Log 4h: Something About Ede

Edelweiss has been busy!

Following in her big sister’s footsteps (although, doing it mostly at night so she can avoid unwanted socialization, lol) Ede has achieved her aspiration, becoming a rambunctious scamp with two childhood days to spare!

Ahh, to have the park all to oneself!
Ahh, to have the park all to oneself!

Once she was finished, Ede took a moment to give the local benchdweller, who’d been having a manic episode nearby while she was playing on the bars, a stern talking-to.

Uht oh. Better look out, mister.
Uht oh. Better look out, mister.
Ede: "You need to get your act together, mister."
Ede: “You need to get a grip on yourself, mister.”

With the park safe from madness for now, Ede marched home. She’s got the most hilariously ragey-looking “uncomfortable” face ever. I’m kind of afraid to see what her eyebrows will look like when she’s older. ;D

Ede marches with purpose!
“Another day, another jerk.”

Everyone else was still asleep, so Edelweiss had a nice long chat with the ghost of her grandfather, Clematis.

She asked him about all manner of awkward subjects. They joked about vampires and boogers. And they got to know each other.

Ede: "What's worse - being old, or being dead?"
Ede: “What’s worse – being old, or being dead?”

It was a lively heart-to-heart, and they became good friends.

Ede: "Can you bring me back something from the afterlife, pleeeease?"
Ede: “Can you bring me back something from the afterlife, pleeeease?”
Clem: "How about a hug?"   <3
Clem: “How about a hug?” ❤

I was really glad they got to have this moment, because the game culled Clem the following day. There’s nothing I can do to prevent this at this point, because our population is inflated with sims I have no control over (they don’t show up in unplayed sims – just exist somewhere, taking up space). No family ghosts for me! 😡

As one soul is taken from us, another is given. On the morning of her birthday, Ede got to help welcome the newest member of the family: her little brother, Elder Wolff.

Ede woke up to witness her baby brother being born.
Ede woke up to witness her baby brother being born.

She’s really quite excited to be a big sister, and she can already make her bro laugh like nobody else can.

Cuteness overload!
Cuteness overload!

Having a son might be changing my feelings about the shrinkeye squarejaw pandemic, but we have a little time before we need to worry — really hoping for a patch before the November update! Elsewise I suppose we’ll just have to hunt for large-eyed partners in future generations. 😉

I sent Ede for a well-deserved bath while the rest of the family tidied up to prepare for her birthday party. It’d be a small affair with family and close friends only, since Ede’s a loner and all. 🙂

Mom Cooper managed to ninja in and make the cake.

Attending family parties in your PJs is entirely appropriate.

Sister Easter Lily donned her new party outfit, hoping her crush might notice that her eyes match her dress. (More about him later.) 😉

He'd have to be a fool not to notice you, dear.
He’d have to be a fool not to notice you, dear heart.

There was merriment, of course, but Ede was already getting uncomfortable so we cut to the chase. Let’s blow those suckers out already, eh?


Let the metamorphosis begin!

Oops, forgot about the pajamas.
Open your eyes, fair creature.

I know, this is my sim so I’m probably biased, but I feel like Edelweiss is completely stunning. I mean, wow! Was not expecting that!

We rolled Loves the Outdoors for Ede, and for the aspiration, Serial Romantic. Haven’t tried that one, lol.. Ought to be interesting.

Her pajamas had left her a little exposed, so we made a quick trip to the dresser to finetune the outfits a bit. Changed the hairstyle, ’cause we already had that one with aunt Daisy. And I gave her some eyeliner and lipstick. Couldn’t resist. Her lips are freaking amazing. ❤

Ede: "Again with the party and the people, in my house? Seriously?
Ede: “Again with the party and the people, in my house? Seriously?”

And I totally love that she is still unimpressed by my efforts. ;D


10 thoughts on “Log 4h: Something About Ede

  1. She’s cute! I was halfway expecting her to be fat because she looked a little chunky there for a minute. I hope she still gives us great expressions in her teen years.


    1. I thought she would be chubby too! She’s like bone-thin as a young adult – I really think finishing the scamp aspiration as a child has something to do with it. Or maybe they patched something, ’cause before her it seemed like all of my sims were on the verge of being chunky all the time.


      1. Interesting. That’s like the opposite of what I had going on. Whenever my adults would lose weight, they would gain it all back with a vengeance on their elder birthday. But then if they went to another lot, they’d be skinny again lol.


  2. Best of all?

    “Another Day, Another Jerk.”

    Hands Down (for some of them, paws down).

    I think I’m gonna get a tee shirt printed with that slogan because up til now I thought “But hey, that’s Just me.”.

    Nope. “All the world is a stage and here I stand surrounded by buffoons.”

    Liked by 1 person

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