Log 5o: I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff

Most of the house is gone!  Blown down, if you will. ;D  I moved the rooms I want to keep to the front of the lot, and now I’m staring at the empty space feeling some trepidation about rebuilding it, but if I take it slow it should be alright.. Right? Right?? *panic, flail*

Somebody still doesn't know what they're doing.
Somebody still doesn’t know what they’re doing. >.<

To get away from the racket, Edelweiss had grabbed her fiance and gone over to see her sister Easter Lily and her family. It was about time for her niece Amina to emerge from the cradle and Ede was hoping to catch it.

The powers that be permitted us to age up the wee one ourselves on the visit – neat!

The legacy of squint-eye persists in the sparelings.
The legacy of shrink-eye persists in the sparelings.

Poor Amina has inherited her pop’s teeny weeny eyeballs. Hopefully she’ll inherit mom’s marvelous bum to even it out a bit. 😀  We still have no idea what her traits are — she’s not been very forthcoming about that in conversation. But she’s a very animated child, and she loves her auntie Ede!

"We totally have the same hair - that's cool!"
“We have the same hairstyle – that’s super cool!”

We did get something of a family tree with the patch. Unfortunately, all ancestors from gens 1-3 have already been culled, so it’s not a very large tree. More like a Charlie Brown Christmas one. Ah, well – we shall feed it and tend it and it’ll fill out in no time. 🙂

But, back to the house! Ede had been feeling off for days now, and although she could attribute most of it to stress and lack of sleep, there was something different on this particular day. Her senses were on overdrive.


“Damn, you smell good,” Ede told Malcolm.

Seriously! I wish you guys could smell this!
“Seriously! I wish you guys could smell this!”

“Thanks,” he laughed. “But I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary.”

“Well you always smell good,” Ede admitted, “But today you’re like extra good. What is that other smell, though?” she asked with a crinkle of the nose.

Malcolm shrugged. Easter kept a very clean house, and he honestly didn’t smell anything. So Ede went wandering around the house, following her nose.

“Is that you, frog?” she asked the twins’ pet while Jarrett attempted to regale Malcolm with tales of valor at the horseshoe pit.

"But it was a dead shoe. So then I pitched a ringer! "
“But it was a dead shoe! So then I swung low and pitched a ringer!”

There was a glittery epiphany at the frog tank, and suddenly Edelweiss knew precisely what her problem was. Though she knew it would do nothing to aid this particular dilemma, her impulse was to run and hide; she did the best she could in that regard, scooting over to the balcony to think.

It didn’t take Malcolm long to find her.

4o oops


“We have a problem,” she stated, her back turned.

“Will you share it with me?” he asked.

Ede nervously turned to face him then, and Malcolm saw in full what she’d been attempting to hide.

Please don't hate me.
“I don’t know how this happened. I mean, I know how it happened, but..”
4o oops1
“It happened.”

Hard to disguise a baby bump when you’re such a skinny little thing, no matter how fierce you may be. Malcolm felt a surge of warmth in his chest that was definitely not a heart attack.. Fascination? Joy? Pride? But, that would have to wait, as she was worried about something.

5o oops3
Are we not happy about this?

“How is this a problem?” he asked gently.

“You’re not mad?” she worried.

“No! Why would I be mad?”

“Because I molested you at the mailbox and kept bothering you and bothering you and, well. Now there’s three of us.”

5o oops4

“I’m a grown man, Edelweiss. I’m right where I want to be. Besides, I believe you’re missing an opportunity to be indignant, here,” he said. “I should think it’s the one who has to actually give birth that gets to be mad.”

“Oh..” Ede blushed. “I’m not mad.”

Malcolm smiled. “Well, how do you feel about it?”

"I'm plumming excited!"
“Pretty damned good, actually.”

“It’s.. neat,” she said with total honesty and a measure of guilt for taking such pleasure in it. “I’m sorry, but I’m really not sorry at all.”

“I’m not sorry either,” he said with affection. “I feel quite honored, actually.”

Malcolm slid his arms around Edelweiss and pulled her close, feeling the little firm rise in her belly as her body pressed tight against his. There was a future being dreamed in there; a measure of the infinite had been drawn from each of them to become something entirely new.

5o oops6

“I finally feel like I got close enough,” she said softly, pulling away from his embrace.

“Close enough to what, auntie?” asked a small voice to her right.

"What are you guys doing out here?"
“What are you guys doing out here, anyway?”

“Close enough to check ears for butterflies!” Malcolm joked as he pecked Ede on the cheek.

5o amina kid 3

Amina stared in amazement, not sure whether to believe her auntie’s funny friend or not. Ede and Malcom shared a bashful, excited smile. Interruptions by small voices were something they’d need to get used to now.


12 thoughts on “Log 5o: I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff

  1. You have no idea how excited I was when I got an email notification for this post. XD

    First of all, CALLED IT. Second of all, Eee! They are so damn cute together! ❤ Also, I love the new little niece. She reminds me of Ede as a child. 😀

    Is it bad that I'm almost as excited about the house remodel as I am about the new baby…….? I swear I don't have an obsession with legacy houses…*shifty eyes*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’ve been fiddling with the house – currently having a heck of a time making the furniture match, lol. But it’s coming along! Much smaller footprint this time around. 🙂


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