Log 3e: One Giant Leap

The lovebirds safely made it back from space, and decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend. 🙂

The helmet protects against zero-oxygen environments and post-coital B.O.
This helmet protects against zero-oxygen environments and post-coital B.O.

The next morning Clem left for work and Estrella took some time to get acclimated to her new digs. She’s so darn chipper still from the new love and the frequent um, rocket rides that she seems really darn happy to be here. ;D

So I’m going to formally accept that she’s willing to join the family!  I should probably peek at her other panels now, huh?

Estrella mugshot casEstrella Hatano
3rd Generation Mate

Loves Outdoors, Romantic, Materialistic

Aspiration: Angling Ace

Dark brown hair, beautiful big brown eyes, med skin, average/curvy build.. Can’t seem to get away from these genes, but she’s a doll and we love her.

Materialistic, though? Wouldn’t have figured it. Good thing we’re filthy rich. ;D  26K in savings, which is good because our bills are an ungodly $8,079 right now.  We did upgrade some stuff, expand the house and decorate the grounds a bit, though. Been a while since I posted a pic of the ol’ homestead – here:

house gen3 mid
Added garden party/wedding area, graveyard, exercise room & who knows what else.

Anyhow, peeking at her skills reveals nothing over 2, except, she has 10 gardening! 😀  I suppose that explains the work apron she used to wear in the park! Lol. I’m such a dork, I really didn’t know gardeners were a thing. Never actually seen them gardening, y’know?  But hallelujah! We sure need one!

After doing a bit of weeding I noticed Estrella wasn’t looking so hot. She ran into the bathroom and lost her breakfast. Poor gal! 😦  First one to vomit in the wooden toilet. That calls for a photo!

estrella puke
It looks to be coming from somewhere other than her mouth. Left ear, maybe?

Oh no.. Could she be? But they hadn’t discussed a more long-term commitment yet, let alone children. He was so into his career he might not even want children. And the age difference! It’s not like she’d be able to hide it from him, living in the same house. Better find out for sure.

estrella pregfetti
This face made me LOL so hard – “I’m smiling but inside I’m freaking the heck out!”

It’s positive. Oh, you poor dear..

estrella i can do this

I think she’s actually excited, though. 😉

With hours to go before Clem was home from work, Estrella was feeling anxious and decided to work out to help pass the time. She’d need to be in good shape to keep up with a younger man and a small child, anyway. Her life was changing so fast! Was this really even happening?

Staring at the clock probably isn't gonna help.
Staring at the clock probably isn’t gonna help.

After a nap and a shower she was all freshened up and ready to tell her sexy space-hunk boyfriend the big news.

estrella clem talk 1
Estrella: “Clem, I have to tell you something. And It’s gonna sound crazy. But I don’t want you to freak out.”
estrella clem talk 2
Estrella: “I’m going. To have. A baby.”
estrella clem talk 3
Estrella: “You’re not saying anything. I sound crazy, don’t I? I knew I was going to sound crazy.”
estrella clem talk 4
Estrella: “You’re still not saying anything. Baby, please say something.” 😦
estrella clem talk 5
Clematis: “Oh, I’m gonna say something.”
estrella clem talk 6

estrella clem talk 7

estrella clem talk 8
Estrella: “So.. you’re really okay with this?”
Clem: "Baby, I'm great with this!"
Clematis: “I’m really great with this.”
clem estrella hug
Also, you’re soft and your hair tastes like candy. ❤

Whew. One less thing to worry about. 😉

The nesting urge seemed to kick in pretty quick and the next day Estrella was on a crusade to clean the whole dang house. With her super-sensitive pregnancy nose she was able to sleuth out long-forgotten plates and cups in all corners of the lot. She could even tell if the counters were dirty by smell alone. And the floors! When’s the last time somebody mopped the floors?? This simply would not do.

estrella mop
Studies show mopping in heels keeps feet 33% dryer.

Since Estrella was expecting a child now (making the bloodline theoretically safe) and Clem had a pretty constant want to go into space, we sent him on a rocket mission. I get so darn nervous every time. Will this be the last time we see him? What will we do if he doesn’t come back? T.T

rocket way up
Please be careful up there!

This particular mission involved helping an alien move. Har. Clem had recently completed a cargo bay upgrade on his ship, so it seemed like a no-brainer. But the mission was taking an unusually long time and we hadn’t had any updates in a while. I was starting to worry.

Finally, some news! The mission went foul. The cargo shifted and an alien got crunched. Didn’t complete the contract but we get to keep his corpse. D:

alien dead slug
Some sort of slug.. thing. At least this one has a lid.

But the important thing is, Clem made it back in one piece – whew! Even though it was the middle of the night, Estrella went out to welcome him home.

Clem had some time to think while he was up there, and he had something he wanted to give Estrella.

Hopefully not more dead things.
Hopefully it’s not more dead space things.
Clem: "What d'you say, baby? Make me an honest man?"
Clematis: “What d’you say, baby? Make me an honest man?”

Well, you know she’d be a fool to decline at this point.

clem proposal accepted
Estrella: “Ooh, see how it catches the starlight?”

Awwww. ❤

clem estrella carry
Clem: “I’m taking you to bed now.”                            Estrella: “Stars are preeetty!”

(Sims act kinda loopy when they reach “Very Flirty,” haha.)

Rather than just eloping as I have been, I *think* we’re going to try to throw an actual wedding for these two. Let’s hope I don’t screw it up. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Log 3e: One Giant Leap

    1. 5 months later…

      I always thought it went “Your hair is soft and you taste like candy..”

      Personally I prefer “Your Hair is Soft and You Taste Like Brussels Sprouts.”

      More fiber in those!


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