Log 5r: Two in the Kitchen

The Wolff family has once again been gifted with twins: A snuggly little boy called Fennel, and a fussy little girl called Forsythia.

Though we’d managed to get Ede to the hospital in time for the births, for some reason the game plopped the bassinets into the kitchen. But that didn’t stop the proud papa from doting.

Papa is amazed at the intact little human in his arms.
Malcolm is amazed at the intact little sleepy human in his arms.

5f dont cook baby

Couldn’t quite reach the wailing one, so we went ahead and moved them upstairs. ;D

Mama is amused that this baby may be even grumpier than she was.
Edelweiss is amused that this scowly little beauty may be even grumpier than she was.

And since I never did properly share Malcolm’s stats when he joined the family, here those are for folks that like to see that sort of thing. 🙂 ~

Malcolm Presley - Gen 5 Mate
Best Mailman Evar

Malcolm Presley
Generation 5 Mate

Traits: Cheerful, Outgoing, Creative
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy

Malcolm came with 4 in logic, 3 in charisma, piano and cooking, and a bunch of other skills in the 1-2 range.

Brown hair, light brown eyes, average/fit build, med/light skintone. He’s a few days younger than Edelweiss.

Something about being a mother has bolstered Ede’s self-assuredness and put her back into perpetual confidence mode. This seems to negate the restrictive aspects of her Loner trait almost entirely. Whether from the priority shift of new parenthood, or the fact that they were both nearing the end of their young adult life stages, both she and her husband Malcolm have had careers on their minds.

5r what if

Edelweiss pondered her options while she prepared to try out a new recipe she’d just learned – Sim City Cheesecake. Malcolm came to watch her; they did a lot of their conversing in the kitchen these days.

5r kitchen talk

“Mom said that she wants to retire after her next promotion so she can spend more time with the kids,”  Ede said to Malcolm as she stirred her batter. “That’ll be any day now, and they’ll be starting school soon. I think it would be a good time for us to try careers of our own, if we wanted to.”

5r careers
“I suppose I could give that business thing a whirl,” he smiled, distracted. Whatever she was making, it smelled great!

5r confidence

Edelweiss poured the batter into the mold and set her cheesecake to bake.

“Only if you don’t need me around the house, I mean,” Malcolm added as they waited for the oven timer to go off. Malcolm was happy and did pretty well just handling the estate, but he’d whipped our finances into shape quickly and part of him really yearned for new challenges.

“Well, I hope to be off somewhere myself, too” she said, “and the kids will either be at school or mom will be here.” Ede had already developed her cooking to level 8 on her own, gourmet to 6, and was constantly creating amazing meals. She was curious how much further she could develop her talent if she made it a serious, job kind of thing.

5r careers 1
“Go on, give it a taste.”

Malcolm was happy to oblige. It was a good thing they’d kept the home gym – although Ede seemed to be immune to weight gain, Malcolm was not, and he wasn’t about to give up taste testing!

5r careers 2

Holy plum! That's good!
“Holy plum! That’s good!!”

“The world is missing out on something without you in the culinary career,” Malcolm said. “This tastes incredible.”

5r careers 5
“It tastes like it was created by the gods to tempt mortals.”

Ede beamed. That’s what she was thinking, too.

5r careers 4
“Yeah, I’ve been feeling like I’m pretty plumming awesome at this lately, too.”

“It’s decided then?” he asked. “We’ll get jobs?”

“Let’s do it!” she said. “Staplers and cheesecake for the whole world!”


13 thoughts on “Log 5r: Two in the Kitchen

  1. Cool! Usually I’m like oh no, twins, like it’s punishment our something lol. But, I think I like that they had twins. Somehow I don’t see Ede having a bunch of kids like previous heirs, so it’s nice she got the two for one deal. And perfect tthat it’s a boy and a girl!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is perfect. I think working is actually going to be good for them. They seem like two people who need their own spaces to go to each day. Of course, then they get to come home together and be all cute! Perfect. And yummy…cheesecake!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Whaaaat? I have nothing else to catch up on with this story?! Damn, I could read this forever! I love your writing and how it’s progressed through the generations, it makes me want to start a legacy challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

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