Log 3f: Houston? We — oh, nevermind.

Wedding planning. I suck at it. Mom’s about to pop, dad’s on earth and finally home from work, let’s do this. Call everyone we know, half can’t come. Don’t care, at least we get 3. Whatev. Hire mixologist, caterer. Go.

Stereo breaks. Traffic jam in the kitchen. Caterer makes 3 cakes. Or more accurately, starts three cakes and gets distracted midway through. Spends a lot of time standing in the way of appliances. Plan B, man, plan B! So rather than a lovely fancy cake, we get the “bride busted this out herself in the last 5 minutes of the wedding” plain white cake. ;D

Note to self: Next time make the cake before you make the call.
Note to self: Next time, make the cake before you make the call.

For some reason, although the guests automatically changed into wedding clothes, the bride and groom did not. I thought, “Oh, they’ll probably do it when I click on the arch thinger.”  Nope. Oof.

But, the guests seemed happy, and Clem and Estrella are always happy when they’re near each other no matter what else is going on around them. The only one freaking out seemed to be me. ;D

clem estrella wedding guests
Dearly beloved, we gather today to celebrate our lack of concern for convention.

Columbine even came, and brought a plus one. No idea who she was, still. ;D

Lookin' sharp.
Lookin’ sharp, Col.

“I Dos” were exchanged at last. The kiss was, of course, magical.

What is that white outline? Sheesh! Next time, hire a real photographer!
What is that white outline? Sheesh! Next time, hire a real photographer!

The highlight of the wedding, for me, was after the cake had been distributed and our trusty spare Cyclamen busted out in song.

Maybe that drink has something to do with this. ;D
Maybe that drink has something to do with this. ;D

No idea what that was about. Most of the guests had already wandered off and he was the only one singing. Haha.

Anyhow, despite all the hiccups, we squeaked out a gold rating and the guests showered the happy couple with gifts. Some small appliances (microwave, teapot) and a couple nice decorative items:

A nice bouquet centerpiece thinger.
A fancy bouquet centerpiece thinger.
This will look great in the cemetary! ;D
This will look great in the cemetery! ;D

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Wolff! I shall try to do better for your children. ;D

The more pressing matter in the house, of course, is the imminent arrival of the baby lumpkin. Estrella has been handling her pregnancy like a champ, remaining very active throughout. The garden looks great and the house has never been so clean.

estrella workout prego
Hopefully I won’t double in size after giving birth.

Clem seems absolutely tickled that this particular woman is bearing his spawn, and has been more attentive and more flirty with her than ever.

"These new curves look good on you."
“I like these new curves we made on you. A lot.”

Sometimes I worry, because he doesn’t seem to appreciate things like danger and the need to eat and stuff when he’s all heart-eyed over the missus.

clem blowkiss
You’re starving. Your wife just made an excellent group meal. Do you, A. Take a plate and eat; or B. Sit at the table by yesterday’s empty cereal bowl and blow kisses at her?

This is pretty much the scene anytime they’re both on the lot. I have to send her away fishing sometimes so the guy can use the bathroom.

Case in point, we had our first “crash landing” from space — I’m having a freakin’ heart attack and Clem crawls out of the wreckage, hops out of his suit and we get this:

Wipe that sexy smirk off your face, young man!
“Very Flirty,” really?! Wipe that sexy smirk off your face, young man!

Clem: Naww I got this. Say, where’s Estrella?

So now I feel like I need to constantly keep an eye on them so they don’t get too flirty and like, explode, or whatever happens. Hopefully the baby will help mellow that out a little bit!

Speaking of..

estrella labor
It’s time!

While we’ve been out here talking, Estrella’s been laboring away. We’d better get in there!

Clem, come meet your son.
Clem, come meet your son. ❤

Say hello to Digitalis Wolff, our first generation 4 heir hopeful! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Log 3f: Houston? We — oh, nevermind.

  1. This reads great! I think the “artistic license ” the game has is great! If I wanted Reality I’d look out the window.

    * * *

    I my story, I had to dress Kimmy and Suzy, too, and their wedding wasn’t an elopement but they skipped the silly arch and got married at the top of somebody’;s staircase. I didn’t even know how to take in-game pictures at the time (just the screen dumps + MS Paint.

    * * *

    Side note, if anyone actually sees this post this late in the game– is there a story out there where the Heir keels over and the Spare takes the Wheel?

    * * *

    Finally, hurling into a wooden crapper. Yes that aroma has staying power when soaked into wood!


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