Log 4f: Death Isn’t So Bad

Time was running out for Easter Lily to complete her childhood aspiration. We were so close to maxing Motor skill we could taste it.

Time for a Keyboard Commander all-nighter!

Time for a Keyboard Commander all-nighter!
*clackety clackety clack*

… five long hours later … 

Easter: "I think I just beat the game!"
Easter: “I think I just beat the game!”

And she did it! Rambunctious Scamp & mastery of the Motor skill – yay!

Grandpa made her a snack and gave her a big hug, and then she passed out cold just as the sun was rising. 🙂

Proud grandpa. He remembers how hard it is to complete your childhood aspiration! ;)
Proud grandpa. He remembers how hard it was to complete his childhood aspiration!

Clem took a minute to check on his Frankenplant..

Frankenplant should look like the nice little round one in the foreground.
Frankenplant should look like the nice little round one in the foreground.

I don’t know what to do with this thing so I just keep tending it. It takes a long time now, haha. It’s got 4 whole-plant shoots, at least. I can usually water them but not weed them – once in a while one of the shoots will die and I can discard it, but more just keep growing. Something for future generations to figure out, I guess. ;D

Later that day, we celebrated Easter Lily’s teen birthday. I had to wake her after only a few hours of rest because I don’t want her to turn completely nocturnal while she’s still in school, so we had to make it a quick party. 🙂

Easter blows out her candles while sister Ede scowl-sings.
Easter blows out her candles while sister Ede scowl-sings Happy Birthday.

This part is always so exciting – I love seeing the child to teen transformations.

Hooray! I am tall, and beautiful!
Hooray!! I am tall, and beautiful!

We rolled Art Lover for our lovely young Slob, and the Friend of the World aspiration. Eeeehhh.. That one’s going to be rough for me, lol. She’s so pretty, though, yay! She actually looks a lot like her aunt Daisy, I think.

Mom's eyes, dad's face shape. <3
Mom’s eyes, dad’s face shape. ❤

Edelweiss’ everpresent glare is reminding me that this all only lasted a second, because Easter was pooped and Ede was pissed that we were having visitors, lol.

Did you really have to invite all these people for this?
Ede: “Did you really have to invite all these people into my house?”

The guests had left, the girls had gone off to their rooms, and Clem and Dia thought they’d relax with a nice game of chess. Clem only won them about half the time now, so it was anybody’s game. 🙂

When Clem pulled the “Hey, what’s that?” point, Dia thought it was just that silly old trick he used to use when he was a kid – Dia would look away to see what he was pointing at, and Clem would move the pieces around.

Dia: "Nice try, Dad."
Dia: “Nice try, Dad.”

But this time it was for real.

Clem: "Goodbye, son."
Clem: “Goodbye, son.”

Dia kind of lost his shit over this. 😦 I’m recalling now that this is the same situation that surrounded his mother’s death. They were just about to start a game when the reaper came to call. Poor Dia is going to have a hard time challenging loved ones to chess matches after this, I think.

There there Dia, he was 120something years old.
Losing a parent is never easy, even if they’re 120something years old. 😦

This was another emotional family moment in which Edelweiss’ odd behavior forced me to redirect my attention to her. She knocks me to a different realm of consciousness, disjointing my attachment to what else is going on. Not sure if a ‘thank you’ is in order or I should be annoyed, lol.

Ede has no “bad” traits – just loner – but she does strange things sometimes. She came out of her room, I assumed to witness the death, but instead of being upset by it, she just came over and stood on grandpa’s hand with a big huge grin on her face.

Don't look so satisfied, child, you're freaking me out.
Don’t look so satisfied, child, you’re freaking me out.

She wasn’t even “happy” so why the grin? They were friends, so it’s not like she didn’t like being around him or something.. So odd.

Coop didn’t witness Clem’s death herself, so she wasn’t taking it too hard. She was a little sad. She’d been out to see the grave a couple times, but her main concern right now was her sweetie, Dia.

I know, sweetie.
There, there, sweetie.

Coop’s Evil trait causes her to find comfort in the presence of suffering. She doesn’t engineer it, and she really does seek to lift the spirits of her loved ones when they’re upset, so I can’t feel that she’s truly malicious in this – she just feels.. happy.

With training, she could learn not to grin widely at funerals, right? *sweats*
With training she could learn not to grin so widely, at least.  *sweats*

Easter Lily woke from her late nap blissfully unaware of the after-party happenings. Rather than tell her though, I let her head downtown to get started on her Friend of the World aspiration. (Tbh seeing Dia mope makes me sad, and the only cure for that is time so I needed to get out of the house too.)

We started at the park, because I wanted to check on the new NPCs to see whether we were affected by the latest genetic abnormality (males generating with boxy jaws and teeny tiny eyes).

Well, the hat helps, I guess.
Well, the hat helps, I guess.

Doh. Looks like we’ve got it! Gonna have to be careful aging up any male sims while we wait on a fix.

The beard definitely helps!
The beard definitely helps!

We actually really liked waders, despite his affliction. We have pretty big eyes – it could still work, right? ;D  I put him in a house anyway since I know Easter’s going to need lots of friends and our town still repopulates daily.

We moved from there in search of other hands to shake and eventually ended up at the gym, where we came across a most curious sight.

Hmm.. must proceed with caution.

For some reason, Easter felt that the situation called for a joy buzzer. And who was I to deny that? The guy just reaped her grandpa, after all.

Easter: "Hello, Death. It's quite shocking to meet you!"
Easter: “Hello, Death. It’s quite shocking meeting you here!”

Poor Death. He didn’t mind the zap but he was quite embarrassed, though we knew not why. So Easter stuck around to comfort and cheer him up.

(Yes, Easter inherited the family booty. Hotdamn, girl!)
(Yes, Easter inherited the family booty. Hotdamn, girl!)

They actually became friends, right then and there.

Easter Lily, Peacemaker.
Easter Lily, Peacemaker.

Death isn’t so bad once you get to know him.


7 thoughts on “Log 4f: Death Isn’t So Bad

  1. Easter Lilly turned out so pretty. And I love the “Friend to the World” aspiration. Ike had it. It’s the perfect aspiration for story writing. I don’t feel too bad for Clem, he’s lucky. How many sims get to live long enough to see even 1 grandchild?

    Ede is trying to steal my heart in that picture of her dead grandpa. Lol. Maybe there’s a morbidity in the Loner trait.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhh I almost forgot! That kid should get double ponts for that god-awful relic of a computer. Not one but TWO rattle-trap 5 1/4 floppy-disk drives?

      Sell it to a museum! The family bill problems will be over!

      Dinosaurs.. Sheesh!

      Liked by 1 person

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