Log 3i: All Intelligent Creatures Dream

8 sims in the house again. We are doing everything and nothing.

Yep, this is us.

Somewhere I stopped trying to fulfill aspirations and caring about grades and have been looking instead at the current pressing dreams and desires of each sim. These I can somewhat manage, so I feel slightly less of a heel when they don’t get to do those larger things in time. The result is that my sims are pretty-much content, but I have nothing terribly exciting to report other than birthdays and bodily functions, heh.

But, we do need to catch up on those!

Estrella has just celebrated her elder birthday. I wasn’t ready, but everyone else was. Had to get with the program sometime. *weeps quietly in the corner*

Let's do this, baby.
Let’s do this, baby.

I swear there were guests, but they were off dancing and stuff. No matter.

All eyes are on Estrella's rockin' butt as she makes her birthday wish.
All eyes are on Estrella’s rockin’ behind as she makes her birthday wish.
Clem is so supportive it makes me want to cry.
Clem is so supportive it makes me want to cry.


estrella elder1

Estrella elder

She’s still beautiful, to me. I do really like that elders don’t immediately lose their distinctiveness as they seemed to in TS3. What is our blind obsession with youth, anyway? I’ll have to be careful to keep her from getting offed early, though, as Clem feels just as before and she’s already been dangerously exhausted twice. 😉

And this is the first kiss.
I think a wardrobe change might be in order so she’s not all grey. 

Estrella only has two hours of fishing left for her Angling Ace aspiration. Yay!  & Then we’ll spoil her silly. ❤

On to the children!

We weren’t able to find Digitalis a BFF in a reasonable amount of time and I wound up giving up on his childhood aspiration entirely when full-house madness hit. He did manage to max the child Social skill though, and picked up some friends and a couple charisma points besides.

Kailyn is a nice girl who moved here from the Gallery.
Kailyn is a nice girl who moved here from the Gallery.

Digit had a somewhat rude awakening to his teen years.


He became Neat in transition and was instantly struck with horror at the conditions he’d been living in unawares. We did manage a gold birthday party for him (our first ever!) despite him really not enjoying himself too much – spent the majority of the evening frantically picking up after the guests, lol. He’s now aspiring to become a Master Mixologist. So today he’s our Neat, Outgoing teen bartender. 🙂

Digitalis, 4th gen firstborn
Digitalis, 4th gen firstborn

He’s a little bit odd looking because his eyes are very round and open, causing him to look startled rather easily. I spend a lot of time cackling at his apparent overreactions to things.

The twins, Daisy and Dandelion, aged up shortly after their big brother!

daisy and dan child mug

They both rolled the same trait and aspiration: Geek, Artistic Prodigy. Cute glasses, too! I wonder if we’re seeing more kids with glasses because pop also had them when he was young? If so, nifty detail.

So far, Daisy is way more interested in pursuing her aspiration than her brother Dandelion, who prefers to hang with his bros on the monkey bars. I probably won’t push him into it. I ain’t got time for that.

daisy child draw
This is our most down-to-business kid in the house at this point.

It’s a huge relief having the kids all kids+ now! Dunno why babies stress me out so much, but they do. T.T

In other news, I’m going to complete a career if it kills me. At 5 days til elder, our spare Cyclamen is at rank 9 of the Painter/Patron of the Arts track. He just needs to push the needle a bit more towards green. Trying to avoid him having to drink a youth potion, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ve been working him ragged, and he’s porked out from dancing (our only easy access to “Fun” for him). He seems a bit.. frazzled. Sorry, man.

cyc potty sculpt
Huh. Wondered why he was on the toilet for an hour and a half.

And this is where I’m kind of missing neighborhood progression. We’ve run into Columbine, Cal (aka Bro) and Camelia a few times and they’ve not got anything going on. All still single, just edging towards old-age death. If I ever get a damn break from having a full house, I really need to start setting my spares up better & moving them out to something so I don’t feel so guilty for treating them as disposable. Pixel empathy is such a nuisance, lol.

Daisy did get a kick out of meeting her Geek aunt, though. :)
Daisy did get a kick out of meeting her fellow-Geek aunt, though. 🙂

What of our current heir, Clematis? Clem is still a young adult for a few more days. (Scandalous, I know! ;D) He’s only at rank 7 of the Astronaut career (though his performance bar is maxed so I’m assuming he’ll be promoted next work day). He’ll need 7 friends after that – he has 5. Been trying to chat it up with folks as much as possible. Rocket science skill is almost complete. Probably two more missions. I’m going to be very frustrated if I can’t max this damn career on this sim after getting Burdock to 8 and failing. T.T  But we have plenty of time unless something unforeseen happens.

Please don’t let those turn out to be famous last words. ;p


7 thoughts on “Log 3i: All Intelligent Creatures Dream

  1. LOL @ the fact that he spent an hour and a half on the toilet playing with the clay. That made me giggle. Estrella really is so still gorgeous though, which is a lucky break. While I haven’t had any Elders in S4 yet, they always looked terrible in S3. Especially when they hobbled around with their canes. Lmao.


  2. Estrella looks like she just dyed her hair grey. She doesn’t look elderly at all. I like that Digit is neat. That’s one of the best kind of sims to have in your household.

    This post makes me wonder how will I go about managing the extra kids when Ike is gone.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I thought about that “blind obsession with youth” argument often, then it hit me. Youth — as in the body and mind in their prime. — is a person’s ideal state. What is there to not obsess about? Or, more importantly, what is there to feel guilty about?

    It works the opposite way, too, as with kids and adolescents.. No one really thinks much of an half-finished work of art, a half built house.. AS SUCH– It’s all about The Potential.. (and having a blast along the way)

    But no one has any raving reviews for a tattered crumbling book, a threadbare rug, a noisy, smoke-belching rust-bucket of an automobile, or a house that is late for the bulldozer.

    Old age is the Culling Function in the Real World. Nothing to be ashamed of but nothing to honestly glorify, either. (And I am not speaking of The aged, i speak of Aging.

    Systems fail, things sag, minds lose their edge.

    Oh yeah and being a frigid hag or smelly old fart is expensive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with you on the body being little more than an object that decays, but the mind, man – the essence of a person. Youthful brains may be best at rapidly processing certain things, but tend to lack awareness and wisdom and empathy and all the things that make human beings interesting – fixating on that single fleeting life stage has it all over before it began, y’know? What’s the point. Bums me out!

      I do have a many raving reviews for tattered old books and threadbare rugs and dinged-up battered old end tables and creaky houses, too. Hee. ❤

      Maybe I'm just old and delusional. 😉


      1. Sorry..

        But I was just thinking of one “formerly youthful” brain that practically dissolved before a friend’s eyes.. his mother.. he was about 50 at the time, so he knew his mother 50 years, .. in her final months she didn’t even know who he was. Every single moment they shared while he grew up, after he grew, meant nothing to his mother because of failing faculties.

        On a very basic level, there is nothing to rave about someone or something which is disintegrating and plenty of reason to fully appreciate persons, places, and things in their intended best condition.


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