Log 3p: Girls Go to Mars

Clem’s elder birthday party was underway, and Dianthus wondered why he didn’t see Cooper anywhere. The girl practically lived at the house after school, so not having her here when there was sure to be lots of food was just.. odd.

Dia went to check outside, in case she was messing around with the microscope or something. He finally found her over by the garden with her head buried in the pomegranate tree.

Dia: I know you're there, chickenbutt. Come have some cake!
Dia: “Fear not, fair maiden! I shall use this fork to free you from the leafy behemoth!”
Uht oh, this looks serious.
Uht oh, this looks serious.

Cooper told Dia that she thought she saw her mom walking by a minute ago, so she tried to hide behind the tree. If her mom knew she was here, there would be trouble.

Coop had reason to worry. Her mother was enemies with half the household by now, and if she ever saw Coop hanging out with us anywhere she was sure to give us all a piece of her Evil mind.

Cooper and Dia imitate her mother.
Cooper and Dia blow off some steam by imitating her mother.
Dia lives to make Coop laugh.
Dia lives to make Coop laugh.

Getting that off her chest felt great. This is why she chose Dia for her BFF. He may live a sheltered existence, but she can tell him anything and he never judges her poorly. He just gets her.

I'm so glad you're you.
I’m so glad you’re you, Chickenbutt.

Coop figured she might as well go inside at this point. If she was going to burn anyway, she might as well enjoy the sin. And cake is definitely one of her favorite sins!

Pizza guy has seen so many of these now.
Li’l Pizza Guy has seen so many of these now.
I'm totally pulling this spinjump at my next birthday IRL.
Happy birthday, Clem! We ❤ you!

And you’ll just have to imagine what he looks like for now, as I appear to have missed getting a pic of his face. Soon! ;D

Clem is the first member of the family who has been permitted to retire.  He’ll be getting a daily pension of $1,274 for his Interstellar Smuggling career. We’ll toy with fulfilling his Nerd Brain aspiration (though there is some wonky behavior going on with reading books since he got that damn ‘read faster’ perk – sometimes they don’t count, and other times he just stops reading the book for no apparent reason. I get grumpy!) But in truth I mostly need him around to recover the garden, which looks like ass lately, lol.

He’ll probably also be making some collections trips in his shiny new Retro Rocket, which we had the kids help finish building. 🙂


As a side note, it took our lecherous son Dandelion to alert us tonight that Cooper is no longer a teenager. He’s also a lovelorn Romantic with no outlet, like his brother Dia, but without Dia’s sensitivity. Dan was flirt-spamming Coop at Clem’s birthday party like there was no tomorrow. Now she hates him, haha. Oops.

Cooper: "Touch my ass again and I'll feed you your fingers!"
Cooper: “Touch my clothes again and I’ll feed you your fingers!”

Well, he deserved it, so I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad. ;D

Dia felt horrible though.

Dia: "I am SO SORRY for the way my brother acted in there."
Dia: “I am SO SORRY for the way my brother acted in there.”

Ever the gentleman, this boy.

She has to be patient.
He’s a bit slow. She’ll have to be patient.

It was way late, so Coop switched into her sweats for the jog home. She liked to dress for stealth when she was out alone at night, and heels and a minidress weren’t gonna fly for that.

Her phone blooped. She had a text message. From mother.

Text Mssg: I know where u were. You want to be an adult? Don't bother coming home.
Text: I know where u were tonight. Want to be an adult? Don’t bother coming home.

… real nice, mom.


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