Gen 4 Score Card

Here’s where I’m going to go ahead and stop caring about points. I’m still following all of the rules, I just find it tiresome to track some of these categories and it’s not really enhancing my gameplay to force myself to do it. I will, however, continue to track achievement-like stats for us, ’cause that’s still kind of fun for me. ;D

Dia achieved nothing on paper except mastering Writing. He spent weeks at rank 9 of his career. Had all but 2 skill points towards his Renaissance Sim aspiration, too.  Wrote a ton of books. Ah well, he had a great life and learned a lot while he was here. 🙂

Generations: 5/10

Household worth:  $360K +
Cash on hand: $34,214
Bills: $17,000something D:

Spouse Traits Collected:
Finn (Genius, Good, Family-Oriented)
Garrett (Geek, Childish, Music Lover)
Estrella (Loves Outdoors, Romantic, Materialistic)
Cooper (Evil, Perfectionist, Family-Oriented)

Skills Mastered:
Creative (child): Clematis
Mental (child): Delphinium
Motor (child): Easter Lily, Edelweiss
Social (child): Digitalis
Cooking: Clematis
Fishing: Buttercup, Estrella
Gardening: Estrella, Clematis
Guitar: Anemone
Handiness: Buttercup
Logic: Buttercup, Burdock, Clematis
Painting: Garrett, Cyclamen
Rocket Science: Clematis
Writing: Dianthus

Aspirations Completed:
Artistic Prodigy (Child): Clematis
Rambunctious Scamp (Child): Easter Lily, Edelweiss
Creative > Painter Extraordinaire: Cyclamen
Knowledge > Nerd Brain: Clematis
Nature > Angling Ace: Buttercup, Estrella
Nature > Curator: Buttercup
Nature > Green Thumb: Clematis
Wealth > Mansion Baron: Estrella

Careers Mastered:
Painter > Master of the Real: Cyclamen
Astronaut > Interstellar Smuggler: Clematis

Sims collections completed: Elements, Space Rocks
Deaths on lot: Elderly Demise (9)
Perfect Social Events: Date, Birthday

Penalties: None!
(-1 point for: power shutoff, plumbing shutoff, child/infant taken away)

Here’s the screencap of Dia’s relationship panel for Living Will succession: Ede wins.

The Living Will of Dianthus Wolff
The Living Will of Dianthus Wolff

I went ahead and called it once Dia’s age bar twinkled & took the risk of moving Elder out of the house so that he could go play in another person’s blog. (Elicanto and Flarn are Dia’s grandchildren by Easter Lily & not eligible heirlings, hence the odd names.)

I’m really not enjoying the transition process for Living Will. It has me wanting my elders to hurry up and die, and that’s no fun. I’m tempted to modify it so that I may change on elder birthday instead, with the caveat that if they are enemies when the elder dies, the challenge is failed if there’s not another potential heir in the house. We’ll see how I feel this next time, I may do that.


11 thoughts on “Gen 4 Score Card

  1. I love the layout of your scorecard – much easier to understand than Pinstar’s point system. The family is doing great, stat-wise!

    Also, I totally understand your living will problems. In the disney legacy, the second generation can’t begin until the founder dies, which after awhile, just made me want her to die. xP I like the idea of choosing the next heir on the elder’s birthday – then you can really enjoy their elder years, and they can enjoy their grandchildren and such.

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  2. … ahh-men to that.

    “Too many rules and you miss your chance to just enjoy the game.”

    Look at it another way, you couldn’t duplicate this exact sequence of events through the chapters even if you tried. The randomness of this very complex giveth and the same randomness taketh away.

    * * * *

    And a thought from chapters before, with Clem— I see the culling of the ghosts– as with town Sims is extremely poignant. We do not have such easy access to loved ones we have lost. IRL. “And For You, The Living, This Mash Was Meant, Too…

    Err–Excuse my inner Bobby “Boris” Pickett– Seriously, when we encounter random people in our daily lives, how many stop and consider if that moment– is the only time in eternity our paths cross with any given individual.

    —-( I don’t recommend it, by the way.. It’ll have anyone doing what I am doing, being up at 3 in the morning, having been the first one to lay eyes this Wolff Stuff and/or commented in 6 freakin’ months. And yeah, you will, like me, then proceed downstairs and talk to the toaster.)—-

    Anyway– for that purpose, the random culling is more like reality than (I think) even EA anticipated.

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      1. You’re as bad as the other one. “dude” “man”

        Keep this up and I might consider the Jenner thing. She has proven “You’re never too old to check your equipment at the door”

        I missed a beat somewhere. Who was “Hope”? Why is she dead?

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        1. Oh! Hope was Dia’s brother’s partner – the hair makes her look youthful but she’s just a regular old-age ghost. (I didn’t play her at all, just had her move in with the brother in manage households when he moved out of the legacy house.)


          1. In “check at the door” means leave it behind.. as in “try the other stuff on”…

            But no worries, I ain’t got much to “check”.


    1. On the ghost thing – I was actually kind of relieved when my first few ghosts were culled, because I had experienced actual mourning for Estrella, and to have her come back suddenly was really weird for me. I was happy for Clem because it really did “fix” him to be more like his old self, which continued as he got to know Cooper and his grandbaby. But something about her reappearance made her death meaningless. I guess I like death to mean something.

      Your comments are really deep, btw Miki. You’re neat. 🙂


  3. Yeah thanks. Deep as the space between my ears..

    But the way it’s playing out, as Cathy Tea noted, is reminiscent of RL. Unless one lives in a small, close-knit town, there are people one sees every day .. that they see but once in their lives. So in the game, although I know they are zapped and rebuilt into more townies by the A. I. of the game, as they also said in the pitch when it came out, “Their stories are yours to tell, yours to imagine”.. So I “imagine” that the culled townies have just moved on.

    Of course being in the shadow of 5 “institutions of higher learning”– the population is more transitory than in a “normal” municipality.

    Quick chuckle regarding Estrella and her effect on you… In The beginning it was “Estrella witch” and “she turned out to be a jerk”.

    Again reminiscent of life ain’t it? First impressions are said to be lasting ones— but I have learned that is actually contrary to reality. First impressions have often been false impressions for me. Kinda like judging books by their covers or fearing a dog just because he can bark his ass off louder than another one.

    (Or as I learned back when I did guys.. the dude with the biggest truck or the slick sports car.. was often (but not always) compensating for something..

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  4. Had to do a part 2. Last time I made a long reply I got the error message “Cannot be posted”.

    Those Slimy Snakes!!

    Ghosts and making death something Sims fear or resist. It’s the one piece of these later Sims renditions I don’t like all that much, that ghosts can be added to famileis, make whoopee, make babies.. in general they become nothing more than Sims with extra zing… Kinda takes away the whole aspect of death in the Sim worlds and its correlation to death in reality.

    I lie the traditional ones like in TS 1 where they were just ghosts and their talent lie in scaring the crap out of Sims.– Like at the original Goth mansion.

    There is, however one instance where I will add a ghost to one of my households, the OEM and only ghost in my game, Jeannette Christian the blues bar– barmaid.. She was dead from the get-go when ghosts were added back to the game. I wanna try to cook up Ambrosia, bring her back, just for the challenge.

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