Log 3l: I Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly

Doing-stuff update: With unknown hours to go in her time on the planet, Estrella has managed to achieve the Mansion Baron aspiration!

Mansion Baron Estrella

The last stretch was a group effort between her and our g3 spare, Cyclamen. The two of them painted and painted and painted & we finally breached $350K property value! Whew, that was challenging!

So many paintings!
This is only one of 3 walls – sooo many paintings!

I’ve since liquidated most of the paintings in a hopefully-not-vain attempt to lower the bills, which should be here any day now. Horrifying how high they get when you overdecorate your “mansion.” D:

As a side benefit in all this, Estrella’s really been enjoying her new painting skill and spending some of her free time autonomously painting now. It’s been fun to see her let loose a little, as we’re just letting her do what she wants these days.

Much of this, of course, is a "who" and not a "what." *blush*
Much of this, of course, is a “who” and not a “what.”   *blush*
Nothing like following up a nice space-woohoo with some moonlight graveyard painting!
Moonlight graveyard painting – the perfect cure for elderly space-woohoo exhaustion!

Clematis reached the crossroads of the Astronaut career, and after careful consideration (namely, pondering for a few seconds until visions of Han Solo danced in my head) I put him in the Smuggler track instead of Space Ranger. Imagine my surprise when, instead of needing 7 friends for the next promotion as I was expecting, he needed to gain levels in mischief and programming and hack some stuff. Makes me wonder now why we had so many dang kids, but that’s a horrible thing to say now that they’re actually here, and the new requirements are SO much more appealing to me than making friends! Haha.

I knew I’d made the right choice when I saw the career reward for this step. This may come as a shock but I am a bit of a gushing dork when it comes to certain space flicks, and so I was beyond thrilled with this one  – an actual monolith!! The perfect addition to our hedge maze! ;D

*cue Strauss*
*cue Strauss*

Clem had to work in the morning, but he and Estrella had plenty of energy left yet and I felt a celebration was in order so I decided to send them on a date. We would try someplace new. Even though it was 1:30AM, the Rattlesnake Juice Bar in Oasis Springs was open. Sounds entirely unlike them, so, perfect! You only live once, right? 😀

The place was empty save the bartender. They sat right at the bar and ordered fancy drinks.

Estrella rat 5
Clem: “This is nice. We should do this more often.”

A couple drinks in and there was much silliness afoot at the bar. Tall tales, hot cheeks. More drinks, musical chairs. Clem was cracking so many jokes at the bartender that Estrella was in danger of peeing her skirt, lol.

Estrella rat 4
Estrella, laughing: “Clem, stop! I have to use the restroom!”

Clem was firmly attached to the Estrella-magnet at this point and wouldn’t let her go alone, though. So very flirty, these two.

Clem: "I'll just hold the paper for you, and, y'know."    Estrella: *more laughter*
Clem: “I’ll just, y’know, hold the paper for you, and..”   Estrella: *more laughter*

Humor and lust are so entwined. They fuel each other until something gives. Fortunately not the bladder, this time, haha – but we’d definitely be leaving the bar ASAP.


Our lovebirds were careful not to disturb the children’s morning routines when they got back home, but if I’m being honest I don’t think they cared a whole lot at that point. 😉

estrella last woohoo
Pulled an all-nighter, but it was so worth it. ❤

Sometime that afternoon, after the kids had returned from school and while Clem was still at work, Estrella left us.

Her death was witnessed by her children Dianthus, Daisy, and Dandelion and her brother-in-law Cyclamen. Dianthus was first to know, as he and his mom were just sitting down to play chess together when it happened.

estrella death 1

The others stopped what they were doing in various corners of the house and came to bear witness.

Cyclamen's reaction was more one of unease, perhaps because he will be making the journey soon himself?
Cyclamen’s reaction was more one of unease, perhaps because he will be making the journey soon himself?

Clematis returned from work to find his family a mess. When he saw the urn on the table, he knew right away what that meant.

clem mourn urn

We kept the urn inside that night since people were way too upset to do anything. It’s a miracle the family managed to make it through the night given the mass sads. They napped, showered, attempted to feed themselves, crying all the while. So hard to watch. 😦

Did you know sim shower sobbing was a thing? I didn't. :(
Did you know sim shower sobbing was a thing? I didn’t. 😦

The following morning was utterly devoid of the usual chatter and laughter you would expect in a household this size. People shuffled off to school and work as though the joy had been permanently sucked out of them.

Dandelion kept his eyes down all morning.
Dandelion kept his eyes down all morning.

And when they got home, though most had unmet needs nobody wanted to do anything but hide in bed and wait for time to pass.

Daisy could barely eat.
Daisy would barely eat even though she was starving.

Dianthus had his nose buried in a poetry book all evening. After hours of reading, he finally found something just right for the epitaph. There should be enough room for the last line on mom’s headstone.

When the stone was in place, he read the poem aloud just to make sure we’d gotten it right.

dia poem choice

“Though my soul may set in darkness,
it will rise in perfect light.

I have loved the stars too fondly
to be fearful of the night.”

We did. Now he could at least try to sleep.

Dianthus whimpered in his sleep all night. :(
Dianthus whimpered in his sleep all night. 😦

Later, when Clem got home from work and read the words his son had chosen, his tears flowed all over again.

Baby, you're breaking my heart. :(
Oh baby, you’re breaking my heart. 😦

I don’t know if we will ever be over you, Estrella.


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