Gen 3 Score Card

Quick score update pause – here’s how we’re doing at the changing of the guard from G3 to G4. Clem’s still alive – we brought this one on by baby. 🙂

Note: the scoring rules have changed a lot since the last gen! We gained points in some areas and lost points in others. 

Family : 4/10
(1 point per generation to have an eligible heir reach adulthood; 10th point for having or adopting 10 children in a single generation.)

Creative: 2/10
(1 point per generation heir+partner memorialized in song, paint, writing or comedy; 10th point for a single sim completing 2/3 Creative aspirations)
2nd generation memorialized in Masterpiece paintings.
3rd generation memorialized in Masterpiece paintings.

Fortune: 4/10
Household worth:  $361,028
Next point at: $510,000
Cash on hand: $21,969
Bills: $15,655 D:

Love: 3/10
(1 point per spouse with 3 unique traits; 10th point for a single sim completing both Love aspirations)
Finn (Genius, Good, Family-Oriented)
Garrett (Geek, Childish, Music Lover)
Estrella (Loves Outdoors, Romantic, Materialistic)

Non-eligible trait* spouses:
Cooper ((SPOILERS ;p, Family-Oriented*)

Knowledge:  4/10
(See Pinstar’s scoring page for deets)
Total skills reaching 10: 15
Next point at: 21
Creative (child): Clematis
Mental (child): Delphinium
Social (child): Digitalis
Fishing: Buttercup, Estrella
Gardening: Estrella, Clematis
Guitar: Anemone
Handiness: Buttercup
Logic: Buttercup, Burdock, Clematis
Painting: Garrett, Cyclamen
Rocket Science: Clematis

Athletic: 4/10
(This changed too, check da rulez)
Artistic Prodigy (Child): Clematis
Creative > Painter Extraordinaire: Cyclamen
Nature > Angling Ace: Buttercup, Estrella
Nature > Curator: Buttercup
Nature > Green Thumb: Clematis
Wealth > Mansion Baron: Estrella
Total aspirations completed: 7
Next point at: 8

Nature: 2/10
(1 point for each Pinstar ‘collection’: All death types on family lot; All career reward objects in family inventory; All 27 aspirations; All consumable aspiration rewards in family inventory;  1 point for each Sims collection completed)
Sims collections completed: Elements, Space Rocks
Deaths on lot: Elderly Demise (7)

Food: 3/10
(See Pinstar’s scoring page for deets)
Have a sim get fat from own cooking: Digitalis
Have 6+ sims seated for a meal at once.
Prepare a meal with 2+ perfect ingredients.
Purchase & completely upgrade most expensive stove & fridge: (in progress)

Popularity: 2/10
(The rules for this are in place now, but I’ve been doing a shit job of keeping track.)
6 Gold dates,  5 silver dates.
1 Gold birthday party, 9 silver birthday parties.
Total gold: 7 (21 medal pts)
Total silver: 14 (28 medal pts)
Total medal points: 49
Next point at: 60

Deviance: 3/10
Stored potions of youth: 4
Next point at: 5

Other – Employment
(Doing this for myself only, ’cause these are hard and worthy of recognition!)
Careers completed: 2
Painter > Master of the Real: Cyclamen
Astronaut > Interstellar Smuggler: Clematis

Penalties: None!
(-1 point for: power shutoff, plumbing shutoff, child/infant taken away)

Total:  31 points

Here’s the obligatory screencap of Clem’s relationship panel for Living Will succession – Dianthus+baby wins! 🙂

G3 Living Will


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