flirt with someone for a while now.

That should do the trick. Our faithful maid whats-her-face will have something fun to tell her coworkers about tomorrow, at least.

It’s been a long while since we’ve had everyone occupied with school and jobs during the day. I’d forgotten how weird that is. The house is sure empty when it’s empty – hours just roll by, then days. The neighbors haven’t adjusted to our new schedule yet. Silly Landon will come over and just stand there waiting by the door, even though nobody will be home for ages yet.

Imagine my dismay when Coop came home early and struck a pose on the sidewalk.

Is that you calling me, Chickenbutt?

I guess there’s something to all those stories that play up how unlucky it is to go to work on your last day — you know, the ones where the detective takes a stray bullet while doing something mundane like getting a hot dog from the food cart moments before retirement.

Secret Agent Cooper passed away a day shy of her career goal, having reached the respectable 9th tier of the Diamond branch. Her death pose was both graceful and sultry, and she went down smiling.


Poor Landon was horrified, though. He’d practically grown up at the Wolffs’ house and although they weren’t particularly fond of one another, Cooper was kind of like a second mom to him. Nobody was even here to say goodbye!


And then, poor Brianna got home from work and caught the whole gory scene.


“Oh my god,” Brianna shouted, “Nooo!!”

She ran over as though she could have prevented it somehow, but it wasn’t her gig and she was way too late. The only thing she could think of was to beg for more time.

"You can't take her yet - just wait until her family gets home, please!!"
“Look, you can’t take her yet – just wait until her family gets home, please!!”

I don’t know why we ever bother. Death is a stingy bastard.


13 thoughts on “Log 5w: The Last Rung

  1. NoooOooOoo! Gah, this was hard for me, but it was also good, because now Coop and Dia can be together again. Coop was definitely my fav…I suppose I’ll have to shift my affection over to one of the kiddos now. So far, I’m quite fond of Fennel. ^.^

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m with Jordan. I love Coop, too. And little Free-Jon won’t get to meet his gran. That sucks.

    I do feel sort of satisfied, though, after reading this, because it just provides a resolution to a life-long love. And like Jordan says, now she can be with Dia. It will be exciting when you get to see the two ghosts together! I hope Dia’s not too sad when he sees she’s a ghost–but even if so, she’ll know how to turn him pink!

    Liked by 1 person


    I demand that she be bought back! Do one of those thriller thingies and bring my Coop back!

    Don’t leave me here with these domesticated people!

    Don’t leave me this way!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I just found your Legacy on Cathytea’s site and I wanted to make a quick post to let you know that I’m loving it so far! I need to finish catching up so I will have a more detailed comment when I have read everything 🙂


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