Log 3d: Love and Rockets

As though he heard my plea, Clematis autonomously came to check on Estrella the moment she finished her youth potion.

estrella clem bedtalk 1
Clem: “How’s it going? Are you getting settled in okay?”

She was. Feeling flirty and energized from the whirlwind events, she leaned in close.

estrella clem bedtalk 2
Estrella: “I had a really great time tonight.”

estrella clem bedtalk 3

I’m dyin’ over here. Girl has got it bad.

clem estrella take me
Clem: “So.. Do you wanna see my rocket?”

Does she ever! You know what comes next..

clem estrella rocket
Estrella: “Your rocket is so BIG!

rocket hearts

Love Rocket

If they both die up there together, at least they went out in supreme style. ;D


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