Log 4r: Mister Easter

It’s bleeding-eye o’clock on the day of Jarrett and Easter’s wedding and there’s a strange ruckus coming from the back of the garden.

I don’t even want to look.

But I have to.

That’s what I’m here for, right?

*hack, sputter*
*hack, wheeze*

Hmm, perhaps “Jojo” isn’t feeling well. Do cowplants get hairballs?

*gurgle, drool*
*gurgle, drool*

Come on, Jojo, stop being so dramatic. I’m sure Easter will still pay you plenty of attention after the wedding.

Good morning, groom.

So that’s where the groom went. *headdesk*   This is gonna be a long day, I can already tell.

Rather than wait for his obituary, I should probably properly introduce Jarrett Palacios to you now: He’s Cheerful (when he’s not just been spit up by a cowplant), a Loner, and a Bro. His aspiration is Angling Ace – that’s an easy one! He has black hair, medium/light skintone. He suffers from squint-eye squarejaw something fierce. Most of the time he doesn’t even look like he has eyes, but he does and they’re a nice shade of brown. He’s got a sweet bod under that frumpy sweater, except he seems to be missing his butt. But that’s okay, ’cause Easter has a booty to span the ages!

Chin up, man - this is the first day of the rest of your life!
Chin up, bro – this is the first day of the rest of your life!

Sorry for treating you like a piece of meat, there, Jarrett. I usually only do it once, unless I develop an unhealthy fixation on your pixels. Which won’t happen here, I don’t think. Pretty sure. Ahem.

Anyway, sent the poor fellow fishing so I could begin wedding preparations.

That's right, you just stay waayyy over there for a while.
Honestly, Jarrett is great. Very forgiving and easy to take care of.

Despite an awkward and slimy morning, Easter and Jarrett’s wedding went remarkably well!

We decorated a bit. Bought the quickie wedding “room” since I’d already demolished ours. A throw-away tiki bar. A piano so we could have proper entertainment.

The wedding party began and the bride and groom actually changed clothes like they’re supposed to – a family first! Easter almost left for work right then (we’d just started her in the painter career, since she Loves Art and could stand a few danger-free hours away from the house) – we canceled that in time, but she had already changed out of her wedding dress. Oof! So we had to rush and find something in the dresser. But, she looked so radiant afterward that I can hardly muster a complaint, now! *wipes away a tear*

Easter wanted to see the new holiday tree thinger, too. ;)
Easter wanted to see the new holiday tree thinger, too – they’re both glowing!

The groom didn’t look too shabby, either. 😉

You said you were only going to do that once.
Jarrett: “You said you were only going to do that once.”

Oops. Don’t worry, that was probably just a fluke. I think. Hey, look – it’s your almost-wife!

See what I mean? He has a certain confidence, or something. Oops, there I go again..
He has a certain confidence, or something. Compelling..  

Sometimes I worry that I’ve pushed these two together, but when I see how they look at one another it puts my mind at ease. Easter puffs Jarrett up – he feels strong and has purpose around her. And she simply adores him.

No cold feet here! :)
No cold feet here! 🙂

While the lovebirds spent some time socializing, Dia started making the wedding cake himself. He’d been working on his culinary skills recently (Renaissance Sims are such dabblers!) so he was happy for a chance to show off his progress.

Dia wore a smile filled with pride and satisfaction for this. Very cute.
Dia wore a smile filled with pride and satisfaction the whole time. Very cute.

It took some work, but the cake came out quite nice!

Pretty - tiered cake with wedding topper!
Pretty – tiered cake with wedding topper!

I know, I did things a bit backwards here with the recept-ing before the wed-ing. But I wanted to make sure all the necessary parts were there before I clicked the great combiner arch. I’m getting better, really! At this rate we’ll have a perfect wedding by about generation 14. I *might* still be alive by then.

The guests were having a grand time! Elder played bartender for a host of uncles, neighbors, and townies.

Coop still yells at Dandelion whenever she sees him, lol.
Coop still yells at Dandelion whenever she sees him, lol.

The “entertainer” was actually entertaining. Ede, whose whims were filled with hugs and kisses, seemed particularly impressed.

Alas, it was not meant to be for this culled townie.
Alas, it was not meant to be for this culled townie.

When all the talking and eating and drinking were done, we took the final steps up to the wedding arch. For a long, aching moment Easter was the only one to take notice.

. . .
. . .

But it was alright! People were just taking their sweet time moseying on over. The guests eventually, finally, seated themselves and the ceremony began.

By this point, Dia the loner had had quite enough. So many people!
By this point, Loner Dia had seen quite enough people. And that one stole his seat! ;D

Promises were uttered,

.. and I will treasure you all of my days.
.. and I will treasure you all of my days.

Rings were exchanged,

. . .
. . .

And the covenant was sealed with a kiss.


Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Easter Lily Wolff! 😉

Now go out and live, you crazy kids you!
Now go out and live, you crazy kids you!

I suppose all of this makes it seem like Easter is the next heir. I don’t think that’s going to be the case, though. For whatever reason, Dia is her go-to person when she’s in the mood to yell at someone, so their relationship is just barely in the green. I guess with the cowplant gulping folks left and right, anything is possible, but for now I’m just loving her while she’s here. 🙂

Note: You can download Easter Lily Wolff on the Gallery – search for Origin ID “Ehhwot.”


6 thoughts on “Log 4r: Mister Easter

  1. Asdfghjkl; Jo Jo is perfection. Must. Find. Cowplant. Seed.
    Gah, Easter is freaking gorgeous. Wedding dresses are such a guilty pleasure of mine (I doubt I’ll ever get married, marriage doesn’t really appeal to me, but I can still watch Say Yes to the Dress obsessively, right….? XD).
    Coop is still my favorite. I love how she and Dia met as kids and slowly fell in love. I also love her evil trait. Weird, because when I started Sims 4, I refused to play insane/evil/mean sims, and while I’m still against mean sims, I actually really want an insane or evil sim in my simself legacy. Preferably not in the same sim though. That’s how Aerys “the Mad King” Targaryens happen. XD Anyway, back to Coop. I love her internal struggle with her evil trait, and how she has overcome it, able to live a fairly normal life. Thank Watcher she isn’t an elder yet. Sooo not emotionally prepared for her to die yet. Dx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Last Frame.. Priceless. (to me at least)

    I don’t do weddings.. all that goo and gunk give me GAS!

    .. the look on his face says “Me Too! Can O Go Now?”

    I found a sim-soul— well, not “Mate”– it’s a dude.. and, well a Sim.. Bbut someone with whom I would agree much..

    .. and dreaded squinty eyes to boot!

    Life is mahhhvelous!!

    Liked by 1 person

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