Log 4p: The Squeaky Wheel

Easter Lily has become a bit of a handful.

The heart wants what it wants.. and it wants it NOW!
The heart wants what it wants.. and it wants it NOW!

It’s starting to affect everyone in the house. Because of her cowplant obsession, we’ve been afraid to leave the lot. The result is a cooped up mess of uncomfortable, tense sims.

Dianthus, though he remains a staunch supporter of his daughter’s right to self-determination, has borne the brunt of many of her outbursts. Hoping to prevent their relationship from degrading any further, he turned to books for help. Such as this one, “Learning To Love Her Just the Way She Is.”

Dia: "It doesn't say anything in here about learning to love getting yelled at!"
Dia: “It doesn’t say anything in here about learning to love getting yelled at!”

Having already read all the other books in the house, Elder and Edelweiss have been attempting to distract themselves with bad television.. but the bad television is really bad.

(TV): “Will Sargeant Slate pepper spray another hungry homeless child? Find out next on ‘Dirty Cop BBQ Bunker!'” 
Elder: "I'm just gonna turn this off."
Attaboy, Elder, turn that infernal thing off.
What kind of crap is this?
Still seething! ;D 

I must admit, I do love me some Ede scowls. I should print ’em up and make a flip book as a gift to myself.

Anyhow, back to the problem at hand. Easter is currently monopolizing all the things with her flip-floppy madness. It’s time to entrust her care to someone else, methinks. Someone better suited to soothe those misfiring synapses; to lubricate her machine to keep the parts from scraping and fill her tortured dreams with sweet & fluffy things; to love her in all her uniqueness as his one guiding purpose. And we happen to know just the person.

Coop: "Can you come over, please? Easter.. needs you."
Coop: “Can you come over, please? Easter.. needs you.”
The writhing spirit of Flarn is strong with Easter.
The writhing pull of Flarn is strong.
What a difference love makes. <3
What a difference love makes. ❤

Ah yes, there we go. With that confirmation, Easter’s truest and most consistent desire has been given the greenlight: we’ll go ahead and permit her to marry her childhood sweetheart. We just need to let Jarrett decide whether he’s ready to take the leap or not, real quick-like.

Easter showered and prettied up first. She put on her lucky party dress. And then, quite confidently, she took a knee.

Easter: "I seem to be changing a lot, but my feelings for you never change."
Easter: “I seem to be changing a lot. But my feelings for you never change, Jarrett.”
Easter: "Please say you'll be my husband."
Easter: “Please say you’ll be my husband.”
informed consent
A strange ring from a strange girl. ❤

He consented, and he looks truly happy, so my guilt is assuaged. ;D

With the engagement a success, we’ll ask him to move in and plan a wedding for “soon.” Got some birthdays to handle first, but, welcome to the madhouse, Jarrett Palacios!


5 thoughts on “Log 4p: The Squeaky Wheel

  1. Being lovelorn and confused about a relationship does that to many people…I’m not surprised Easter’s so troubled, considering how headstrong she is and how her emotions are always getting the better of her. There are just some things you can’t control in life – other people – and it looked like she didn’t know what to do. I’m so glad Jarrett has finally made up his mind. No more hot and cold for these two. 🙂

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