Log 5p: A Palace Fit For a Wolf and Her Presley

With the pending arrival of generation six, we felt a sudden need to rush the rebuild so that we could throw a wedding ASAP. So after much staring and drooling-on-self, the homestead has an exterior!

Full roof coverage! Huzzah!
Full roof coverage! Huzzah!

The interior still needs work. *laugh* For some reason I keep wanting to use items that aren’t from the same “set” and so have just-different-enough colors to not look that swell when you put them together. And then, when I go to color the walls, there is much humbuggery. So for now there’s just naked brick everywhere and the furniture needs color tuning. I’ll get there, though, dangit!

Revamped living/entertaining area.
It’s a much more functional space, at least.

The house is quite large still, but the overall footprint is way down. Previously almost all ground space on the entire lot was taken up.  Now we have plenty of room to put in trees and other naturey things.

Front lot view. Tons of empty space again, yay!
Front lot view, ready for landscaping (only barely started that part).
Look at all that empty space, yay!
Back view. Look at all that empty space, yay!

I put all the sciencey bits in a laboratory/gym in the back corner of the lot. We’ve got nearly every Secret Agent item in there, most Astronaut thingies, some aliens. You know, sciencey stuff.  Moved the graveyard over, though I may redesign it to be more organic-looking once I do the landscaping.

Managed to shave about 8000 off the bills doing this already! We’re down to a sweet 9972, and that’s before going through and liquidating the collections. BOOYEAH. Thank you for the inspiration, Malcolm!

But anyway. Let’s get on with that wedding, shall we?

On the day of Edelweiss and Malcolm’s nuptials, Ede decided that she’d go DIY style as much as possible. For her wedding attire, she chose a very simple gown in light blue with tiny flowers at the shoulder. She set about baking her cake in said gown, without an apron! What a rebel.

5p caking

She was stirring along minding her own business when a familiar, familial head of hair strutted on by.

Brother stops in
Li’l brother displays his mastery of the loving smirk.

Ede nearly dropped her batter.

“Elder! What are you doing here? I thought you were still at that leadership thing!”

“I wouldn’t miss your wedding,” he said sweetly, giving her a quick peck on the cheek. “Besides, I had to come and meet this mystery man who changed my steely big sister’s worldview, ” Elder teased. “He must be fine.”

“The finest,” Ede admitted.

“Describe him to me,” Elder said, expecting body measurements – perhaps a flowery description of his flowing hair, or some personality quirk she found stimulating.

“He’s incredibly smart, funny, and kind. He’s humble and he’s strong. And even though he really knows me, for some plumming reason I think he actually likes me.”

Elder could swear she was actually blushing. He was beyond touched by this, and didn’t want to spoil it by making fun. Instead he pushed up his sleeves, ready to help with food prep.

“So what are we cooking, boss?”

5p siblings 2

“I’m just finishing up the cake,” Ede said. “Wanna make some snacks or something for the guests? Just whatever you feel like.”

Elder got right to work.

5p siblings 3

“Grilled cheese, eh?” Ede asked, amused. “That’s your idea of wedding cuisine?”

“Warm and gooey, just like your heart,” Elder teased.

Ede laughed. “I can still kick your ass, you know.”

“That’d be quite the sight in your current condition.”

“I know,” she smirked. “I imagine you’ll be extra humiliated when it happens.”

Elder flashed that golden smile of his and Ede couldn’t help but smile too. She’d really missed that punkass kid. ❤

With her two favorite fellas around, Edelweiss was on cloud 9. I can say with confidence that it was probably the happiest day of her life so far. Yeah, there were tons of people and it was the corniest thing ever, but she didn’t mind at all.

5p blushing bride

While the dearly beloved loosened up a bit, we finished assembling an impromptu little wedding space in a flowery back corner of the lot. It looked quite nice, the bride thought.

This outdoorsy girl finds stump tables hella charming. ;D
This outdoorsy girl finds stump tables hella charming. ;D

Ede just had to position the last guest, and then she and Malcolm had a chance to chat a little while they waited for the others to congregate at the scene.

“Isn’t it bad luck for us to meet like this?” Malcolm teased.

5p hey baby
Luck’s got nothing on us, baby.

“Screw that,” Ede flirted. “I do what I want.”

Suddenly Malcolm noticed the special guest.

The minnow they caught together.
The minnow they caught the first time they fished together has become Ede’s treasured pet.

“You dragged the fish out here?” Malcolm beamed.

“I was aiming for ‘gently carried,’ or as close to that as a super-pregnant waddle will allow, anyway.” Ede smiled.

Ede's fondess for that fish is Malcolm's Achilles heel.
Ede’s fondness for that fish is Malcolm’s Achilles heel.

“I love you,” he said with urgency.

“And I you,” she smiled. “Shall we get this show on the road? My back is killing me and I’m not sure how much longer I can not-give-birth.”

I think this writhing beast of ours would really like to meet us soon.
“I think this writhing beast of ours would really like to meet us soon.”
5p hey baby 2
“Soon? Like soon, soon?”

Edelweiss had been experiencing an additional level of discomfort for the last couple hours and was afraid that the baby might be anxious to attend the wedding, so they made their way to the arch and began the ceremony post haste.

All in all it was a heartwarming affair. Not to say that there wasn’t a heaping helping of heckling at the wedding. It’s just that nobody paid it any mind. This life was theirs to live, naysayers be damned. ;D

"A pregnant monk?!"
“A pregnant monk?! That’s not a thing!”
5p landon 1
This is outrageous!

Some kid, Joel, was cracking a scowl in the corner of the camera’s eye the whole time. Dunno why. But it was funny, because Ede often went around like that at parties when she was young.

Another Loner, perhaps?
Another Loner, perhaps?

Poor Cooper just couldn’t contain her emotions, nor her dire need for a shower.

5p i always cry at weddings
Flarn is just happy he finally has an excuse to wear his cool bowtie.

I’m the only one who noticed those folks, though. Edelweiss and Malcolm only saw each other. Ede improv’d her own vows.

5p the vows

“My heart is yours, for as long as you’ll have it,” she promised.

"And anything else you want to bother with, too."
“And any other parts of mine you want to bother with, too.”

Malcolm remembered the ring.

"No swallowing this one either, please!"
“No swallowing this one either, please!”

And they kissed, for the billionth time. And it was fabulous.

5p the kiss

5p the kiss 2

Once more, just to be sure. ❤

After the ceremony, Elder took time to prod Malcolm a bit. Partly because it’s the protective-brotherly thing to do, but mostly because he was curious at what force of nature it took to break through his sister’s self-imposed isolation.

“So,” Elder mused, “you’ve gone and done what no man was thought capable of.”

“And what’s that?” Malcolm smirked.

5p elder m 1

“Made my sister actually fall in love!”

Malcolm chuckled softly. “She’s done a number on me, as well.”

Hmm, so far so good. “Of course,” Elder continued, “nobody actually makes my sister do anything.”

“And I wouldn’t dream of trying,” said Malcolm sincerely.

The two chatted for a good long while. They got along famously. Elder was a bit easier to talk to than Jarrett, so Malcolm was really enjoying the interaction for a change.

5p bros
“And you’re having a kid, too – that’s great!”

But he was also anxious to wrap up so he could spend some alone time with his bride, and wanted to make sure they got to catch up first.

5p elder m 3
“Great to meet you, man.”

“I’d better let the bride get some face time in,” Malcolm said, excusing himself with a wink.

Edelweiss sat down beside her brother. Her belly had calmed down finally, thank goodness.

“I like him,” Elder smiled. “He’s great.”

“He really is. I’m very happy.”

5p so its true

It sure was nice to see Elder again. But Ede sensed that he still had some traveling to do.

“So what’s next for you?” she asked. “Going back to the desert?”

“Nah,” he smiled.  “I have some unfinished business to tend to elsewhere.”

Ede could tell there was more to that than what he was sharing. She elbowed him in the ribs playfully. “Some personal unfinished business?”

"I know you. This is a love thing, isn't it?"
“I know you. This is a soulmates thing, isn’t it?”

He just smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

5p who can say
“It’s a longshot, but..”

“Who can say what will come? I only know that I need to follow my heart right now. Something happened that gave me the opportunity to do that, so I’m taking a chance.”

Yup, that sounded like a soulmates thing. Ede was ok with that stuff today. Why the heck not?

Ede smiled. “Try and write me this time, will ya?”


17 thoughts on “Log 5p: A Palace Fit For a Wolf and Her Presley

  1. The house is gorgeous! I can never get roofs to look that good… I can’t wait to see more of it! It definitely fits Ede and Malcolm’s style. ❤

    Ahh, Elder's back!! Now I'm off to stalk CathyTea's blog for an update!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay! This was great! The house is beautiful! And then…the wedding. So perfect for the two of them. I’m so happy Elder was able to show up and meet Malcolm and congratulate Ede on the new arrival. I’m so excited.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ok…[ahem]

    a. Love what you’ve done with the house…bare bricks and all!
    b. THE FISH!!! I love how you don’t miss ANYTHING! SUCH a nice touch. I hope he stays around forever and ever.
    c. Ede was SO beautiful and looks COMPLETELY happy!!
    d. I was ROLLING at: “A pregnant monk?! That’s not a thing!” ROLLING!!!

    [sigh] this story….Fan-stinkin-TASTIC

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This Elderberry looks rather different from the one I saw in the Tesla story. I’m sure it’s the hair!

    Mmmm weddings. I was starting to be sure this post would end with childbirth. I liked the quip about the baby wanting to attend the wedding ;).

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Such a pretty house! I love the stones and the green on the exterior. What a nice combination! 🙂

    Whoot Elder!

    I love the wedding. So meaningful and perfect for those two. The fish witnessing the ceremony was the best part! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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