Log 5a: Carrying On

The changing of the guard has been going about as smoothly as can be expected. Here’s our generation 5 champion, for those just joining us and/or folks who don’t have everything they read everywhere memorized yet ;D :

Gen 5 Heiress Edelweiss Wolff

Edelweiss Wolff
Generation 5 Heiress

Loner, Loves Outdoors, Self-Assured
(+ Physically Gifted from childhood unlock)

Aspiration: Serial Romantic

Dark brown hair, big brown eyes, med/light skin, skinny build (I think mastering Motor in her childhood has made it virtually impossible for her to gain weight, which is a really strange first!). My favorite physical features of Ede’s are her full lips and dimpled chin.

With Dia’s passing still fresh in our hearts, things at the Wolff house have been pretty tense.  Coop is actually too sad to punch stuff.

Not even kicking ass brings me comfort.. I miss you, baby.
Not even kicking ass brings me comfort.. I miss you, baby.

Her son-in-law Jarrett has been helping her work through it as best he can.

Jarrett: Let's take a break.
Jarrett: “Let’s take a break. You’ve been at this all morning.”

Being a Bro, Jarrett is naturally inclined towards fitness, so he’s been working at the gym and happy to train with Coop on the side.

Easter Lily doesn’t seem bothered by anything right now. She’s always been a little more in tune with the unseen than the rest of us, so she likely views it all as more of a natural, “circle of life” kind of thing.

Dancing with herself, talking to herself, it's all good!
Dancing with herself, talking to herself, it’s all good!

Young Flarn, having witnessed his grandpa’s death, is still pretty bummed. This is where Cooper has been able to shine despite her own pain, and the two have really bonded over their grief. I think they’re gonna be okay.

That feels better, doesn't it?
That feels better, doesn’t it?

Of everyone, Ede seems to be taking it the hardest. She’s always been so independent, it’s been really difficult to know how to comfort her. Her usual methods of coping just aren’t cutting it.

Open mic night at the Rabbit is usually a blast, but not now.
Open mic night at the Teahouse is usually good for some laughs, but not tonight.

She doesn’t even want to look at her regular romantic interests.

I can’t deal with your sweetness and vulnerability right now.
And I can't deal with your cheesy small talk - was this ever attractive?
And I can’t deal with your cheesy small talk – was this ever attractive?

Still, she goes out, even knowing it’ll make her miserable, because it’s better than staying in bed crying all night. At least at the bar, if she stacks enough little distractions, she’s not crippled with sadness.

So Ede sat right at the counter and forgot about her worries for a bit.

Chips and juice and music. Okay, this is a start.

“Get me another one,” she said to the bartender. “I need to kill some time.”

“Better make that three,” snarked a voice behind her. “Time is a pretty ferocious adversary.”

The smart-aleck at the bar looked familiar, but she couldn’t say why. Maybe just the generic townie thing – we get new ones generated each time we go out and they all look related some nights.

This one really did look familiar, though.

Have we met?
Ede: “Have we met?”

“I remember you from somewhere..” Ede insisted. “Where?”

“Must not have been that memorable if you can’t remember,” he smirked.


Ede finished up her drinks and headed home. She was not exactly “happy,” but it was better than nothing. At least she could sleep now, sort of.

Too bummed to even get under the covers.
Who was that damn guy?

The next morning Ede went to pay the bills and finally realized who it was that she’d been talking to last night.

*wilts like a flower*
*wilts like a flower*

“Oh my god,” Ede said, mortified. “I feel like such a plumhead.”

“Forget a stamp?” the mailman joked.

That guy last night — this guy — was “mailman” – one of the quick flings Ede’d had a while ago to fulfill her base wishes. Chat him up and kiss him, and then forget about him. Seems like she’s done that a fair bit. They usually just get culled so they don’t come back to haunt her, though – maybe the patch has tinkered with longevity somehow?

Well, this is a new feeling.
Well, this is a new feeling.

“You must think I’m a terrible person,” Ede said.

“Naw,” he replied. “I think you’re a terribly distracted person, maybe.”

“Go out with me?” Ede asked. “I’d like to make it up to you.”

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea,” he said.

“Oh.. of course not,” she said. “I really am sorry about last night. I should have recognized you. You’re still in my ‘romantic interests’ panel and everything.”

Ede wasn’t sure that her feeble attempt at humor had gone over very well. Navigating the social realm without her natural confidence was rough. She was still feeling pretty low, so she just let it fall flat and turned to go inside.

The mailman called to her, though. “Edelweiss?”

“Yeah?” she answered pitifully.

Mailman: "I heard what happened."
Mailman: “I heard what happened.”

“I’m sorry about your dad,” he said sincerely.

“Yeah,” she said.


13 thoughts on “Log 5a: Carrying On

    1. It’s funny. I didn’t know who he was either until he delivered the mail the next day. I mean, she had him in her panel still, but I was going “wait, we kissed THAT guy? I don’t remember that! Who the heck is he?”


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