Log 4g: Third Time’s the Charm

Dia’s still mopey. He’s been trying to incorporate his emotions into everything he does.

Human tears are probably the last thing we should be feeding Frankenplant.
Human tears are probably the last thing we should be feeding Frankenplant.

Coop’s been simultaneously trying to make her boy happy & enjoying the heck out of his misery. That last bit sounds like she’s off cackling somewhere because people are sad, but it’s not like that at all. Honest.

She's actually cackling because of something she read in the Intelligence Database. ;D
Don’t worry! She only cackles while reading the Intelligence Database. ;D

No, it plays out more like this:

Give me your pain; let me be your strength.

If I didn’t have that glimpse into the inner workings of her psyche, I’d probably just think she was the family rock – unflinchingly optimistic, loving and sweet. 🙂

At any rate, Coop’s had the want to have another baby for a couple days now, so I figured we’d indulge her & give it a try. Dia could use the cheering up, anyway.

dia sad coop
Coop heeds her calling to envelop herself in Dia’s sadness.

True to form, once her parents initiated woohoo and my mind had begun to wander to profound ponderings on the vampiric nature of altruism, who should come cruising out of the house but Edelweiss.

ede sees all
“Just checking on the breeding, you know.”

She just stood outside the door drinking her juice while her parents got busy. When her juice was gone, she turned to face the camera and her expression.. well, see for yourself.

ede sees all 2
Ede sees all, knows all.

I know it’s crazy but I can’t help but feel that she’s critiquing me when she does these things – mocking me with an “aw, isn’t that cute – you’ve just discovered something I’ve known for years” sort of patronizing affection. Hmph!

Anyway, Ede’s right to grin here – the baby try took & we’re happily expecting lumpkin #3. 🙂

Meanwhile, not to be slowed down by something as trivial as growing a new sim-person inside her, Coop’s been really taking to her Secret Agent career. She’s unlocked quite a few neat furnishings for us now.

Secret Agent desk, chair, lamp (I think?) and groovy tactical map!
Secret Agent desk, chair, desk lamp (I think?) and groovy tactical map!
We just got this awesome secret door. Doesn't really fit with the decor yet, but I couldn't not use it. ;D
We just got this awesome secret door, too! 😀

I’m going to have to redesign things a bit to hold all the fancy hi-tech stuff we’ve got now. Soon!

With Clem gone, the multitude of little maintenance things he used to take care of have been piling up. It’s definitely time to include the kids in some household chores. While I do want to keep Dia skilling (he only has one of the six 8+ skills he needs yet, oof), besides the fact that he’s impaired by grief he’s also been spending a ton of free time on his writing lately & been plain unable to keep up with it all.

Easter: "You go cry it out, dad. I'll finish watering today."
Easter: “You go get some rest, dad. I’ll finish watering today.”

Easter takes one for the team and picks up the gardening slack, but she’s not really loving it yet.

Easter Lily and the Gnome are equally perplexed by Frankenplant.
Easter Lily and the Gnome are equally irked by Frankenplant.

Ede’s getting off pretty easy being that she’s not old enough to help with repairs or plants yet, but she doesn’t seem to mind cleaning up the kitchen once in a while for now. 🙂

For the most part, everyone at home gets along great. I’m really enjoying how very different the Wolff girls are from one another. Easter is animated and outgoing, Coop is potent and pure, & Ede’s got that strange otherworldly perception thing going on.

One eats gourmet leftovers, one works studiously, and one huffs cake fumes. <3
One eats gourmet leftovers, one works studiously, and one huffs cake fumes. ❤

I’ve noticed that Ede does the same weird patronizing thing with her big sister that she does with me!  The two often look as though Ede has just told Easter the ending to a book she’s only just started. Maybe it’s just her face shape + my overactive imagination, but dang. Lol.

Easter Lily: "Is anybody else seeing this??"
Easter Lily: “Is anybody else seeing this??”

We’ve been hanging onto another cowplant seed. Clem found it on a space mission just before he left us, and as soon as she’s old enough, I feel like Ede should be the one to plant it. Because she’s weird, you know? Whenever it eats someone, we can think of her. ;D


8 thoughts on “Log 4g: Third Time’s the Charm

  1. LOL, Ede is weird, but I don’t think I want her to get eaten by the cow plant…just yet :-p

    That frankenplant is something else! I never had that gardening bug, so I’ve never seen anything like it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cowplant berries from space? Wonder if they’re any different from the ones that are fairly easy to get in Sylvan Glade. (easy, one only needs a level 2, or so, fishing skill and they turn up, amid other rare, and some not-so-rare artifacts.)

    Oh and fish, too, but they rot before one gets them home.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Follow-Up.

    Now Kimmy gets them (cowplant berries) right out of the river behind our (their) house. 2 in one fishing session. Dime a dozen, it would seem. And with only a Level 7 Fishing Skill

    And I also found out, Sims can eat Cowplant berries!

    Meanwhile they claim somewhere that caught fish can be cooked for a meal but I have thus far only the option to name them or frame them.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. They appear to be definitely less rare than they are billed to be,

        Now just to find some lilies to make death flowers with and from there ambrosia. Got one sole ghost in-game and she’s been dead since they put ghosts in the game, so I wanna bring her back to tend bar a few more years.

        Liked by 1 person

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