Log 4i: Dia’s Muses

Dianthus Wolff is surrounded by beautiful women.

His wife Cooper, an accomplished Secret Agent, fiercely devoted to family and not afraid to fight dirty to keep her loved ones safe.

Cooper YA Beauty

His daughter Easter Lily, vibrant and gregarious, able to make friendly connections with even the surliest of souls.

Easter Teen Beauty

His daughter Edelweiss, solitary and intense, with a certain magnetic charm about her.

Ede teen beauty

If Dia were less humble, he might fancy himself the center of their universe, sending them out on little tasks and things and having them report home to show their reverence. But he considers himself lucky every day that these amazing women share even a little bit of their lives with him. He doesn’t seek to control or restrain; he observes, and counts his blessings.

3 muses
It’s a pleasure just to watch them dance.

Knowing them has been a huge influence on his writing – you’d be hard-pressed to find a Dianthus Wolff novel that didn’t feature a strong female protagonist. 🙂

"The Girl Who Befriended Death," by Dianthus Wolff.
“The Girl Who Befriended Death,” Chapter three.

Dia’s infant son would be a child soon.  Dia imagined what he might be like. Would he be reserved and thoughtful, as he was, or fierce and bold like his mother? Or perhaps he’d be entirely unique, as each of his daughters had proved to be. Dia enjoyed wondering these things as he went about his work.

The writing profession sure requires a lot of writing! ;D
Maybe he’ll crave adventure and visit the stars, like Dad did.

The writing profession sure requires a lot of writing! Good thing Dia enjoys it so much. ;D

There is something interesting happening in the garden today. Edelweiss has taken over responsibility for tending it – unlike everyone else in the house, she gardens without the slightest grumble! We’ve given her the treasured cowplant seed that her grandfather Clem found, and today’s the day that she plants it.

Please work this time!
Please don’t disappear this time, little seed!
*crossing fingers*
*crossing fingers*
Hooray! We have horns!
Hooray! We have horns!

Seems to be working! We’ll have to come check on it later to be sure, but so far so good!

Easter’s making decent progress towards her Friend of the World aspiration. We’ve hit a bit of a roadblock in that she needs to befriend “neighbors” now – we don’t have any, so I’m going to have to remedy that. The only other house on our block is that giant empty mansion thing that looms like a shadow in the backyard. Mayhaps I’ll explode it and build a farmhouse! 😀

But, Easter doesn’t care about any of that right now anyway. She has developed feelings for a boy.

Jarrett Palacios: Cheerful Bro.
Jarrett Palacios: Cheerful (? if you say so, game! ;D) Bro.

Yes, he’s afflicted, and yes, he dresses weird, but none of that matters to our dear Easter.

The heart wants what it wants!
The heart wants what it wants!

We’ve been taking it slow, but Jarrett is on her mind so often that she’s room for little else. Probably wouldn’t hurt to crank up the romance a little bit & invite him over for a date. Go on then, Easter.

Easter: "So, what do you think of my new dress?"
Easter: “So, what do you think of my new dress?”

She’s brought out the big guns, folks: her glorious, shiny buns. ;D

Easter: “Do you like it?”

And now the big green eyes, tsk. This boy is toast.

Yup. Toast.
Yup. Toast.

While Easter and Jarrett were graduating from just friends, baby Elder was ready to graduate from the bassinet. Can’t wait to meet him!

Magical transformation eminent!
Magical transformation eminent!

He let out one last coo & popped right out of there, ready to do stuff and things.

Mom's hair color, dad's eye color. :)
Mom’s hair color, dad’s eye color. 🙂

Elder rolled the Geek trait and the Social Butterfly aspiration. I haven’t managed that one yet – I’m pretty darn horrible at it. But we’ll try! We’ll try.

(Elder’s eyes are pretty tiny already.. Gonna be a glasses-wearer, I think. Should help appearances a little bit, if not his actual eyesight, heh. 🙂 )

This is probably a good place to break, but one last thing before we go – should oughta check on the planting!

Aww, lookit how cute it is. <3
Aww, lookit how cute it is. ❤

Looks like we have cowplant, folks! Lol.. what have I done?


4 thoughts on “Log 4i: Dia’s Muses

  1. So I was going back to read from the ‘start’ of Gen 4 again, mostly because I missed Coop x Dia, partly because I didn’t remember much of Ede’s childhood. Ede just gets better and better for me.

    Ah… the glorious cowplant begins. And I had the same problem! I placed the cowplant seed in-world and it just disappeared. This also happened with one of their Slablets, but they can still play it if they choose to do so autonomously (it’s just invisible to me)… I’m really starting to worry that I have an invisible cowplant growing… o.o

    Liked by 2 people

  2. What’s with all these guys with no lips? Smdh. This game needs a place to get plastic surgery. Some of these guys need to fat sucked out somewhere an put into there lips.

    I have a cowplant seed from fishing. Waiting to give one of my more deviant or scientific minded sim kids.

    Liked by 1 person

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