Log 3c: To Catch a Star

I’m beginning to hate gardening.

I swear I just weeded this box. *grumblegrumble*

We have 6 planter boxes and a few trees & it really is a full-time job taking care of it all. Clem has one more gardening skill point to get for his aspiration & then we can store most of these dang things. (Tip: Don’t sell any evolved plants you might want later – you can toss a plant in the household inventory and its health state and quality level will be retained! If any harvestables are present they’ll go into your inv separately. Suuuper handy.)

For now, I’ve been working Cyclamen ragged trying to keep the garden from dying while Clem’s at work. It’s really unfair, because Cyc works too & he’s been doing a great job keeping up with promotion requirements. I’d really like to find him a partner and let him move out and live his own life ASAP.

Cyclamen’s painting skill is already maxed & I’m still having fun discovering all the possible paintings. There seems to be a huge variety this time!

I think one is a profound adaptation of that spoiled food on the table there.
I think this one is a profound adaptation of that spoiled fruit parfait someone left on the table there. ;D

Both the boys are networking like mad trying to find potential mates. We met a gal called Tiara Olvera jogging around the house.

No obvious crazy-signs, and Cyc found out that she’s a music lover, which was one of our founder’s traits.

cyc Tiara
She’s sporty and fun, it could work!

Unfortunately, maddeningly, the game ate her shortly after Cyclamen managed to befriend her. That’s really becoming tiresome. 😡

Back at the park we bumped into our old friend Jewel chatting with Geneva, both now elders. Doh. Cursed and went home immediately, lol. The new maid showed up about then (we had only recently remembered to rehire one since the last contract expired with Buttercup, oops), and for a moment our spirits were lifted!

Lily Leone
A delicate beauty, and she even has a flower name: Lily Leone.

After talking with Lily for a bit, Clem discovered that she Hates Children. She’s also Mean. I couldn’t even keep their relationship in the green, because everything that Clem wanted to talk about annoyed her. Ugh. I like Clem much too much to sacrifice his personality to please some frigid hag. Is this the best we’re gonna get? It’s sure looking that way.

On a whim I had Clematis call Estrella up for a date. I was almost positive she’d show up in grey hair, but I was wrong, not yet – she was still ‘young,’ at least for tonight. Might as well go out and have a good time, eh wot?

Wouldn’t you know it, they were having a wonderful time! Lots of jokes and laughter were shared. We even spilled some family secrets.

".. with the mac and cheese IN THE BATHTUB!"
“.. with the mac and cheese IN THE BATHTUB!”

I had Clem flirt just to see what would happen.

"Don't laugh, but I brought you a flower."
“Don’t laugh, but I brought you a rose from the garden. It just evolved this morning.”

And we learned the 2nd of her traits: Romantic! 😮 She was really putting the moves on Clem after that ice was broken.

estrella clem date 1
She likes plants AND flirty times? Hell yeah!

Seriously, the romantic flirty poses are so well done. She fluctuates from looking bashful and surprised to completely and thoroughly interested and enamored. If you’re kind to her at all she’s visibly flattered by it & her attention was so completely focused on Clem it was glorious. She totally had me charmed!

clem estrella date
So much eye contact!

Things were going so well they of course had to share a kiss.

estrella clem first kiss
Yes, you’d better feel that way. He’s my favorite! ;D

By the end of their date I’d convinced myself to forego preserving the bloodline and just let them enjoy the May-November romance and adopt if they ran out of time. They were that into each other without me even having to direct it. I want that for my precious little spaceman. It’s freaking perfect.

estrella clem selfie
Yay! Somebody loves my baby. ❤

When their date was over, Estrella came back to the house to hang out. Since the Legacy rules for spouses were just updated, lifting the restriction on moving folks into the lot, I took a gamble and had Clem ask her if she wanted to move in (just the friendly interaction, gotta respect the natural course as much as possible). She accepted. Happy dance!

It was still a bit premature to look at her stats, but I had to check the age panel. Girl had one day left before becoming an elder. T.T

I did something we haven’t had to do yet this challenge. I broke into the youth potion stash and had her drink one.

estrella youth potion
It pays to be impulsive sometimes!

Alright Clem, here she is. Please convince this woman to join the family. ❤


11 thoughts on “Log 3c: To Catch a Star

  1. Oh, man! Goose bumps! I totally love Estrella! I’ve always had a thing for the park gardeners! And what a great relationship! I love how you can tell how into somebody a Sim is by their body language and expressions.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Told ya all ‘Strell needed was some Air Time!

    I was into Estrella when she first showed up! Hell if i were a Sim I’d run Space Boy off and take her for myself!

    Meanwhile be nice to Frigid Hags.. Becoming a Frigid Hag in Record Time is my R L aspiration.

    Gotta get rid of some teeth, first.

    and maybe a hairy armpit or two.

    Yeah that, like totally rocks!

    I can’t wait to be old!

    Liked by 1 person

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