Log 4a: It’s a Girl!

Welcome to the world, little Easter Lily Wolff!

Uncle Digitalis was the first to greet Easter Lily. <3
Uncle Digitalis was the first to greet Easter Lily at home. ❤

This is our first time swapping generations pre heir-death – the logs feel so disjointed! Living will is kind of a pain that way. Not sure if I’d choose this succession law again without making some modifications.

Anyway, lets get the (re)introductions out of the way! 🙂

Here’s the crew for this round:

dia YA mug

Dianthus Wolff
4th Gen Heir

Traits: Bookworm, Loner, Romantic

Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
Employment: Tech Guru (but he’ll be hopping jobs again)

Brown eyes (a bit small), Brown hair, med complexion. Fabulous eyebrows. Wears glasses. Dia’s got really wide shoulders and a tiny little waist, so he looks a bit odd without some meat on his bones. He does have a sweet butt like his papa though, regardless of how thin he gets. ;D

If I may just rant a moment. I have a really hard time getting sims to (what I consider) a healthy weight – seems way too easy to go to max fatness, and I don’t like how damn skinny they look right after a slim potion either. Dia shouldn’t be scrawny, nor chunky, in my mind. I actually picture him having a big strong body. Not all hulked out, because he’s a thinker, but with some size to him, y’know? I’ll keep experimenting with different exercise/dance/food combos.

And here’s Coop. I have to confess, I’ve been struggling with the dark secret of knowing the worst of her traits for a while now. On paper, I would not have chosen this girl for Legacy material, lol. But to ignore the importance of her relationship with Dia in favor of my own comfort felt wrong, so I’ve just rolled with it. He didn’t know her bad traits & it didn’t matter to him. Clem knew and went out of his way to befriend her anyway. Who knows how this will all play out, but she’s really grown on me and I’m willing to take the hit to our trait purity.

I think I’m mostly afraid that everyone will hate her now, lol.  Please don’t hate her?  *gulp*  I’m so silly. ;D

coop YA mugCooper Nolan
4th Gen Mate

Traits: Family-Oriented, Perfectionist, Evil

Aspiration: Joke Star

Sandy blonde hair, big green eyes, light complexion, average build. Coop has kind of a wide upper waist, which looks odd in some clothes.

What a complicated personality Coop has. She’s been fascinating to watch. Her Evil (so far) plays out as her being super protective of her close relationships. She has never once yelled at Dia, but if there are strangers around and she’s in a mood she’s likely to bother them. If she’s having a private conversation with someone that she likes and someone new invites themselves in and derails the convo, she will lash at them. Since Dia’s a Loner, it’s been really uncanny just how fitting her behavior seems. He is more comfortable in life because of her disdain for strangers, lol. I was REALLY expecting her to have some sort of comedic trait, because ever since she was a little kid her interactions have been largely jokey, but I guess the aspiration affects personality a lot more than we’re used to from TS3. She frequently rolls wants to simply tell jokes. Not do mischief, like you might expect from an evil sim. So weird.

Also living in the house are grandpa Clematis (Hot-headed, Geek, Loves Outdoors), a retired interstellar smuggler/master gardener; and our most challenging G4 spare, Digitalis (Outgoing, Insane, Neat). If we can find a friend for Digit, he’ll be moving out, but we can’t just kick him to the curb as-is because we’re saps.

What did I do with the other spares, you ask?

Daisy and Dandelion have moved into a lovely house with some pre-screened romantic interests. For Daisy, the mysterious watermelon chef, and for Dan, a nice noncommittal gal we met at the library.

Daisy & Dandelion's new home.
Daisy & Dandelion’s new home.

When Clem visited to check on them, Daisy and watermelon guy (Zaiden) were goofing around in one of the bedrooms. They were both in their athletic wear and energized, so I betcha Active Daisy’s been training her roomies, lol.

Daisy is enjoying getting to know her new roommates. :)
Daisy is enjoying getting to know her new roommates. 🙂

Good luck, you two! ;D

Delphinium is living with his wife Hope and their daughter Riley, and they might have another on the way! (Had them Try for Baby on their way out the door, lol.) Theirs is a more modest home, but they are happy to be together. When Clem visited, there was a hugfest goin’ on. 🙂

Clem pays Delphinum a visit.
Clem pays Delphinum a visit.
Clem is pleased that his granddaughter and her mama are so sweet.
Clem is pleased that his granddaughter and her mama are so sweet.

I think I’ll end this one here since it’s already pretty long and has been tainted by me babbling about game mechanics. ;D

edit: I just want to also mention that I’ve finally put some of these guys up in the Gallery under the Origin ID Ehhwot. You’ll find most heirs there, & a couple spares. Just in case anyone wants to use them for their own dark designs. 😉


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