Log 4s: What Happens Next

If ever one puzzled over what happens after the Happy Ending™, one need only read a legacy blog. The answer is both wondrous and mundane.

It’s remaining stalwart, even after your third pan of burnt French toast.

Garrett: "Are you sure? I think everyone would be OK with it if we just ate cereal."
Garrett: “I think everyone would be OK with it if we just ate cereal or something.”

It’s treating each new day like a gift, and learning to find the good in the bad.

Dia: "You know, I thought it was weird at first, but salad makes a pretty good breakfast!"
Dia: “You know, I thought it was weird at first, but salad makes a pretty good breakfast!”

And, of course, it’s plenty of nookie.

Newlyweds. *sigh*
Newlyweds. *sigh*

That question of “what happens next” has been on Dia’s mind a lot. Approaching the end of his days has made him even more introspective. On the issue of facing his own mortality, Dia has been drawing comfort from poetry.


“Unable they that love — to die
For Love reforms Vitality
Into Divinity” – Emily Plum

What’s troubling Dia isn’t fear of dying, though; he worries for the burdens of those who yet remain behind. He’s been really trying to make arrangements, but Cooper’s just not having any of it.

Dia: "So I've been writing a list for you, for when the time comes, and.."
“So I’ve been writing a list for you, and..”

“I think we should talk about what happens next,” Dia said.

“What do you mean?” asked Coop.

“Well, I won’t be around forever,” he answered, “and I need to know you won’t have to take care of everything by yourself.”

“Dia, I’ll be fine, and you have plenty of time left. We don’t need to talk about this.”

You act like your age bar is twinkling or something!
“You act like your age bar is twinkling or something!”

“We do need to,” he argued. “Easter is married now, and Jarrett will take good care of her. But –“

“I know what you’re going to say,” Coop interrupted. “Ede doesn’t want a family. She’ll probably never even settle down!”

Oh well. Nice try, Dia.

Lately Coop has really been ragging on Ede – maybe because she’s a Family sim and Ede just wants to experience things without strings right now. Dia is clearly in Ede’s corner, but Cooper is going to need convincing.

I'm not gonna talk to her. Are you gonna talk to her?
(I’m not gonna talk to her, though. She has 9 Fitness!)

Normally, Ede’s brother Elder would have been here to help smooth things out, but he was actually away from the house at a festival he’d heard about online called “Plum Day.”  Nobody was quite sure what it meant, but he knew that a lot of kids his age from all over were going to be there. Elder wanted to go so badly, but felt guilty about leaving his sister behind. It was only by Ede’s incessant “encouragement” that he finally decided to go for it.

Ede: "Ok. If I beat you this time, you're going to Plum Day."
Ede: “Ok. If I beat you this time, you’re going to Plum Day.”
Ede: "Ha! Back your bags, Wolff -- Plum Day awaits!"
Ede: “Ha! Pack your bags, Wolff — Plum Day awaits!”

The two had promised to keep in touch via email. Ede sat down at her computer and checked to see if he’d responded to her message yet.

<< “Yo, E! How’s Plum Day treating you?  xoxo – other E” >>

“Hey sis! It’s been so awesome getting out of the house and meeting new people! The hostess, Cathy, is really neat, I think you would like her. We had a party last night and everyone wore black and white except me, oops. But I still had a blast – I think I could really get used to this whole “hippie” thing. Wish you were here. But I know you’d probably just be “uncomfortable.” 😉  How’s Dad? Love you, Elder.”

Ede typed up a reply.

“Hey bro,
Dad is doing good. Him and mom have been arguing about the usual stuff.  Oh, he finally got a promotion! Of course all he wants to do now is paint, lol – he’s such a dabbler. Remind you of anyone?? 😉 Glad you’re having fun out there in the big world! Gonna be hard to come back to our little madhouse, huh? -Ede.”

Elder must’ve been sitting at the computer then too, because he wrote right back.

“Lol @ dad the dabbler. And no fair teasing – I make a mean BLT now! Sorry mom is still being stubborn. She’ll come around. Oops, I’d better go – there’s going to be another party tonight and this time I’m gonna dress the part! -Elder
P.S. Just in case you didn’t hear me last time, I LOVE YOU! :P”

Ede chuckled and quickly fired off a reply. Huge font.

-Your Loving Sister Edelweiss”

Ede got up to go wash for dinner. As she caught her reflection in the bathroom mirror, she smiled. She really was truly, deeply happy that her brother was out there somewhere, living life. He was such a bright star and it didn’t seem right that he couldn’t shine – isn’t that one of those fundamental freedoms that all beings should have access to, after all?

You shine wherever you are, Ede. <3
You shine wherever you are, Ede. ❤

Note: You can find both Edelweiss and Plum Day Elder on the Gallery – search for Origin ID “Ehhwot”


9 thoughts on “Log 4s: What Happens Next

  1. Sooooo sweet! I love this family! I love your retrospective at the opening. When playing a legacy, that’s always the question: what happens next?

    I think I’m over my mad-crazy crush on Elder. Now it’s just affection. Whew! He really does fit in with these hippies–it’s like he lives there! He drops by after school, plays chess, pulls out his clay, watches tv and has deep conversations… the works!

    He and Forrest are getting into it a little bit… but he did ask Forrest about woo-hoo, about which Forrest has, alas, not a clue!

    This is a great Christmas and Plum Day present! Thanks!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I would hope so! Now I finally know who you were talking about back in S-GAS.

        Before this I thought he was really THE Wolff Man! Major league patriarch.. The big cheese of the family, etc.

        Now I know he was just a brush-headed ….. youngster.

        But a polite one of course.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Oh, but have you seen him after he and Young CT got married? He’s no longer brush-head… he’s simply gorgeous and amazing. He’s doing this big #wheresfree thing now, looking for his son who’s disappeared with Emelia Johnson and Amina Wolff (Elder’s niece/Free’s aunt). So you might see Elder popping up in blogs all over!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Ahh what a relief. Hey, IRL i see a few of those.. imaginatively-coiffed
            dudes here and there. No worries, i don’t react to them, but there were definitely more of them a few dozen years ago.

            Liked by 1 person

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