Log 2f: Getting Our Affairs in Order

We knew it was coming. Buttercup and Burdock’s long lives were coming to an end, and it was time to get our affairs in order. Did we have just a few days left? Hours? Panic, denial, fear, regret and excitement all lobbied for my attention. (I also had to pee. Seriously, I play this game too damn much at night.)

I didn’t want to just work them ’til they dropped, that wouldn’t be kind. After cleaning up their inventories (most especially, trading all the 99+ repair parts over to other sims, because those things end up in the Family Inventory upon death and can only be moved out one at a time) and spending up the rest of the aspiration points (I mostly bought Sleep Replacement Potions. I need all the help I can get, man.), I clicked on each elder and asked, “What can I do that no one else can do?” and then we did those things.

For Buttercup, handiness. That’s right, a while back we had unlocked some new “furniture” on the woodworking bench thinger!

butter elder woodworking
I wanted more sculptures. Also, the game told me I unlocked an “instrument,” but nope. Patch that shit, EA. *shakes fist*

Like this wooden bathtub.. haha!

wooden bathtub
How rustic!

And if you have a wooden bathtub, you’ll naturally want a wooden toilet to go with it.

wooden toilet
Don’t laugh, these actually have pretty great stats. ;D

We could upgrade the TV for more channels.. like this riveting “Fireplace channel!”

tiny tv fireplace
I’m not sure I trust this new channel.

Hmm, actually, that’s a pretty small TV. Could probably just salvage this dinky one for parts and get a real TV.

tiny tv salvage
“If only I’d tried this sooner, I could’ve gone out in a staticky discharge!”

This one’s more like it.

huge tv fireplace
Awww yeah.

Ooh! Another thing we nearly forgot about! The mine!

butter mine
Took a bit to get down there, lol.

Once you reach 10 handiness, you can bust into this place – it’s in a ravine in the wealthy residential ‘hood of Oasis Springs. This gives you access to some special fish and stuff.

butter mine breaking in
Kickass grandma goes where she wants!

It’s really neat looking in there. Dark with big glowy crystals, bats, and water. Crates. A toilet. ;D Fishing was our other specialty, so we set right to it, and caught what I’m hoping are the rares for this area:

This guy lives with us now. He's awful cute bowl-sized.
This batfish lives with us now. He’s awful cute bowl-sized. :3
butter angler fish
Actually saw this angler fish jump from the water on the other side of the pond. Moved over there and caught him first cast!

Also caught a sturgeon, some crates and some health potions. There were potato and sage plants in the cave – both missing from the family garden – but the plants didn’t mature to harvest in time to collect them. Will have to see if the planks stay off the mine opening or not, if so maybe someone else can come grab those later.

Burdock wasn’t going to make the top of his career, there was no question of that now. Only working three days a week really sucks the promotion chances away, and he’d gone to work in a bad mood the last couple times so he’d been stuck at career level 7 for 2 whole weeks. With the next two days off, it’s doubtful that he could manage another career reward in time. But he likes his job so we let him keep it. And he was good with that microscope and we were only missing 2 collection items, so we let him keep playing with that too.

burdock elder microscopin
Some of the “micro” prints are freaking huge! Makes me want to build a giant laboratory.

I seem to be ignoring Garrett. We’ve not had the popup for him yet as he’s a few days younger than the twins. Garrett and Buttercup hardly spend time together now, just go about their daily routines in the same house. It’s not particularly sad, just a gradual drifting apart. Their relationship was never one that carried overtly romantic obligations – they liked woohoo when they were young, had a bunch of kids and ran a household together, and now they have really busy lives filled with careers and obligations and other important relationships. Not unlike real life, I suppose. They had a good run, though, and made some beautiful babies.

The last thing on our bucket list was to make sure the memorial “portraits” were done. Cyclamen managed to complete three suitable masterpieces just in time.

gen 2 memorial paintings
Geometry for brainy Burdock, brushes for Garrett the painter, and Buttercup is the light that guides them safely home. ❤

Death didn’t come so swiftly after all. Butter stuck around for a good three or four days more, enough time to freely laugh, play, dance and eat with her family. She baked a SimCity Cheesecake from scratch!

butter SimCity Cheesecake
It doesn’t look like much, but it was dee-licious!

Butter kept autonomously taking selfies with her kids, and complimenting and hugging them in rounds. Burdock checked in with his nephews and niece, offering words of encouragement and sage advice on logic building. The two had long conversations with each other that ended in hugs. They seemed keenly aware that their time was limited and meant to spend it with the people they cared for. (I wonder how much of that was me reading into it, and how much was actual game mechanics. But it seemed so real!) 🙂

butter burdock memories
The post-selfie photo check cracks me up. So silly cute.

The family garden was in tiptop shape thanks to the combined efforts of Buttercup, Clematis and whoever else happened to be home when we needed help, so there wasn’t anything to worry about there. Butter needed a word with Clem, though.

"Son, sit with me a moment."
“Son, sit with me a moment.”

In time he’d understand. Just one last hug.

Mom's acting strange.
Why is Mom acting so strange?

It’s time.

butter dying

Columbine, Cyclamen, and Clematis were all with Buttercup when she passed. They were completely heartbroken. Poor guys. T.T

butter died
I could hardly bear to watch. 😦

The reaper took his damn sweet time getting there. Seriously, for a few minutes I thought my save was bugged or something. Dude was nowhere in sight and we just stared at Butter curled in a ball on the floor for ages while her sons sobbed uncontrollably. Then finally he slowly floats in from the back of the lot. Awful service, bro!

clem glares at death
I’m all cried out. Now I’m either gonna laugh or punch Death in the facehole.

Buttercup Wolff was laid to rest in the new family burial plot. A peaceful spot near the garden, with lots of flowers. She would have liked that.

butter grave
Be at peace, Buttercup. ❤

So passes generation two.


5 thoughts on “Log 2f: Getting Our Affairs in Order

  1. This is so sweet. My founders were like that with their kids before they passed on, too. Cedar hugged her daughter and praised her, and Timothy took selfies with his son. Cedar also lectured her son about not complaining! I don’t think it’s us reading things into the game–I think it really is the AI at work–or maybe the AE (artificial emotions!)

    Thanks for the tip about breaking into the mines with level 10 handiness! Didn’t know that! Does it work on the mines in Sims 3, too?

    And wow! Your sims are so talented and skilled up! How do you do it? My gen 2 is just barely surviving getting to work, keeping the house clean, making meals and so on–not a lot of time for skilling up! And they have been having NO luck with romance yet!


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