Log 3a: One Small Step

Hey, Clem, come over here. I got you a birthday present.

clem rocket kit
That’s.. odd.  Thanks?

It’s because you’re my favorite.

clem rocket empty
I’m your favorite, so you bought me a rocket?

Well you have to build it first, but yeah. Now go inside & change out of those ridiculous party clothes so we can get to work.

clem arms
Yes ma’am. But you know I’m just a gardener, right?

*drool* what?  Oh! Yes, yes. I know that. But I have faith in you.

clem rocket hammer

Besides, it’s better this way. I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop fantasizing about you otherwise.

clem mouthbarf

I know. It’s awkward for me too. I’m at least 10x your size and you’re only a few days old. What would people say? Besides, we’d fail the legacy challenge miserably and this whole blog would be for naught.

clem rocket torch


Welcome back! Generation 3 young-adulthood is underway and our heir has been determined:

Clem heir mugshot

Clematis Wolff
3rd Generation Heir

Traits: Loves Outdoors, Geek, Hot-headed
+ Creatively Gifted from childhood unlock

Aspiration: Nature > Freelance Botanist

Also in the house until Clematis is able to bring in the next generation hopeful(s) will be his big brother Cyclamen, who was 2nd in line for heir. Cyc is in the Painter > Patron of the Arts career branch and will continue to attempt unlocks there for us until he moves out.

My goal for Clem is to complete the Rocket Science skill as well as the Astronaut career path. Odd choices, I know, but I cannot ignore this particular impulse. Wish me luck! ;D


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