Log 4q: Sharing Cake and Kisses

With Jarrett moving in soon, we have all been able to breathe a sigh of relief that Easter will have someone to keep a focused eye on her. Mom and pop wouldn’t have to worry so much now, so the two of them began to refocus on their careers.

Cooper made Spy Captain, honed her body into a fine-tuned machine and is just waiting for her job performance to increase enough for that next promotion.

Foxy lady runs to work in heels.
Foxy lady runs to work in heels.

I’m confident that she will reach the top of her career and be able to retire comfortably, and spend her twilight years getting to know her (hopefully, maybe, someday) grandchildren. Being a Family Oriented sim, she would really love that.

Dia has become a “Fan Favorite,” and is still writing Smoky Steel novels in his spare time. For now he’s happy to work and work, but retirement isn’t out of the question — we’ll just keep seeing how he feels. 🙂

Dia's not in a hurry to master Author. If it happens, it happens!
Dia’s not in a hurry to master Author. If it happens, it happens!

Having been left to their own devices for a while now, Elder and Edelweiss have become fast friends. Mornings before school are just for them. They play, swim, talk and eat together.

Elder's slightly bummed that sis took the last BLT.
Elder’s bummed that sis took the last BLT, though. Cake is for noobs! ;D

Today was kind of a big deal for the two of them, as they’d both be moving on to the next life stage: Elder was about to enter his tumultuous teens, just as Ede would be leaving hers behind to become a young adult.

Not keen on parties, they’d worked it out between the two of them that if they were to share a birthday cake this morning, they’d be able to bypass the necessity of a birthday party and get out of going to school today, gaining a long weekend out of the deal.  That sounded just perfect, so that’s what they did. 🙂

Edelweiss went first.

I wish to be surrounded by nature, with easy access to romance - but only on my terms!
I wish to be surrounded by nature, with easy access to romance – but only on my terms!
Happy birthday, Ede!
Happy birthday, Ede! Loves Outdoors, Loner, and.. 

Edelweiss gained the “Self Assured” trait, which is something she’s been since she was a small child. I couldn’t think of anything more fitting for her, really.

Almost time for school, eek! Ede quickly placed the second set of candles atop the cake, and Elder took his turn.

No time for wishing, the bell's about to ring!
No time for wishing, the bell’s about to ring!

Elder, already a Geek, gained a fabulous hairdo and the Foodie trait, which had me laughing since he’d been really eyeballing his sister’s sandwich hard just moments prior. Funny how that happens. He rolled the opposite aspiration to his Serial Romantic sister: Elder wants to find his Soulmate. Being so close, I wonder whether and how they’ll influence one another. Their long philosophical conversations will likely develop a new tangent, at least. 🙂

I think they’re both lovely, naturally.

Three day weekend, baby! 
Three day weekend, baby!

With Friday secured, I let the fam relax and work on whatever inconsequential fun things they wanted to for the day. Once afternoon rolled around, we called up Jarrett and invited him over. He was happy to move right in, which should make the whole wedding undertaking a bit less stressful. 🙂

Easter was really excited to see her betrothed. She had something she’d been wanting to share with him for a while now!

Jarrett: "Hi Easter. You said you had something to share?"
Jarrett: “Hi Easter. You said you wanted to share something with me?”
Easter: “I do. This.. is Jojo!”

Not exactly what he had in mind.

Jarrett: “Whoa! Is ‘Jojo’ dangerous?”         Easter: “No, Jojo’s nice – go ahead, pet her!” 

Jarrett reluctantly put out his hands and made to gently pat Jojo’s “face.”

I don't know about this..
Jarrett: “I don’t know about this..”

See, it’s okay! Jojo likes you! What do you think?

Jarrett: “Hehe, I like Jojo too.”
Jarrett: "Maybe we shouldn't. She's right there."
Jarrett: “Maybe we shouldn’t. She’s right there..”

Jarrett was feeling uneasy about kissing in front of the cowplant, but he couldn’t exactly deny his girl, even with a big carnivorous Jojo drooling in his ear.

I can't say no to those big green eyes..
I can’t say no to those big green eyes.. of course I want to kiss her.
Pretend you're someplace else, just the two of you.
Pretend you’re someplace else, just the two of you.
Jojo is not impressed.
Jojo is not amused.

So, things have (mostly) looked up! And I think it’s going to be a bit easier from here on out. We can get back on track and stuff. Do the things again. Yay!


14 thoughts on “Log 4q: Sharing Cake and Kisses

  1. OH! I’m so slow sometimes lol. Elder was in the Desert Leadership Experiment. Where have I seen Ede before? Was it CathyTea’s Plum Day? I’ll have to go back and read those again now that I know her.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I’m actually re-reading the Plum Day series as we speak now that I know who most of those guests are. Did Ede make a cameo in another story though? Or, was she your avatar at one point? I’ve seen her face somewhere!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I ❤ Elder! (It's so fun that at present he's having such a blast at all the S-GAS events–Bil says he's total fanboy at the protests over at ELP's world! I think it's because he never got out during his cowplant childhood! (Like you said when he was so happy at Plum Day…) Dang. I can't believe how lucky I am to have that Sim in my game. It's sort of like I can't believe it's really real (well, my friends would tell me, "Cathy. It's not real. It's not LIKE fiction, either. It IS fiction." Well, NYAh. Because it is really real digital stuff!) OHMIGOSH! And not only that… but they created a little nooboo together and are whimming for more! Dang, Raisin! We're creating something digitally masterful!

    Liked by 1 person

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