Log 3g: They Mostly Come at Night

As with many new parents, the struggle for survival dominated Clem and Estrella’s time and they considered a day in which both got to take a shower a victory. Needless to say we neglected to take many photos of their new arrival. We’ve all become a bit nocturnal and before we knew it, it was time to celebrate Digitalis’ birthday!

Cute as a button.
Cute as a button.

Digitalis Wolff
4th gen Firstborn

Trait: Outgoing

Aspiration: Social Butterfly

Despite the general hermit-like quality of the family thus far and my own lack of skill at socializing, I am determined to help this little fella realize his dreams. We’ve got some work ahead of us!

And how are the parents?

Clem has received another promotion – he dresses like a right proper boss-type, now!

Not too proud to admit, these pixels make me tingly.
Not too proud to admit, his pixels make me tingly.

But he’s still our rugged hero, and never too highbrow to get his hands (or pants) dirty.

Yes, we still have this infernal garden to wrangle.
Yes, we still have this infernal garden to wrangle.

Still chipping away at that last half of a gardening skill point for his aspiration, little by little, when he’s not running space missions. Speaking of, we found our first space rock! Making tiny dents in our collections as well.

It's all big and crystally-lookin'.
It’s all big and crystally-lookin’.

Clem and Estrella remain very much in love. Despite having much less free time lately they’ve not slowed their cutes in the least. It’d be downright sickening if I didn’t adore them so much. ;p

To illustrate, I should share this from her relationship panel. Estrella is so very smitten with her husband that she doesn’t even know his “flaw” trait exists –

Love is blind. <3
Love is blind? ❤

He’s also “hot headed,” see, but since we take such good care of him she’s never ever seen his temper. 😉

And man, is he crazy about this gal. You should see the way he checks her out when she walks by. Shameless!

Get a room! Geez.
Get a room! Geez.

Ahem, anyway, back to Digit. He’s having a really difficult time making the friends he needs to realize his childhood aspirations.

It’s not just the usual problem of them being mean..

digit angry kid

Or insane.

hunter s townie
(TBH we actually kinda liked Hunter S Thompson junior, here.)

You see, the game has decided to delete townies from my neighborhood with increased vigor. We go out in the evening and meet a bunch of folks, and very often they are gone by the next morning.

"I know I'll probably never see you again, but this is a really good hotdog."
Digitalis: “I know I’ll probably never see you again, but this is a really good hot dog, so thanks!”

Gone, completely gone. As in, totally deleted from the ‘hood. And at night, there’s a new batch of them out again. The cycle just keeps repeating. Even the maids are destructing and repopulating now. Probably one of those things that starting a new game might solve, since this save predates all patches & that tends to invite the wonk. But they’ll have to pry this fam from my cold dead hands. *shakes fist*

I guess we could just buy 4 more of these things.
I guess we could just buy 4 more of these giant stuffed things? *shrug*

It’s disconcerting, everyone disappearing. And sad when your kid desperately wants to make friends. Digitalis is a good kid, never complains, gets himself leftovers when he’s hungry, does his homework without me having to remember it exists, hah.. Little fella deserves better. *sniff*

His mum worries about him, as mums will do. And Clem doesn’t like to see his woman hurtin’.

Clem: "Why the long face, beautiful?"
Even though Digit remains in good spirits most of the time, Estrella can’t stop feeling sad that he’s lonely.
clem estrella serious boob
Clematis: “You know there’s a really simple solution here.”
Estrella: "Oh? Like what?"
Estrella: “Oh yeah? Like what?”

Oops, looks like you two have a visitor.

Estrella: "Hey, little bear. How about you finish up that milk and I read you a nice story before bed?"
Estrella: “Hey, little bear. How about you finish up that milk and I read you a nice story before bed?”

Hard to find time for adult conversations with a curious child in the house. But Estrella finally manages to get Digit to bed, and Clem finds her in the kitchen. By now she’s tired and, dare I say, slightly grumpy? Maybe even a wee bit snarky.

Estrella: "So, what's this wonderful magical solution of yours?"
Estrella: “Well? Go ahead. Wave your hand and make it all go away.”
estrella clem try again 2
Clematis: “That’s why I’m here.”
estrella clem try again 3
*snark melting*

estrella clem try again 4

Time would tell if this strategy would work, but for now Digit could at least practice his 20 jokes on uncle and dad.

Cyclamen: *chokes*      Clem: "Whoa, whoa!! No toilet jokes at the table!"
Cyclamen: *choke, sputter*             Clem: “Whoa, whoa!! No toilet jokes at the table!”

3 thoughts on “Log 3g: They Mostly Come at Night

  1. Aw, poor Digit. The social butterfly thing can be hard at first. I just go to the park and spam all the friendly and funny actions until they either become friends or the other kids runs away.


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