Log 4n: Smoky Steel

Having had his toppled ego propped back up by his ever-loving, ever-patient champion, Dianthus Wolff was feeling perfectly content with his new self.

Finally seeing oneself can be liberating!
Good morning, self!

Actually, Dia was more than content. This new hair of his was proving to be a boon. He now thought of it as a medal, or a badge — proof of all he’d been and done, a physical symbol of his achievements. Coop seemed to like it, anyway, and that had our boy feeling mighty virile.

. . .
Blood pumping, juices flowing – he’s definitely still got it!

Dia’s creative juices were flowing as well. In his mind, “Smoky Steel” (Cooper’s affectionate term for his  hair color) had already morphed into a hard-boiled detective character. After bouncing some ideas off of Coop, Dia felt like he was ready to write this character into being.

Dia would bounce ideas off Coop, who just loves Smoky!
Coop adores Smoky. Both of them.

An older man, but still painfully handsome, Smoky Steel’s skill at solving mysteries was unmatched. Women would fall for him hard, but he’d never give in, because his heart had been stolen long ago by a sultry Secret Agent who may still be out there, somewhere, in deep cover. He longed to see her more than anything, but he knew that trying to contact her would endanger her life, so he retained that angsty sort of edge that makes those grumpy detective types of old so compelling.  As a reader, you want Smoky to love you, but you can’t help but respect his incorruptible devotion to the absent woman, too – in fact, it makes him all the more appealing!

Oh, Smoky Steel — how you fill our hearts with hopeless yearning!

Dia absolutely loved to write Smoky Steel novels, and they were selling like hotcakes.

Wow, already #3 on the New Sim Times Bestseller list!
And the sequel is off to the presses!

With the royalties from the first two novels, the family was able to easily afford the installation of a modest swimming pool in a corner of the lot.

Not a lot of space left to put things at the ol' homestead.
Not much space left to put things at the ol’ homestead.

The girls had a lot of fun trying on swimsuits. For Easter Lily, who aspired to be Friend to the World, any opportunity to get out there and draw attention to herself was grabbed with gusto. She chose a fun yellow & white bikini with an eye-catching floppy hat.

Easter loves to be in the spotlight, living life to the fullest!
Easter loves to be in the spotlight, living life to the fullest!

Edelweiss went for a more sultry look with a one-piece in classic black & a pair of matching sunglasses. (I wish she’d strut her stuff too because she’s an absolute knockout, but the shower did need repairing so I suppose I shouldn’t complain.) ;D

Ede likes to lurk in the peripheral, tickling my mind with her potential.

The actual experience of “omg swimming pools” has proved a bit anticlimactic. For all the indignation over the game shipping without them, I kind of expected a life-changing cataclysm of fireworks and unicorns, with maxed everythings and simoleons falling from the sky like shooting stars. But it’s just.. you know.. a swimming pool.

Plug your nose and hop in, the water's fine!
Plug your nose and hop in, the water’s fine!

Can’t really do much once you’re in there. Just swim around. Idk, man.

Coop's having fun, but I've been bored since the 2nd lap. ;D 
Coop’s having fun, but I’ve been bored since the 2nd lap. ;D

The gang does find swimming relaxing and at least we don’t need to worry about spontaneous drownings too much, I suppose (they haven’t hopped in there autonomously yet). But I’m thinking we might be better off just adding a pool to the Gym community lot and letting the Wolffs have some of their yard back. 🙂


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