Log 4m: The Greying of Dianthus Wolff

Aging is a curious thing. For those who spend a great deal of their lives observing, weighing and pondering, well, everything, you’d think it impossible that a thing so obvious as an entire head of grey hair could sneak past unnoticed.

But for Dianthus Wolff, that’s exactly what happened. He simply woke up one morning and, “Poof!” — he looked.. different.

dia grey 1
Just need to smooth out the hair before work..

As he often did when faced with unfathomable surprises, Dianthus probed his wife Cooper for answers.

Cooper! I'm "old" now? When did that happen!
Dia: “Cooper! I’m ‘old’ now? When did that happen!?”
It's been happening for a while, dear heart.
Coop: “That’s been happening for a while, my love.”
No, really, look -- my hair, it's GREY!
Dia: “No, really look, Cooper! My hair.. it’s GREY.”
. . .
Coop: Your hair isn't grey.
Coop: “Your hair isn’t grey, Dia.”

It’s not? Whew, that’s a relief!

Coop: It's more like, "smoky steel."
Coop: “It’s more of a, ‘smoky steel.'”
. . .
. . .
"Smoky steel.." huh.
“Smoky steel?” Huh.

We’ll leave Dia to his thoughts for now. His daughter’s birthday party is about to start, and we have a lot to do yet!

Easter Lily Wolff, Dia and Cooper’s eldest child, was about to say goodbye to her teen years. She may not have made it to the top of her class, but she’d been a very industrious child and pretty much had her life all planned out already. Promised to her first and only boyfriend, she meant to marry ASAP, and then.. Well, then she’d be able to do all the things adults do, and she was sure she’d be able to come up with something else to do after that!

The guests were all off doing things in the four corners of the house, but Easter had no need for witnesses. This one was between her and the cake.

Nothing can stop me now!
Fearlessly marching forward is kind of Easter’s “thing.”

Whatever might happen next was just a technicality, because Easter already knew who she was & she was not concerned in the least over what may come. She was ready for all of it!

Easter YA bday
The shackles are coming off at last!

Nobody was right there to notice the subtle change in Easter Lily, and they probably wouldn’t have anyway. Everyone lets loose a little at a party. This was her day and she meant to make the most of it!

It’s so.. tropical!

Tasting her first real drink was awesome. The bartender whipped up a special concoction — “just for the birthday girl,” he said. And it was A-MA-ZING!  Easter downed a couple of those sweet fruity things and then she danced the night away!

Music soothes the savage beast, right?
Music soothes the savage beast, right?

Aunt Daisy could worry all she wanted. It wasn’t like Easter was suddenly going to become her uncle just because they had a common trait now. Besides, everyone loves Digitalis anyway — he’s even sort of famous!

Hours later, after the party died down and the guests headed out, Cooper and Dia took to the task of picking up all the dishes, wordlessly washing and rinsing in the natural rhythm of two people who’ve shared the bulk of their years together. There’d be time to discuss the implications of Easter Lily’s new trait soon enough, but for now it seemed important to focus on the simple task at hand. The family was safe and complete, here and now. They were all still the same people they were this morning, just.. clarified. It’d been a long day and they could afford a break from the heavy stuff. It’d still be there tomorrow.

Maybe just a little bit of sweetness before sleep, though?

Dia: So, about my grey hair..
Dia: “I’m concerned that my grey hair will change your perception of me. I was reading an article about age gap couples, and –“
Coop: Your smoky steel?
Coop: “Worried your smoky steel will come between us, are you?”
Dia: Yes, that. Heh. Am I.. Do you.. still find me..
Dia: “Yes, that. Heh. Am I.. That is, do you still find me..”
"You remain the most beautiful man I've ever known."
Coop: “You remain, without a doubt, the most beautiful man I’ve ever known.”
Dia: Does this mean you still want to, um..
Dia: “Oh. That’s.. good! Does this mean that you still want to, um..”
Coop, whispering: I definitely still want to um.
Coop, whispering: “I definitely still want to um.”
. . .
. . .

And so the not-quite-so-young-anymore lovers retired to their bedroom at last, to enjoy, um —

Dia: So the hair really doesn't bother you, then? Because if it does,  I could --
Dia: “So the hair really doesn’t bother you, then? Because if it does,  I could –“
Coop: Dia? Love of my life?
Coop: “Dia? Love of my life?”
Dia: What?
Dia: “What?”
Coop: Stop talking.
Coop: “Please stop talking.”
Finally. Damn.

— to enjoy one another, fully, and without words for a bit.


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