Log 3n: Boys Go To Jupiter

Cyclamen moved out! I just couldn’t bear to put these guys through another death so soon, so I let him chug a youth potion (he was in the twinkly ‘I’m about to die’ stage of elder) and plopped him into a house with a couple townies. As a bonus, the potion made him thin again too! Crazy bug, haha. This frees up a bit more space in the legacy house for roomies/potential spouses/whatever. Maybe I’ll actually pair up some of the spares this time. 🙂

Cyc sculpted this clay bust as a parting gift for us. ;D
Cyc sculpted this clay bust as a Thank You gift for us! ;D

Clem has been spending a lot of time exploring the far reaches of space. I think that if he could, he would just stay out there forever. When he’s at home, he’s often Angry – without the extra happiness that Estrella’s presence and affection brought him, he’s having a hard time battling his Hot-headed trait.

clem boxing
Now we get to imagine what he might have been like.

The kids have banded together though, and it’s been going pretty well at the legacy house, all things considered.

Digitalis, despite suffering from pretty dramatic bouts of Insanity, has so far managed to hold down a job in the Culinary field. His relationships with his family are strained due to his frequent outbursts, but I try to have them make up whenever I catch him going into offensive mode. It would be easier, I think, if he didn’t also have the Neat trait because the smallest of messes will send him over the edge.

Digitalis: "We're out of paper towels!!"
Digitalis: “YOU!! You set your glass on the counter!!”

Delphinium had his YA birthday! I didn’t manage to capture it, but he added Good to his Loner Materialism. He’s been working in the Tech career, though I can’t remember why now.. haha.. I think he had a want at some point related to that. He’s a good sim, never causes me any trouble. But I find myself negatively judging his character because of his wardrobe choices. ;D


The twins, Daisy and Dandelion, both have B grades in high school and have kind of become our new gardener/repair team. Life skills that will serve them when/if they have to go out into the world and do it on their own, right?

Dianthus is still Dianthus.

So odd that the sensitive loner is the glue holding us all together.
So odd that this sensitive loner is the glue holding us all together.

Dianthus and his friend Cooper enjoyed three days of being the same “age” before Dia had to depart his teen years and become a young adult. But they were together nearly that whole time, like true BFFs.

Cooper and Dianthus would oft rendezvous in the park where they first met.
There may be zombies outside, but my jokes are freaking HEE-larious!
“There may be zombies outside, but my jokes are freaking HEE-larious!”

(Seriously, what the hell is that?)


There’s no denying that this girl is cute – gotta say, those genes would be quite welcome in our little generation factory. *mrburnshands*

Is this what they mean when they say "girl next door" ?
Is this what they mean when they say “girl next door” charm ?

But Coop is a complicated girl. Definitely not all innocence and rainbows.

Coop: *swinging punches*
Coop: *swinging punches*
Dia: "Chickenbutt? Are you ok?"      Coop: "GRRRR"
Dia, worried: “Cooper?”    Coop: “GRRRR
Coop: *embarrassed*
Coop: Oh god, what am I doing?
Dia: "Try not to do that again, ok?"
Dia: “It’s okay, just, y’know, are you ok?”
Coop: "I'm peachy, chickenbutt!"
Coop: “I’m peachy, chickenbutt!”

She also seems more world-wise than Dianthus, and isn’t shy about teasing him about it.

Coop: "Dude! Now I know your hand sucks - this is what you look like."
Coop: “Dude! Now I know your hand sucks – this is what you look like.”

Yet she has an undeniable something pure about her – an unflinching, stubborn loyalty, maybe? She’s the kind of friend that would beat someone up for hurting your feelings without even thinking of questioning you for fault first. Haha.

It’s hard to read these two. Sometimes I think they’re purely platonic, and other times it seems that one or the other is suffering from unrequieted love.

Coop: "Such fine fingers. Shame you use them to pick your nose!"
Coop: “Such fine fingers. Shame you use them to pick your nose!”
I found them huddled in front of the fireplace at the park building - flirty?
They may or may not have been messing with the juice bar in here. >.>

Maybe that’s just the way teens are. I’d never paid this close attention to a TS4 teen before.

On Dianthus’ YA birthday, he rolled Romantic. This boy is a bundle of complex emotions, now. *sigh*

I wish I’d never started paying attention to the sim wants, because now I can’t ignore them, lol. Dia requires romance – he wants to flirt and flatter and touch and kiss. But he really only knows Coop and his sibs, so he’s had to branch out. Being a Loner, this is really hard to do. He’s uncomfortable in so many social situations, but he needs to meet people somehow! Oof.

Reading a book in a remote corner of the park, while enjoyable, ain't helpin'.
Reading a book in a remote corner of the park, while enjoyable, ain’t helpin’.

Daisy’s been working on her Party Animal aspiration by experimenting with throwing social events. (So far we’re not doing so hot, haha.. gotta remodel the kitchen or something). There’s a certain gal she regularly invites named Eve, who Dia was finally getting familiar enough with to let his guard down a little.

Preeeetty hair <3
Preeeetty hair. ❤

Pretty lady, and we learned from conversation that she is a Gloomy, Creative, Geek. Not the worst traits. Most importantly, she really did seem to have a spark for Dia.

After building up a little bit of a friendship with Eve at a party, I noticed she was giving him the doe-eye a bit and thought that might be a good sign that romance was in the air.

Yup, she initiated a flirt! The ol’ stretch yawn armwrap. ;D

Dia looks like he actually has no idea what's going on, lol.
Dia looks like he actually has no idea what’s going on here, lol.
Here either, kinda.

He seemed ok with it, I guess..? Only right afterward he got up & went into his room to read a book. Alone. Lol.

Unbeknownst to Dianthus and I, Cooper also happened to be at this particular party. (She often just comes over, probably because they’re BFFs. But I’ll find her in the house dancing or eating or something without ever having invited her in, lol.)

Now I’m sure this was totally coincidental and she wasn’t actually trying to protect our boy’s virtue, but Coop was very much NOT liking the new girl. Eve happened to be in the kitchen flirting with Clem now (?!!) and Coop marched over and tore her pretty head right off.

coop eve rage
Coop: “There’s a lunatic in the bathroom, why don’t you go and flirt with HIM, TOO?!”

(I’m telling ya, that Clem flirt put my punchin’ gloves right up and I made him get in the rocket and fly away from that harlot. She’s lucky we don’t have a cowplant! Haha.)

Now Eve was upset and needed to tell someone. Naturally, she chose Dia.

Eve: "Your little girlfriend is a real piece of work!"
Eve: “Your little girlfriend is a real piece of work!”

Dia had missed the whole encounter and was very confused.

Dia: "I don't have a g--"
Dia: “What? I don’t even have a g–“

But that quickly turned to irritation, and he wound up giving Eve the cold shoulder.

You're done, lady.
Nobody hands me. You’re done, lady.

So much for that idea. Their tiny pink sliver was now a tiny red sliver. They were “just friends.”

The lunatic came to wish her farewell on her way out, and threw in a complimentary finger-waggle.

Digitalis: "Your face is dirty!1!"
Digitalis: “Your face is dirty!!”

Goodbye Eve. I’ll miss your hair. 😦

Ed note: I know Log 3 is getting reeeally long. I’m attempting to shift to gen 4, but because of my succession law (Living Will) this cannot happen until the current heir dies or the heir hopeful brings a baby into the world.  So Log 3 it is for a bit longer. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Log 3n: Boys Go To Jupiter

  1. Hilarious. I’m still rootin’ for Cooper, too bad they have such a big age gap. Sad days. I actually had some hope for Eve (she was pretty) but after that whole scene….yeah, nevermind. LOL. She really is a harlot, flirting with every guy in the house!

    And braainnnzzz made me laugh out loud.

    I love reading your stories! And I certainly don’t mind if log 3 lasts longer, I’m enjoying it oodles. Can’t wait for your next update! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 2 “Best Frames”.

    1: “BRAIIINZ”

    2: Cooper slugging that creepy-ass teddy bear.

    Not sure which would have won out first– but I tend to think that sorry-ass zombie-sim out the window would have had me pee in my skirt if i didn’t get outta here.

    Liked by 1 person

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