Log 5b: Negligent Herbicide

The climate at the house is still mopey with a chance of tears.

Still sad.
Being in Dad’s room still hurts Ede’s heart.

Stuck in too poor a mood for her natural confidence to kick in, Ede’s been feeling her Loner trait a lot. She’s been on the phone with her brother Elder a couple times, but other than that she’s pretty much become a hermit. About the only thing that brings her close to level is being outdoors.  That’s good, because the family garden is in a sorry state.

Clem's Frankenplant is still going strong.
Clem’s Frankenplant is still going strong!

The mailman came and went while Ede was out working in the yard.  She didn’t even try to talk to him this time; yesterday’s humiliation was not a feeling she enjoyed, and with her mood so low already and no heirs in sight we have to be really careful with her ego now.

This humility thing sucks plums.
This sight would have been irresistible to her a week ago.

Weeds, bugs, and more weeds. Ede had been neglecting her skill building and this was taking a lot longer than it should have. But we were almost caught up – just a little bit more to go.

I need one of those kneeling pad thingies.
Oof, I need one of those kneeling pad thingies.

When Ede made it around back to the gravesite garden, she made a startling discovery. Somehow between all the mourning and feelings-avoidance of the past few days, we’d completely neglected the cowplant. Jojo was all dried up. 😦

Alas, poor Jojo.
Alas, poor Jojo.

I feel pretty terrible about this. For all my complaining and lamentation, Jojo had become part of the family. I’d just been taking for granted that Jojo would always be there to stress us out and strike fear into our hearts with random sim-swallowing. I wonder if we’ll be able to “revive” Jojo upon maxing out the gardening skill, like you can with other plants? We’ll have to try.

Dinner that night was a little less gloomy. Nobody really felt like cooking still, but Jarrett had made some pretty decent sandwiches for everyone. Cooper and her comedic sidekick Flarn had been practicing a skit together all evening and were acting so darn goofy it was hard not to laugh.

Shoop, shoop!
“Shoop, shoop!”
More buns in the oven!
Food on the table, buns in the oven!

Easter Lily was really excited about her new belly, and so were her hubby and Cooper. Ede, of course, loves her family. But if she’s being honest, and assuming we will be getting multiple births again, the prospect of a houseful of young once-removed spares was not seeming particularly wonderful. It already felt crowded with 6 people, and Ede wasn’t “friends” enough with all of them for it not to trigger her discomfort. Getting ‘stranger danger’ in your own house sucks — she just wanted to be alone sometimes, you know?

Ede decided to go for a moonlight jog to clear her head.

Finally some peace.
Finally some peace.

She made it all the way to the park in Oasis Springs. Whew! Finding a chess table empty, she sat down for a practice game.  She thought of her brother Elder then, and wondered how he was doing in his new place. They’d spoken by phone a couple times since their dad passed, but Ede hadn’t been able to bring herself to email him. There’s something about actually writing things out that makes everything feel more real, and she just wasn’t ready for that yet.

Lost in her own thoughts, it took Ede a while to notice that someone was standing there watching her.

“Mind if I sit?” the man finally asked.

Ede: "Oh I don't know.. I think I'm about to win, here."
Ede: “Oh I don’t know.. I think I’m about to win, here.”

It was him again, the mailman. Ede wasn’t quite feeling up to conversation but she kind of owed him one. So she went ahead and invited him to join her.

The two started a new game, and he was a pretty decent chess player.


“You’re better at this than my brother,” Ede stated.

“Well you know,” he replied, “us mailmen have to pass rigorous tests of mental acuity before we can wear the patch.”

“Oh?” said Ede, looking past him. “That guy doesn’t look too sharp and he’s wearing one.”

*quickly swaps pieces around*
*quickly swaps pieces around*

Haha. Can’t believe he fell for that old trick!

Why did I fall for that?
Why did I fall for that?

“Very clever,” he conceded, perfectly aware of what had just happened.

A few moves more and Ede had “won” the match. Even though they both knew she’d cheated, he let her have her moment of glory. He watched her with a look of wry amusement as she played it up.

5b chess 5

“Well, thank you for a most interesting game, Ms. Wolff,” he said, standing. “May I walk you home?”

“I was planning on running,” she answered.  Without giving him a chance to respond, Ede turned and started the jog towards home.

5b jog 2

It was a challenge, and he took Ede up on it. There seemed to be a bit of friendly rivalry going on here, or perhaps he was merely being a gentleman. At any rate, she ran him pretty hard — they soon arrived back at the house, and Ede was in a darn good mood in spite of herself.

5b back home 2

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” he asked, panting a bit.

“I suppose not,” Ede admitted. “But,” she joked, looking around, “are you sure this is the right house?”

5b mailman 2

He smirked. “I’m sure. Mailman, remember?”


7 thoughts on “Log 5b: Negligent Herbicide

  1. Ok, at first I thought you were going to intentionally get rid of Jojo, now that Ede is heir, and Easter will eventually move out and all that. So I’m not mad anymore.

    But I literally gasped when I saw Jojo. This is my first time really experiencing a cow plant, so I didn’t know that’s what would happen if neglected… XD I’m torn between crippling sadness and bursting out laughing.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, I’d never do that, lol. WAY too much of a sap over here. It was purely an accident. 😦 I had intended to keep Jojo forever, but apparently cowplants are more fragile than they let on. Really will try to revive the old gal as soon as I can get someone back to max gardening again.

      Liked by 1 person

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