Log 3b: We Have Liftoff!

Clematis finished building the rocket! 😀

rocket finished

It’s a risk, sending the embodiment of all your hopes and dreams for the future into space in a rocket he built himself in his own back yard, but I was way too curious to resist. I had to try it out right now!

clem blasting off
This was super exciting for me! I clearly need to get out more. ;D

On our space mission there were asteroids and we had the option of turning back but we managed to avoid collision. And then he found an alien. We had the option to either kill it or attempt to capture it; we chose the latter and Clem was bitten! D:  Did I just blow it? Was he gonna die? What would it mean??

He made it back! Woo!! And he seems okay. Thank freaking gawd.

Lookit' that studly spaceman!
Lookit’ that studly spaceman, all cocky and stuff.

The little “alien” he rescued gets to live with us while we work on our collections. He’s kind of cute, I guess? ;D

Shouldn't we have a lid on this thing? It did bite us once already.
Shouldn’t we have a lid on this thing? It did bite us once already.

Anyway, that was a little too nerve-wracking given the current state of affairs, so for now we’ll stick to skilling up our Rocket Science by building ship upgrades while we attempt to get a family underway. Once we get a bun cookin’ I’ll send him back up there.

You know what that means.. More trips to the park!  *cheers weakly*

I’m half-expecting Estrella to be an elder every time we encounter her, since she had some adult overlap with the late Buttercup. But the two get along and she’s very nice to Clem, so we’ll at least build a friendship. We learned from Burdock’s Astronaut career that there will come a promotion stage that Clem will need 7 friends for, and there definitely won’t be a house full of babies to chum it up with this time.

clem estrella park
“And the next day I looked and there was a plant where the trash had been!”

As seems to be the norm, the game is making some unappealing townies for me. 3/4 of them seem to be chubby male elders, and many of the others have serious character flaws. Like this beauty:

townie mean
Maybe’s she’s perfectly normal and just having a bad paint day.

Love the hair and eyes! But, insane and mean? No thank you! D:

townie insane and mean
“Look lady, I said we didn’t take your rubber duckie!”

We ran across our brother Cal, who seems to have become even more of a cheeseball since he moved out. Wearing a tux to the park to meet girls? Pfft. We know you practically live in a baseball cap, bro!

cal adult tuxedo chess
Not a good sign when she’s looking at her phone and not you, bro.

Well, no winners yet but at least we’ve met a few people. It’s a start.


6 thoughts on “Log 3b: We Have Liftoff!

  1. I read your latest post and I was like, “Wait, wait, wait. I must catch up.” So I’ve been binge reading whilst I play my own challenge. Seriously. Like, I laugh so hard at your captions. I just had to say that. I’ll continue reading now.

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