Generation 2 Score Card

Quick score update – here’s how we’re doing at the passing of the generation 2 heir, Buttercup.

Family : 3/10
(1 point per generation to have an eligible heir reach adulthood; 10th point for having or adopting 10 children in a single generation.)

Creative: 1/10
(1 point per generation with all members memorialized in song, paint, writing or comedy; 10th point for a single sim completing 2/3 Creative aspirations)
2nd generation memorialized in named Masterpiece paintings.

Fortune: [tbd]
(Points scale for this is still being determined.)
Home worth:  $179,642
Cash on hand: $36,540
Bills: $5,802 😮

Love: 2/10
(1 point per spouse with 3 unique traits; 10th point for a single sim completing both Love aspirations)
Finn (Genius, Good, Family-Oriented)
Garrett (Geek, Childish, Music Lover)

Knowledge:  6/10
(1 point for each unique skill maxed by anyone in the family; 10th point when all skills have been maxed)
Creative (child): Clematis
Fishing: Buttercup
Guitar: Anemone
Handiness: Buttercup
Logic: Buttercup, Burdock
Painting: Garrett, Cyclamen

Athletic: 4/10
(1 point for each unique completed aspiration; 10th point when all child and adult aspirations have been completed)
Artistic Prodigy (Child): Clematis
Creative > Painter Extraordinaire: Cyclamen
Nature > Angling Ace: Buttercup
Nature > Curator: Buttercup

Nature: 1/10
(1 point for each Pinstar ‘collection’: All death types on family lot; All career reward objects in family inventory; All 27 aspirations; All consumable aspiration rewards in family inventory;  1 point for each Sims collection completed)
Elements Collection completed.
Total deaths on lot: 4 old age

Food: -/10
(See Pinstar’s scoring page for deets.)

Popularity: [tbd]
(Track silver and higher medals. Unsure how many points this will equate to.)
3 Gold dates,  5 Silver dates.
7 Silver birthday parties. 😐

Deviance: [tbd]
(Unsure how many points this will equate to.)
Stored potions of youth: 2
Other – Employment
(Doing this for myself only, ’cause these are hard and worthy of points!)
Careers completed: 0

Penalties: None! (for now.. lol)
(-1 point for: power shutoff, plumbing shutoff, child/infant taken away, or extra spouses moved in beyond the 10th*)
*this rule may be changing.

Total:  17 points

YAY! We has points!  I feel like slightly less of a loser now. ;D

Edit: Ooh – I should include this. Gonna try to take screencaps of heir transition relationships from now on. This time it went to Clematis, with Cyclamen in 2nd place.

Butter heir relationships
Buttercup’s Living Will

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