Log 3r: Shepherd Moons

Coop is adjusting pretty well to life in the Legacy house. With so many people living here and all of them working on different aspirations and careers, there’s never a dull moment!

Coop: "I probably don't wanna know, but what are you wearing?"
Coop: “I probably don’t wanna know, but.. what are you wearing?”
Dia: "Don't you love it? It's got a certain.. je ne sais quoi."
Dia: “Don’t you love it? It’s got a certain.. je ne sais quoi!”
Coop: "Is that French for 'please help me, I'm nuts' ?"
Coop: “Is that French for ‘please help me, I’m nuts’ ?”

Ow. Her tongue is so sharp! Good thing she’s also soft and pretty and her skin is so smooth and warm and, and.. Having Cooper as a girlfriend has Dia way more functional and good-way quirky. No longer do we feel like we’ll have to pay a random stranger to kiss him so that he can go out in public without dying! ;D

I’m not sure how hard I’m going to try to fulfill his Renaissance Sim aspiration, because there is a ton of career changing that must be done and it feels unpleasantly chaotic for me – I don’t like to micromanage these guys too much. Right now we’re on the 2nd stage – just need a couple more skills over 5 to progress. I may just park him in a suitable career instead of trying to finish this thing, I dunno.

With Dianthus in a firm lead for the heir spot, I’m still determined to pair off at least some of the spares.

Probably not Digitalis though.

Digitalis has grown fat from overeating his own cooking - that's worth a point! :D
Digitalis has grown fat from overeating his own cooking – hey, that’s worth a Legacy point! 😀

Though Digit’s aspiration is in Mixology, I have him in the Chef track of the Culinary career. The image of him as an obese, insane, neat-freak chef is just too perfect in my mind, haha. He needs 5 friends for his next promotion though, which I believe to be impossible – he has zero. We’re lucky if we can keep a relationship in the green at all. He’s just too insane. Lately I’ve been worrying over what to do with him for the long term.. Don’t think I want his ghost running around the house. >.>

My “lets see if we can impregnate a townie” experiment was a success! Delphinium is the proud future papa of a dark jedi clown baby. ;D

This time, Delphinium wore the robes.
This time, Del wore the robes.

He couldn’t be happier. And she’s really very sweet. Her name is Hope. 🙂

He proposed, as promised.

A successful engagement for one of the spares!
A successful engagement for one of the spares!

She accepted, yay! As soon as we’re freed up to move forward, he’ll be moving in with his new family. ❤

That was another weird party pic — that’s your cue, Daisy!

Daisy, our aspiring Party Animal, managed to have one successful romantic evening with Grant.

Finally, dang!
Finally, dang!

They got their pink bar about a 3rd of the way full that night! I was hopeful. A day later he called and invited her to hang out at his place. I was excited! Surely this was the sign that this relationship was gonna work after all, right?

This doesn't look like a serial killer's murder shack at all..
This doesn’t look like a serial killer’s murder shack at all..

Actually, nope. Not sure why he even invited Daisy over. He was rude and cold to her, and then he just watched TV. What the plum, Grant.

Daisy needs to get herself back to the club, I think.  With Clem retired, I let her go ahead and join the entertainer career. Aiming for comedian, since she’s Goofy now – she can just practice jokes on the mic & wait for Mr. Right to come strolling along. We’ll be sure to abduct any promising townies and put them in a nice happy house with actual windows.


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