Log 3j: My very eager mother just served us nine pickles.

What to do with your time after you’ve achieved your aspiration and never actually did that whole “career” thing? While they’re at home, “pester your children with Valuable Lessons” seems to be the answer for Estrella.

Estrella: "So when you put down your fork, make sure your hand is open, like this."
Estrella: “So when you put down your fork, make sure your hand is open, like this.”

In order to give them a break we send her out spelunking and stuff. (You’ll notice I switched her dress to the blue one and put her in flats – poor doll’s been wearing heels every day for years.) ;D

The mine was still open, yay! Collecting splices for the home garden.
The mine was still open from Buttercup, yay! Collecting sage splices for the garden.

Estrella (still a head-turning beauty) has become an Angling Ace, and has begun walking the Mansion Baron path. We’re at the last step, which is to have a lot worth $350,000. Good god. That’s harder than it sounds.

I added a bunch of decorative stuff, upgraded appliances/furniture, put in a 2nd floor and a freaking hedge maze. And we’re still short by about 20K. I was going to just buy a couple extravagant furnished rooms and toss them upstairs, but then the bills came and I nearly died. $15,655. Ugh! We’re broke now. Def gonna have to downsize after this.

One of the steps required 20 pillars, so I slapped them all over the place. Ha.
One of the steps required 20 pillars, so I slapped them all over the house exterior. Ha.

We’re too close to quit, though! My next strategy is to make a crapton of high quality paintings before next payday, since they add directly to worth without really costing much & can be easily turned into simoleons afterward.

For this we will require the services of Cyclamen, our spare, who has actually made it to Painter career level 10 and become a true Patron of the Arts! BOOYAH!! This was my first TS4 career max, ever! They’re so hard now! I feel so accomplished! Haha.

We unlocked a rather odd bed with great stats. It comes in 3 colors: a blue one, which I really like even though I’m having a hard time matching the wood to anything ~

Have a starry night. <3
Have a starry night. ❤

This somewhat unfortunate yellow thing, which I have in place only to inflate my property value for Estrella’s aspiration ~

Yellow grandma living?
Yellow grandma living? I suppose that’s a valid niche.

And a plain wood w/red bedding that I didn’t bother getting. I let Cyc buy himself a thin potion with some of the aspiration points because he’s got the dancing fatness bug (something that exercise only seems to make worse), and he enjoyed two whole days of looking like a scrawny teenager again!

That guy can't be two days away from elder, can he?
That chipper young guy can’t be two days away from grey hair, can he?

On his birthday though, he was insta-plump again. Something’s definitely wrong with this, lol. We even got an achievement for being max fat and max thin in one lifetime. Oh well!

Don't get old, kid, it's ugly.
Cyclamen: “Don’t get old, kid, it’s ugly.”

I had planned on moving Cyc out once he made Patron, but now that he’s an elder kicking him to the curb seems rude, so I guess he’ll be living out his days with us. Will try to at least find him a friend, anyway. Who knows, maybe he’ll find a love and they can move out and keel over together all romantic-like.

That preppy-looking young man you see up yonder is Delphinium, who became a teenager a few hours prior..

Delphinium becomes a Materialistic Loner who wants a Big Happy Family. No freakin' way dude, sorry. ;p
Delphinium: Materialistic Loner who wants a Big Happy Family.    No freaking way am I doing that one, dude – sorry. ;p

Oops, accidentally pulled another birthday party all-nighter. It’s just that most of these guys nap after school, and I didn’t want to miss out, so we had to start laaate. Time for school and work, again, gang!

Del, in back: "Is that plate following us?"      Dia: "SHH! It'll hear you! Don't look at it!"
Clem: “Is that plate.. following us?”   Daisy: “SHH! It’ll hear you! Don’t look at it!”

Clem is now skill level 10 in Rocket Science. Yay!!  We keep finding the same space rock over and over again, but eventually these collections have got to start filling out. The Astronaut career really lags around lvl 7 due to having so few work days, too, but we’re still poking at it.

Dianthus somehow managed a B grade with no help from me. Attaboy, Dia! So he was in a fairly good mood when we threw his teen birthday party. We’ve been hiring aunt Camelia as our caterer lately, and she’s pretty attentive even though she truly sucks at baking cakes. 🙂

Hmm, what should I wish for?
So glad mom made this cake an hour ago!
My chin! It burns!

Not loving that haircut (all the boys have aged into that hair, bleh!). Usually I will just leave sims how they are, figuring it’s how they want to be, but I opted to give him a makeover so he looked more like his child self rather than a suddenly-ROTC kid. He’s pretty cute, really. 🙂

Say hello to Dianthus Wolff: Bookworm, Loner, aspiring Renaissance Sim.
Say hello to Dianthus Wolff: Bookworm, Loner, aspiring Renaissance Sim.

Renaissance Sim is going to be really hard to complete. D:  I’ve begun gently skilling him now just in case and will want to get him the perk that grants a boost to job placement ASAP. Right now, pop’s got the highest relationships with Dianthus and Daisy (they’re about tied), so it may end up being one of these two to carry us forward.

Daisy's stories are truly outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous.
Daisy’s stories are truly outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous.

Side note: the patch that came out two days ago mentioned fixing “some instances of disappearing sims.” As of yet, I cannot tell if it’s made things better for me or not. I noticed that my broken “auto move in” seems to have kicked in because there were a couple new housed families when I looked last & we had zero before. What I have had success with is hiding people in homes manually, so if I can manage to snag interesting homeless townies and toss them into houses I should be better off than before, at least. Still, I’m a bit worried I’ll be hitting the population limit soon that way too — if the game’s been trained not to cull the housed, what happens then, I wonder?


3 thoughts on “Log 3j: My very eager mother just served us nine pickles.

  1. I’ve been giggling really loud while reading this–I’m hoping I didn’t wake my boyfriend who’s sleeping in the next room… Somehow, I always forget that I need to be in laugh-out-loud environments when I read these. You know… the only cool thing about how generations eventually pass on in legacies is that sometimes the preceding generations are just as interesting in their own way… I mean, Dianthus Wolff! Wow!


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