Log 4d: Overachievers Anonymous

Easter Lily is funny. Much like her mom, this kid doesn’t do anything halfway.

When she wants to rummage through a trash can, for example, she really throws her whole self into it.

Fire in the hole!
Fire in the hole!
This would make a clever hiding spot. I had to camera in to see her, even with that outrageous bun of hers. ;D
This would make a clever hiding spot. I had to camera in to see her, even with that outrageous bun of hers. ;D

There was still a bit of daylight left after her trashbath, so Easter cruised over to see if it was time to meet her new cousin yet – the one that Digitalis and Bailey should be having any day now.

Easter Lily makes house calls.
Digit’s house has an interesting entryway.

The baby had been born! Another girl, we think – the game named her Adalynn, which is pretty nifty. 🙂 Digitalis seems so happy to be a parent. I feel bad for almost having resigned him to a life without love.

Easter's baby cousin Adalynn. <3
Easter’s baby cousin Adalynn. ❤

After her pop had put her back in the bassinet, Easter leaned in and introduced herself.

Easter: "Hello, little cousin! We can play together real soon."
Easter Lily: “Hello, little cousin, I’m Easter! We can play together real soon!”

I need to add some more children to the neighborhood, but for now, Easter and her other cousin Riley have been hanging out a bit. Easter’s been showing her cuz her sweet dance moves.

*boogie down*
*boogie down*

Riley’s kind of hard to impress, lol. But she’ll keep trying, by golly!

Riley: "What was THAT?"
Riley: “What kind of dance was THAT?”

It was about here that I discovered that emotional dancing was a thing. Dia came to dance with the girls, and he started doing this weird, sly-grin, pelvic thrust thing that I had never seen before. 0.o

You're so embarrassing, Dad.
You’re so embarrassing, Dad.

It’s because he was feeling Flirty, lol!  If you haven’t experienced flirty sims dancing yet, you must do it now! Coop’s dance is super hot. I now want to create a venue with high flirty aura so I can go there and cackle at all the townies dirty dancing. ;D

Ahem, anyway. Turns out that our Cooper is a fantastic Secret Agent. Her dedication to her job is matched by none. Perhaps it’s her Perfectionist trait shining through, but she’ll never take a sick day, no matter what. Not even if she’s in heavy labor.

"Cool, she's taking herself to the hospital," we thought.
“Cool, she’s taking herself to the hospital,” we thought. Nope, went to work!

“Maybe she’ll come home early,” we thought. Nope, worked a full day! Coop was promoted to Lead Detective while in labor. Your mom’s a badass, Easter. ;D

Dang, girl, you gonna take a break yet?
Dang, girl, you gonna take a break yet?

I thought I’d just let the labor progress naturally since we’d already gone this long, but it was taking forever! Through the night and into the next morning, though having regular contractions and super uncomfortable, Coop had still not given birth.

Is this ever going to end?
“I thought the second birth was supposed to be easier!”

I didn’t want her to go to work yet again so I gave in and sent her to the hospital. Dia was perfectly calm about it this time, and we soon welcomed another awkwardly-named baby girl into the world. 🙂

This seems to be the only onesie we own. ;D
Sorry, Edelweiss – this seems to be the only onesie we own. ;D

Edelweiss Wolff has papa’s skintone. Her eyes seem darker too, but I’m not sure if infant eye color means anything – Easter’s certainly didn’t look green until she aged up.

We’d better let Coop sleep now, she’s had a rough few days! 🙂


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