Log 4u: I Never Lost As Much But Twice

Things have been super busy at the Wolff house!  Shortly after Elder’s departure, Jarrett alerted us that Easter Lily had gone into labor.

OMG! Boil some water! OMG! Get some sheets!

There seems to be something in the air once again, as word has it that the rate of multiple & identical-twin births has been near 100% since the last patch. That’s certainly what happened with us. It’s not our first rodeo though, so we were happy to welcome twin brothers Elicanto and Flarn to the family. (Easter named them after her two most prominent voices during the pregnancy. ;D)

Family Sim Cooper was just thrilled to be a grandmother!

Who loves her gma?
“Who has just the littlest widdlest toesies?”

Dia found himself drawn to her vibrancy something fierce.

Dia, playfully: "You make a pretty cute Grandma."
Dia, playfully: “You make a pretty cute Grandma.”
Yup, the sparks are still there.
Yup, the sparks are still there! 🙂

Life went on, and before we knew it the adorable little grandbabies became adorable little grandchildren.

Elicanto gained the ever-popular family Loner trait & the desire to become an Artistic Prodigy.

He's just sad because grandma smashed his castle. ;D
Don’t worry. He’s just sad because grandma smashed his castle. She’ll fix it. ;D

And Flarn, who unfortunately aged up lodged in his mom’s backside but looks exactly like his brother.. “Whiz Kid” Flarn got “Mean.”

Maybe we shouldn't have named him after the angry voice..
Maybe we shouldn’t have named him after the angry voice..

Edelweiss, already midway through her young adult life and without a career or children of her own to occupy her time, has been halfheartedly working toward her life aspiration of becoming a Serial Romantic.

Stumbling home from another perfect date.
Contentedly stumbling home from another perfect date.

Why halfheartedly, you may wonder? That’s all me. This is aspiration is hard! Not because it’s difficult to complete the requirements, but because I feel so darn bad for these poor guys who fall head over heels for Ede. It’s a small town and I keep seeing them moping around, puppy-dog-eyeing her whenever they see her. It’s horrible.

always ede
It’s always been you, Ede.

Ede isn’t Evil or Non-Committal. Hell, she’s not even a “Romantic.” She just has this damned aspiration. She has not once ever wished to woo a specific person; when she’s in the mood for romance, she really does not care which of her many suitors it is that fills that need. Out of respect for her nature I’m trying not to force her into a committed relationship. Although so far that would work for her day-to-day wishes, it doesn’t feel right to shackle her libido just for my own comfort. I want her to want one specific person first, you know?

I watch her face closely for that smitten look, or even just a hint of vulnerability, but it’s all been straight-up confidence and passion.

Don't even remember this one's name.
We don’t even remember this one’s name.

Gotta say, she has me in her spell too. She’s got that alley tomcat thing going on. When she’s there she lights up the room, and those who she pays attention to feel like they’re the most important person on the planet. They fool themselves into believing that she needs them.

We try not to indulge in this one, but he's always right there.
We try not to indulge in this one, but he’s always right there.

And, assuming she exercises restraint in cases of one-sided puppy love, why can’t she just live in the moment like that — intensely, briefly, experience another without requirements or implications? Why is a single, unattached woman, secure in her own sexuality a force that must be quelled?

We do remember this one, he's "mailman!"
We remember this one, he’s “mailman!”

If you find a way to be you and not also be torched by the villagers, Ede, you let me know.. haha.

Time has a way of slipping away from us when we’re caught up in living. In the back of my mind while doing all of this other stuff, I was planning how Dia’s last days might go. An old-fashioned romantic date with Coop. Or maybe a family trip to the park.  Something memorable, away from the house.

But his time came quicker than I expected. It just snuck up on me.

All I have to show for it is this:

Somehow, this is how I see my own life ending.
Somehow, this is how I see my own life ending too. Minus the smile.

Dia’s last official act as head of the family was to do a crapton of dishes. He scrubbed every last one, and then he wandered over and passed out behind the TV.

I could see myself doing this, too. Eek.
I could see myself doing this, too. Eek.

Ede and Flarn must’ve sensed something was wrong, as they cut their swim short to run inside and witness the reaping.

It would be Ede to know. She always knows.
It would be Ede to know. She always knows.

Cooper was in denial at first, I think. She just greeted the Grim Reaper cheerfully, as though a visit from him had no personal significance at all.

Oh hey Death, how's it shakin'?
Oh hey Death, how’s it shakin’?

Once she realized what was happening, though, all those years of training to control her darker impulses through physical activity just kind of let loose at once.

"Bring him BACK, NOW!"
Coop: “Bring him BACK, NOW!!

Grim didn’t oblige. It was definitely Dia’s time, he said. The files were all in order. Nothing he could do about it. Sorry, lady.

So she kicked his ass.

This family has a love/hate relationship with Death, apparently.
A boxer before the door of God?
Coop: "Is that your final answer?!"
Coop: “Is that your final answer, plumhole?!”

Not once, but twice.

Round 2!
Round 2!  *DING*
Grim: "Plum, Lady! Just let me go, please!"
Grim, begging: “Plum, Lady! Just let me go, please!”

We picked Dia’s urn up off the floor and set it on his writing desk. On the other side of the desk was a pile of unfinished manuscripts, along with a book he’d been working on for Coop that I never let him finish. I meant to! It just got so busy in here with the twins and everything. We thought we had more time. 😦


I’m sure that whatever poignant words Dia was going to leave us with would have made us cry, too.


12 thoughts on “Log 4u: I Never Lost As Much But Twice

  1. Oh, Coop… still my favorite Wolff. xD

    Asdfghjkl; when my disney legacy challenge spouse died (he was my first Sims 4 sim to die) I was a wreck. Was not prepared. I just needed a few more days to finish things up…one last date with his soulmate, a couple more days and he would’ve seen his youngest child age up into a teenager, etc. Normal lifespan is too short sometimes.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. .. Lest I forget while I’m on an Egg Roll–

      “Betcha Grim wouldn’t have thought of THAT when diggin’ on “The Monster Mash”

      — Yeah one hell of a Graveyard Smash– right in the face-hole of that moldy-ass Hoodie of his.

      Liked by 1 person

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